Rape Me, My Friend – Shield Hero

There’s a lot of buzz going around and have been for the last week or so about this anime. I suppose in a way I get it. Woman frame a man for rape.

I don’t get the loud voices and the horrified screams though. I don’t get the upset people shouting about how it is misogynistic and horrible that a woman is falsely accusing a man of rape.

MeToo showed us not only how many women and men are exposed to sexual harassment and abuse. It also showed us the ugly side; the side where false accusations were made against innocent people. Internet was full of persons pointing fingers at men and women who hadn’t done anything but perhaps looked the wrong way. “He looked at me and I didn’t like it. #metoo” Of course, that’s not to be compared to someone accusing you of rape. “He sucked in bed and only played with his phone. #metoo” Still not the same of course. There were a lot of worse accusations than these, for example someone who once sent nude pictures, voluntarily to their then boyfriend, now accusing him of sexual harassment, meaning he forced them. What unites these examples, and more, are that the girls were all believed in and the boys weren’t listened to and/or believed.

Many voices are raised against this anime because it shows a side that is ugly. No one wants to depict a woman in this role. It’s misogynistic to make the woman evil and base a whole anime off of it. Turn the falsely accused man into someone who hates women. But here’s the thing; Naofumi doesn’t hate women – Naofumi hates the whole world and all the people in it. They ALL wrong him. No one asks him what has happened, they all believe the woman. They all cast him aside and throw him out, spread rumors about him and cause him to loneliness. Everybody in that world hate him for something he hasn’t done and he doesn’t even get a chance to explain himself.

Rape is a serious topic. Women and men are being raped every day. That doesn’t mean that we can’t use it in pop culture. There is nothing wrong in showing both sides of the coin. It’s not exclusively women who get raped. Women can also be on the giving end, raping. Women can plot to frame another person by accusing them of rape, be it by ill will, revenge or just for fun. It happens. It’s a real thing. And, it is damaging. Is it wrong to show that side of the coin? Is it wrong to show what it can do to a person? Wouldn’t you distrust the people if you were thrown out like Naofumi? Again, he hates not only the women but the whole world, because they have all betrayed him. Of course he wants revenge. I know I would.

As a side note: No, you do not hate women if you like this anime. No you are not evil if you like this anime. No you are not an anti-feminist if you like this anime. No, you do not condone misogynistic behavior if you like this anime. It’s fiction. That’s all it is.

Side note 2: I’m a feminist and I love this anime so far. I don’t discriminate which means I hate most people, despite their gender. I am however evil so there’s that of course.

And if you are by chance upset about the title of this post I suggest you go and do some Nirvana research. Just, you know, some real quality grunge with a message and all that.

26 thoughts on “Rape Me, My Friend – Shield Hero

  1. I’m like you! I don’t discriminate – I hate everyone!!!
    I actually thought about talking this subject, but then decided to go for a ramble about my love towards the main character xD
    Awesome post! ^^

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    1. I actually decided not to write this post but eveerytime I have looked at twitter there have been something written about it and then I happened upon a feminist site that totally hated on it and I couldn’t not do it. I hate it when people refuse to see a woman’s part in these events. what are we, saints? Things like this happens so why shouldn’t we talk about it. Ugh! Thus, I felt like I needed to write about it.

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      1. Unfortunately yes. I wholeheartedly believe in the original thought of feminism where both genders are equal. I don’t believe in one gender being superiour to another and I definitely don’t believe in men being trash that needs to be killed off like flies. It’s unfortunate that there is this phalanx of feminism that looks at men like they shouldn’t exist. They have lost sight of the cause and it is troubling.


  2. I haven’t seen that anime, but I agree with your post. False rape accusations are infuriating and most people don’t even get punished in real life. On Iridium Eye, I talked about how in Nate Parker’s Birth of a Nation (2016) film, the buzz got sabotaged in the theaters because there were false rape accusations against him since his movie is about the Nat Turner Rebellion which made people VERY uncomfortable. The thing was he was found innocent and there was no evidence, but they still called that woman his “victim”. Of course, he’s a Black man, so they had to scapegoat him in America and there’s a long history of Black men getting lynched because of similar false accusations. I also brought up the double standard how he was demonized yet Roman Polanski still has a movie career to this day when he was found dead to rights raping an underage girl and never served time for his atrocities.

