TinyUglyAnimal; that’s me. Not really an animal, except sometimes. Ugly, well that’s for you to decide. Most definitly not tiny, but one can pretend now and then.

Let’s take a moment and reflect. Life…


Yeah. that’s pretty much it. This is a blog about anime (for the most part), manga (now and then) and life (whenever life decides it to be). I might be boring as hell and I might be funny as fuck. I swear a lot, but I am gonna try and be a good animal and bite my tongue. I love adorable things, although I have a pretty dark personality that likes to break cute stuff. I’m also rotten to the core. At least when it comes to boys love. A first rate fujoshi, loving all the dark, dirty yaoi. And the light hearted, cute one too once in a while. All things where boys are kissing boys.


I suck at writing reviews so if there is some resemblance to a review in a post it is just a happenstance and nothing else. I just ramble about stuff I like in a particular anime/manga/thing I like.

What else? Nah, there probably isn’t much else. If you want to know anything you can always ask.

That’s all folks!