When Aesthetics Are More Important Than The Reprehensive Act – UtaPri Matador Event

kLab has announced their new event. We have just finished the last hours of the Mountain Climbing event and now we are going on a world tour. The boys are going around the world doing a glamour shot for a travel magazine. In this first event they are visiting Spain and kLab has chosen matador as the theme.

Needless to say, the voices were raised when they first tweeted this yesterday. The audience is split; they look hot in their little matador outfits (I agree) – but, bullfighting is a despicable, cruel sport for which Spain is infamous off. Of course the Spaniards (among others) reacted negatively, they aren’t too keen on being associated with this activity. I understand.

Spain has so many other things to be proud of; their excellent food, music and dance comes to mind in an instant. Imagine Ren doing the flamenco. Now, that’s hot without the animal cruelty. So, why does kLab chose such a controversial subject as bullfighting? The only reason I can think of is aesthetics. I refuse to believe, as many has, on Twitter, tried to defend kLab’s choice, that they are somewhat oblivious to western culture. Maybe I am naive when it comes to Japanese games going west but I expect the game developers to actually do some sort of research before they decide what to chose. So again, I am thinking that looks over action is their choice.

You are of course free to feel and think what you want about that but I feel somewhat ambivalent. One part of me is raging; why do they want to further glorify bullfighting by depicting it in a way that romanticize it? Because that is exactly what they are doing. The other part of me just look at the pictures and think; oh yeah baby, hot! Because, I am shallow that way. Sometimes I just don’t care about the sad and horrifying story behind the picture.

What I do hope is that kLab somehow address the problems with bullfighting. My hopes aren’t high they will though because as I said, in the end I think this all boils down to aesthetics. And no, I won’t play the event. It has partly to do with the theme but also to do with me being totally exhausted from the last event and my lack of interest in the two characters. I am curious about what part of the world they will land in next time and if that will be an equally controversial happening where looks trumps ethics.

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