It’s Spring Time and Time To Watch Some Anime

Well, I am trying at least, to watch some seasonal anime. I did watch some during the winter as well but it wasn’t much so now, let’s make a real effort. What do I have in mind then? Plenty as it seems. This season is filled with goodies. Some have gotten some mixed reviews but those I will list here are those I will give another few episodes because I find them interesting enough.

Demon Slayer

That’s a no brainer perhaps. It looked beautiful and the story is interesting. I like the brother sister dynamic. It actually reminds me a bit of Walking Dead and how Michonne had her brother and husband in a leash after they turned. Yeah, not at all the same perhaps but that was the first thing I thought of. I look forward to what’s gonna happen.

Fairy Gone

I have read so much critique towards this anime about all sorts of stuff but I actually liked it very much. I think it looks good (not that I am an expert when it comes to animation and such) and I am intrigued by the story. Also, handsome men and women. And fairies. (it’s strangely similar to how the ghosts in Ajin appears, don’t you think. And they behave in a very similar manner as well. I love Ajin by the way. Love, love, love Ajin.)

Fruits Basket

Boy, I never meant to watch this actually. I am so tired of the hype surrounding this and when there is a massive hype I get careful and even rather anti. Well, it happened that I was bored the other day and scrolled past it when I browsed Wakanim and somehow I magically clicked it. I do not regret it. I have no relationship what so ever to either the manga or the previous anime and I think that is a plus. So far I have fallen in love with the cat, that’s all I will say at this point.

Attack on Titan

I have started it so I should finish it. Not that it is such a chore, I love AoT so much. To be honest, I found season one a bit tedious at times but season two and three have been everything but boring. So I look forward to watch the rest of season three.

Shoumetsu Toshi

What can I say about this? It looks awesome in all aspects. I loved the main characters from the start. There is something mystical about the whole anime and I am really curious about the disappeared city. An anime rarely catches my curiosity like this from the get go.


Hilarious. Shiny. Colorful. Pretty boys. And a giant robot in space. I rest my case.

Diamond no Ace

I will watch it but I think I’m gonna save it for later. I like to binge my boys. I have missed Miyuki a whole lot and when I watch him I want to OD on him.

Kono Oto Tomare!

This is an anime I like the description of. I have a weakness for high school club activities in anime, and they are playing instruments. I’m not sure where to watch it, I haven’t really looked into it and I might save it for later as well. But it is on my watch list.

That’s all folks. At least for now. There might be some sort of review on some of them, but I will not make any promises on that. As per usual I only write when I passionately feel something about it, be it love or hate. Anyway, what are you guys watching?

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6 thoughts on “It’s Spring Time and Time To Watch Some Anime

  1. Looking forward to the rest of season 3 of Attack on Titan myself. In fact I can’t wait to see it. As for other shows, haven’t picked any of them yet. Then again, I have a huge amount of shows fo finish from last season, so no idea if I will even pick something else. Ugh…we’ll see though😊

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    1. I still haven’t finished season one of BSD. 😳 I should because I actually like the anime a lot but somehow I just overlook it everytime. Maybe now Is a good time, what with s3 and all.

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