Last Manga Haul pt. 1

It’s not the latest manga haul, it’s the last. At least the last for a long while. You who read my previous post knows how my life took a 180 turn. My economy the next 100 years or so will be down in the bottom so the chances of me buying manga like I have been before is not very likely. Thus, this is the last haul. Well, I have been gone from the blog for two months so the manga has piled up. I have bought a lot. My anxiety levels have been high and you all know how I cope with that shit; I shop (unless I do other stupid stuff which also has happened but that has nothing to do with this post so never mind).

What did I buy then, these last months? Some are continuations of manga I already have started, others are bargains I found at auctions. Some digital at Bookwalker but most is physical manga. (you find pt. 2 with all the continuation manga here)

Fire Punch vol. 1-3

Oh boy, I love this manga. I bought vol. 1 on a whim, as I usually do when I see a shiny cover, I buy it. When I got it I couldn’t put it down. The second I finished it I took out the computer and ordered vol. 2 and 3. I am completely lost in this manga, it is so good.

The world was turned by the “Ice Witch” into that of snow, starvation and madness. Freezing people naturally seeked flame. The “blessing” that was bestowed upon Agni, is it a hope or maybe a curse?

The Flowers of Evil vol. 1-3, Complete Edition vol 2-4

So, I bought vol 1-3 at an auction and then I tried to find the rest of the volumes in single volumes but that was tricky so I went for the omnibuses instead. I’m normally not that fond of omnibuses but these are absolutely beautiful. I am at some point buying volume one too. Each omnibus contains 3 volumes each except the last one, that only contains the two last volumes in the series. Anyway, I can’t wait to read this whole series.

The story opens as middle school student Takao Kasuga receives an F on a math test. But he doesn’t even seem to notice because he’s too engrossed in surreptitiously reading Baudelaire’s “The Flowers of Evil”. And the day goes downhill from there. In a moment of weakness, he finds and takes home the gym clothes belonging to sweet, pretty Nanako Saeki on whom he has a major crush. Unfortunately for Takao, there’s a witness to the theft: Nakamura, who has a huge chip on her shoulder and a sadistic streak.
As the saga unfolds, we see Takao struggling to decide whether to confess or cover up his misdeeds at the same time that he tries to win over the girl of his dreams, and avoid the blackmail attempts of Nakamura, his new ”BFF.”

Wish vol. 1-4

CLAMP is an awesome group of ladies. I love that old style manga they draw. I have been ogling the omnibus since I heard it was coming out (since the single volumes were more or less impossible to find), which was released not that long ago, but then I found the individual volumes on Amazon so cheap it was almost ridiculous. Sure they are used but I don’t mind, they were in perfect condition and above all, not an omnibus. If you wonder why I have an issue with omnibuses; they are just clumsy and it’s impossible to not break the spine, and also they take up too much space in my bag. Anyhow, Wish is a pretty manga.

One moonlit night Shuichiro saved an angel stuck in a tree. The angel granted him a wish to repay his generosity. Shuichiro said, “I need no wish, I can get what I want on my own.” But they’d both soon learn that some wishes can’t be fulfilled alone.

Diabolo vol. 1-3

I found it on internet and it was a bargain. I should be forbidden to browse the local internet auction site. The upcoming manga are all bought there. I can’t help myself, it is always so cheap because people in this country just don’t appreciate the fine art. Anyway, the story speaks to me… or something. Hehe, what can I say, I get these bromance feelings. I like a good bromance with demons and such. Also, one tag on Baka is tragedy and I am a sucker for tragic, psychological (another tag) manga.

Protagonists Ren and Rai fell prey to the Diabolo in an attempt to save the soul of Ren’s cousin, 7-year-old Mio. Although they fail in their attempt, they were ‘rewarded’ with powers they would each gladly trade for the life of the young girl.

Just who – or what – is the Diabolo? What enticements does he offer the kids at school? And, if they accept his ‘bargains,’ what foul fate awaits them on their 18th birthdays?

Spoof on Titan vol. 1-2

Okey, this is… well, it is Attack on Titan, okey. 4-koma shenanigans from our beloved little boys and girls. I have no idea why I had to have them but I just did. (I once banned myself from this internet auction site so now I shop on my husbands account. Yup, I am bad that way.)

The hit comic “Attack on Titan” is now a 4-panel comic!
Eren and Mikasa and Levi and the Titans shrink down and go wild?!
So you, who says, “I love ‘Attack!”
And you, who says, “I’m scared of ‘Attack!!”
Give our “Spoof”a try!
It’s now a 4-panel comic that will annihilate the sides of anyone who reads it!

