A Very Short Update… Maybe

Hey peeps, it’s me, Lina. I’m kind of back. At least on Instagram. I’m avoiding Twitter because toxic. And this blog is sort of hibernating at the moment. But it might change.

So, stuff happened. A lot of stuff. My neighbor was found dead in his apartment. Some of you already know that, I wrote about it on Twitter. The police came knocking on his door, rather hard more like pounding, and so I, as the curious cat I am, had to go and peep through the peeping hole. I really should have just gone the other direction out on the balcony because when they opened his apartment door (the janitor was unlocking the door) the stench of death hit me like a wall of steel. It was the most horrific, nasty smell I have ever smelled and then one has to remember that I have smelled a rotten corpse before. My sweet, strange, peculiar neighbor have most likely been laying dead in his apartment for at least a couple of weeks judging by the degree of how badly rotten he was. And we have not noticed a thing. The only strange thing was that his post box was filled to the brim with post but he is the kind of guy who can be away for a week or two and paper ads fills you box fast if you don’t pick them up. So yeah, nothing too unusual.

It’s been three weeks now. The stench of death was overrun by the stench of chemicals from the sanitation. There is still a smell of cleaning products lingering in the stairwell. The odor makes me sick. Everytime I open my door it hits me in the face. First the sweetness from the chemicals and then I remember death. I still can’t forget. I didn’t have a close relationship with the man, we said hi when we met, that was all. He was a strange man. He had a strange son who just up and left, leaving him in despair. I think that’s what ultimately killed him. The same son who one week after he was found dead decided to take a crowbar and break into the apartment in the middle of the night. I called the cops but since he was still registered as living on the adress it was apparently okey to breaking and entering. They let him go. Even though that idiot told the cops they had changed the locks and he didn’t have the new key. I have lost hope in the cops in this city.


Well, so that’s that. I still live with the black cloud of my husbands debts. Nothing has really happened except letters and text messages constantly reminding us (him) that he has a hella of a debt to pay and if he doesn’t they will drag him to court. We are just waiting for that to happen, on the advice of the lady at the municipality who helped with the application to the government thingie (read my other post about that).

So far I keep on buying manga to numb my anxiety. I should probably save money for when we actually don’t have any/will live on subsistence level but I rather deal with my anxiety this way now than do something far worse like hurting myself. I should try to come up with other strategies…

Okey, this is maybe not the shortest update one can do but still, not that long either. All I really wanted to do was to talk about my neighbor I suppose and maybe fill you in a little about where I am at. Come see me at Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/tinyuglyanimal/

I have a Ko-Fi if anyone wants to buy me a coffee. In all honesty though, I could do with an Irish coffee. Extra strong with some added sugar. (Shout out to you sweet guys who made my day a bit brighter with your coffees. ❤️)

 Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

Thank you all for reading and listening to my whining and ranting, raving and rambling over the past year or so. You all mean so much to me. I might disappear from time to time but it doesn’t mean I forget about you all. You are always with me even when I bury myself under my blanket in bed and shut out the whole world. Life sucks hard sometimes and I have no energy to fix it or myself, but I find comfort in the fact that you are still here. Thank you guys! ❤️

5 thoughts on “A Very Short Update… Maybe

  1. I feel like May seems to be a month of bad shite. Sending you love. When I get paid, I’ll send you a Kofi as well. My DMs are always open if you need someone to talk to. Sending hugs. ♥


  2. Sorry to hear about your neighbour, that must have been a shock. I know this might not be of much help for your anxiety but it’s worth a try, there’s an app called MangaToon where you can read manga for free. Hope it helps and hope things get better soon.


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