Playing Cupid With L.A.M.A. Poll Results

And, the results are in. Skip on over to Arthi’s for the full report on how we did when playing cupid with cute boys.

Arthifis' Place

Hello everyone and welcome to our place!

This is it! The polls are close! No more votes! And it’s time to announce the winner! 😀 Thank you, so, so much to Aria, Mel, and Lina to enter this adventure with me! I had a LOT of fun and it was freaking awesome! Hopefully, we will able to align our agendas to do something together again!

But, before that, let me give you the links for the posts of this collab! You may not be able to vote but, at least, you can read and see all the nice shippings Mel, Aria, Lina and I did 😀

And now… The RESULTS *Drums roll*

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Playing Cupid with LAMA – Aomine Edition

Yes! It’s that time of the week; the time for hot boys getting hooked up with other hot boys (and a girl) of our chosing. Come look and vote, and tell us who you would have paired the up with.

Mel in Anime Land

Hello Everyone!
It’s me, Mel

As you know I’m doing another collaboration post with the super duper awesome Arthifis from Arthifis’ Place, but this time two more people joined us, Lina from Tiny Ugly Animal and Aria from The Animanga Spellbook.
Of course once again we are talking about hot and cute boy, however we are not only talking about that, we will also share with you who we think could be the best match for the character that we choose, in other words we are Playing Cupid.

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The Cupid L.A.M.A. Strikes Nagisa!

Well, here we are; week one of the L.A.M.A. collaboration. Check out what four hot boys we have chosen for sweet Nagisa from Free!

Arthifis' Place

Hello everyone and welcome to our place!

First, sorry that I didn’t post anything yesterday. I had a really bad day at work and I just spent my evening drinking and watching stupid funny videos on Youtube with my boyfriend XD

But, here’s the first day in our awesome Cupid L.A.M.A collab and it’s time for me to be the hoster! But, before that, don’t forget to follow the awesome Lina, Aria, and Mel! 😀

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