Prince Charming vol. 1-3

Who am I if I don’t buy any BL. Another one I have been thinking about buying for a long time but the cheap side of me have been hesitating. So, it was nice to find it on my poisonous site.

Professor Asahina isn’t a very good teacher. Rumor has it that he spends his nights at love hotels with a different partner every night and he has been known to come to class drunk on occasion. When one of his students, Yuasa, finds a film of him having sex with an unknown lady in a love hotel, things get a little sticky. Yuasa promises to help Professor Asahina hunt down the tape and keep his secret safe, but for a price. Yuasa is known to associate with men and has had his eyes on Professor Asahina for a while.

Maiden Rose vol. 1-2

I have wanted this for a long time. It’s a hard to find and imagine how happy is was when I found it on the site that shall not be mentioned by its name. Anyway, I am so happy to have it in my possession. (Also BL of course.)

Two soldiers from warring countries are bound by a pledge as master and servant. Taki Reizen is a commander of sublime beauty, shouldering the fate of his nation. Called “Mad Dog” because of his rough temperament, Klaus von Wolfstadt has sworn his loyalty to him as a knight. Despite this, those around them are cold and disapproving, full of various misgivings. For all their genuine feelings, what will come of love made cruel by the violence of war?

Angel Sanctuary vol. 1-20

Kaori Yuki, that’s the first reason. The second one are angels. Number three is incest. Well, what can I say, this is how it is. At least the mangaka is number one.

(not gonna show all the covers because there are too many…)

The angel Alexiel loved God, but she rebelled against Heaven when she saw how disgracefully the other angels were behaving. She was finally captured, and as punishment sent to Earth to live an endless series of tragic lives. She now inhabits the body of Setsuna Mudo, a troubled teen in love with his sister Sara. Setsuna’s misery mirrors the chaos among the angels, and their combined passions threaten to destroy both Heaven and Earth.

Tokyo Babylon vol. 1-7

Yass! I found them all and to a bargain price. Couldn’t be happier. Of course, now I have vol. 1-3 in double but it’s not a big problem.

An introspective, character-driven series, Tokyo Babylon reads like a manga version of The X-Files. Its story — a modern-day fantasy — follows a young onmyouji (spiritual medium) on his quest to protect Tokyo from evil spirits.
Teenaged Subaru Sumeragi is the 13th head of the Sumeragi clan. Together with his twin sister Hokuto and the mysterious veterinarian Seishirou, Subaru travels around Tokyo, calming the ghosts that threaten the city.

Duklyon: CLAMP School Defenders vol. 1-2

I have no idea what this is about. I hadn’t even heard of it when I found it but it is CLAMP so it can’t be bad, right.

Kentaro and Takeshi are two freshmen who are periodically called upon to transform themselves into monster-battling superheroes, complete with capes and armor… but there’s much more than meets the eye…

Mermaid Saga vol. 1-4

An 80s classic. It sure is beautiful and it is about mermaids. Well, eating mermaids. And it is horror. Me like.

Legend has it that if a human eats a mermaid’s flesh, they will be granted eternal life. But is that a blessing or a curse? Immortal lovers Yuta and Mana travel through Japan and the centuries longing for a normal life. On their journey, they meet others who have consumed the flesh of a mermaid in hope of becoming immortal. But the powerful substance affects each person differently. Yuta and Mana are two of the lucky ones. Others are fated to die or transform into a savage monster, a “lost soul.” Mermaid Saga contains three of Takahashi’s uniquely macabre mermaid tales, A Mermaid Never Smiles, The Village of the Fighting Fish, and Mermaid Forest. Each revolves around Yuta, who wanders for hundreds of years, seeking a mermaid to cure him of his immortality.

I think this is it. I have plenty to read for the near future now so in a way it might be good that the money is sparse, if I should find something positive in this mess my partner has put us in. Ah well, life is life and that’s a fact. Until another time…

6 thoughts on “Last Manga Haul pt. 1

    1. I haven’t read it yet, except for a few pages when I got it but I really like the style and the story is intriguing. I asked around before I bought it and everyone who knew about it was just as positive as you are. 😊 So I look forward to read it soon.

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    1. I know, that is just insane. The only reason to buy that one would be because it would be fun to have it in that form but who in their right mind would try to read it. I once flipped through it and it is heavy and clumsy and the spine was already messed up before I even took it down from the shelf.

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