It Was Instant Love – 10 Of My Favorite Anime Boys

Sometimes you just have to do a list, and today is one of those days when I have a list I need to do. We all have them, our favorite boys. Sometimes we fall for them slowly and sometimes it just takes a second and we are dragged into their persona like a leave in a vacuum cleaner. This list is all about those last boys, the leafy ones. Some candidates on this list might come as a surprise but hey, life is full of surprises. Here is a list of my 10 favorites, in no particular order.

Kaido Haru – Super Lovers

Let’s start with Haru, the dude with the worst brother complex I have probably seen in a manga and anime. That’s what hooked me though, his love for his brothers. His enormous will to live for them after their parents died. One can question the moral of him falling in love with and pursue his youngest [adoptive] brother while he (the brother) is still a prepubescent boy (okey, he’s like 13 but too under developed) but being who I am I don’t mind. He also has the looks going with his light hair and green eyes. I’m gonna add that I read the manga before seeing the anime (way before actually) and I had a somewhat different view of him as a little bit less shallow dude than what I feel like the anime shows him as. Anyway, I fell instantly in love with him.

Frau – 07-Ghost

Oh boy, this man. If I should describe him I would say that he’s the perverted delinquent bishop. That is exactly what he is. He hides  porn magazines in the holy books in the library, flirts with women left and right, and sneaks out at night to smoke, just to mention some stuff he does. He is also very caring and there is a lot of love inside of his little heart. And he has a lot of power being more than just a bishop. Also, sizzling hot!

Miyuki Kazuya – Ace of Diamond

Is anyone surprised that this boy is on this list? No? Well, me neither. I think the first time I saw him was when he fooled Sawamura at the first gathering because they were both late. It didn’t pay off in the end but yeah, he shows his colors and those are some colors I like. He is a cheeky dude with a will of steel who often treats his juniors just but he can also be hard on them. And, he’s a megane. There is something special with guys and glasses. I don’t have many on this list though but a megane in an anime and it is a hit most of the times. Miyuki is a sweet boy to look at.

Asagiri Kaname – Magical Girl Site

Yup, you didn’t see that one coming, did you. Well, here he is, Asagiri bro. I know, he is a nasty bully who abuses and assaults his little sister. He uses his charms and looks to dupe other girls into doing his dirty works and he is a real pervert. I don’t know why I fell for this shit bag but he has something alluring to him that I like. Maybe it is his magic charm after all. I mean, he isn’t even that handsome but I find his madness somewhat sexy. The fact that he ends up in the basement of another lunatic as a sex toy is just too awesome.

Sengoku Kaname – Welcome to the Ballroom

The second Kaname on the list, a much more pleasant one to look at and talk about. Oh, those moves and that magnificent body. He sure knows how to shake his hips. He is one of a kind on the dance floor, a hot, sexy lover who can make any woman shiver in anticipation. That’s exactly what I felt when I saw him the first time, and he wasn’t even dancing then. The dance just add to the all. Then there is the fact that he has the most amazing partner who he fights with all the time. She is just queen and she puts him in place with the grace of a mean fairy. Me like.

Oga Tatsumi – Beelzebub

Need I say more? Haven’t I already talked your ear of about how much I love Oga and baby Beel? No? Well, I love Oga. I have always loved Oga. He is the not so typical, über strong 15 year old delinquent who caries a demon baby around on his back. He fights other delinquents and occasionally demons most of the times. He isn’t too fond of the baby at first and tries to give him away but somehow he is stuck with him and eventually he gets very attached to him and well, have I told you how much I love the trope single daddy/baby? Well, there you have it. Oga is cool, he looks cool (even if he looks insanely mean most of the time) and he acts cool. And he has a baby.

Noiz – DRAMAtical Murder

I was surprised when I realised that I fell for this dude. He is so far from my normal idea of good looking. His skin is too ashen to begin with. And his hair has the wrong blond color being strawberry blond. Yeah, it was such shallow thoughts I was pondering about when I tried to figure out why I started to obsess about some strange dude in a mediocre anime about some other, more good looking dudes. I still don’t think he is the most good looking of them but he has something interesting about him. Might be the piercings scattered all over his body (oh yeah, there are some on the most intimate of places too) or the fact that he is a computer wizard. Or maybe it is his fight style with the rabbits? I don’t know but I was obsessed with him from the first time I saw him.

Goblin Slayer – Goblin Slayer

You can’t seriously say that you fell for a dude you don’t know what look like?! But of course I can. I am a 100% serious when I say that he was last seasons sexiest character. This is another one of those characters that just got stuck in my mind. The way he says goblins just makes my heart go doki doki. He has a goal and he sticks to that goal. He might be an aloof dude but he does actually let people in gradually. I understand his thinking, which isn’t always the case when I watch this kind of anime, and it is kind of liberating to be able to connect to a character even though it is a fantasy world. I don’t know, I just find him fascinating and sexy, that’s all. He was on my mind straight away, and not because he was a brute or bad.

Yukina Kou – Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

I love this manga/anime. There are many characters to love in it but I have never felt any instant love for any of them. That is to say, anyone but Yukina. He is such a sweet heart you can’t possibly not like him. Just the fact that he works in a book shop gives him a huge advantage in my eyes. He’s popular with the ladies and he beams of love for his little boy friend. He would do more or less anything for his man. There isn’t anything to dislike with this guy and again, I love him so much for it.

Hazama Kuuro – Young Black Jack

Jack Black before he actually became Jack Black. He is a doctor, and a really smart one to boot. Not that doctors aren’t smart but this man is overly smart. I like brains. He is polite and kind, and yes, I am shallow so I’m just gonna say it, he is hot. He is a very complex character who is dragged into the life of helping others while he really doesn’t want to at first. He does it for enormous amounts of money in the beginning, being only a student it’s not really okey, but in the end he does it out of compassion too. I liked  him from the first scene (not only the intro where he strip and you get to see his magnificent body with all his scars. That is another thing that makes him interesting, his scars.).

Wow! I didn’t think I would manage to do a top 10-list of my boys but here I am at the end of the list. And, I could actually add a few more to this list. I might have to do a part two sometime in the future. But for now, this is some of my instant loves. Have you ever fallen in love with someone instantly?

5 thoughts on “It Was Instant Love – 10 Of My Favorite Anime Boys

  1. Out of those 10, I only know three — Miyuki, Sengoku, and Hazama. And I like them, too! (Tho I actually have like-dislike feelings toward Miyuki 😆) Looking forward to knowing the others when/if I pick up those series. 😃

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    1. Miyuki is a bit of an on/off for me actually, if I’m gonna be honest. He has some sides to him that I don’t like but then he does something charming and I just fall flat for him again. 😎 But it still was instant love. 😘

      Liked by 1 person

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