    Whew! Sorry for the long rant. I do believe that the concept of false rape accusations should be brought up in real life and in a fictional context since they do happen.

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    1. You can rant all you like. 🙂 I think it happens way more often than people think, that someone is falsely accused. It’s so easy to just blurt out he raped me in the heat of the moment. At least here girls are taken seriously, especially if they are native and the boy accused are an immigrant poc. It’s horrible to realise that poc’s are subjected to these matters so much more than white people. White people often gets away with a ticket or a month in prison while a poc (from the wrong country, are you east asian you are fairly safe) gets a much harder sentence. It’s unfair.

      I find it important to talk about these things too but people almost never want to touch the subject. Women can’t be evil, right? Why would a woman lie about something so horrible? This will make other girls, real rape victims, accusations less serious so we can’t show this, right? That’s what they say. But as long as this happens I think we should talk about that too. Ah well, thank you so much for reading and responding to my post. It means a lot!

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      1. Sure thing. I certainly believe that it happens more than people give credit for, too. I’ve certainly heard about stories like that. It’s been common that ethnic minorities get accused for things they didn’t do. One extreme case in America would be The Central Park Five where 5 teenagers (4 Black, 1 Latino) were falsely accused of raping a woman and were railroaded by the NYPD until they were exonerated by DNA roughly a decade after they were in jail. It’s true how race does effect sentencing (Brock Turner is a major example). It’s quite unfair and I’m glad you realize that.

        Exactly. It’s something that really needs to be discussed with people. Those are some good questions and that’s an excellent point about false accusations. These lies will make real rape victims testimonies looks fraudulent even when they’re telling the truth. No problem. I’m glad to contribute to this conversation.


  3. You voiced some of the opinions I talked about last time i posted on your blog. For me it seems ridiculous, life is stressful sometimes and I don’t know what to tell an individual that has the emotional fragility to be “triggered” by an anime.

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  4. I like stories that take risks in showing a side that is unpopular, and take the backlash for it. It’s not even something that never happens, it’s just considered politically incorrect and this is never talked about. While it’s true we don’t want to harbor something that encourages people to not listen to a woman when she says she sexually abused or raped, society did that for a long time, my own mother went through it. We also need to understand the idea of false accusation and that it can ruin an innocent persons life. I haven’t seen Shield Hero, but I’m starting to really want to.

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    1. I think it is important to know that there are an ugly side to false accusations but it is almost always like people seem to think that the boy must have done something wrong even if he didn’t. What I mean is that he must have been mean to her and hurt her to make her do this outrageous act and that excuses her. People always looks for an explanation for why she lied. If the roles were reversed I am pretty sure that wouldn’t be the case.

      I’m sorry to hear about your mother. ❤ Thank you for reading and commenting.

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  5. Thank you for writing this article! I’ve been trying to tackle the thought process behind some of the rant-induced discussion Shield Hero has created the past few days and I’ve just been left confused as to how what was portrayed was misogynistic in any regard.

    To me, it was just a scene about a false rape accusation, something that’s so simply morally wrong that I fail to see how there’s really anything to critique about it. It’s something that can happen to anyone and honestly doesn’t have enough vocalization about it in general… so I don’t understand what there is to take issue with.

    That said, I also want people to listen to other’s voices of sexual assault/rape when it does happen too. While I do see where the other point of view is coming from and that point of view definitely valid and important as well, I don’t think it really applies to Shield Hero’s context of the situation thus far.

    Also, some instances of the other point of view turn into rant pieces more so than an actual criticism of the work itself, which is another problem unrelated to the ones above, but that’s neither here nor there.

    I’m just really glad this article exists, honestly. I know it can be really difficult and scary to write an article for a point of view that’s unpopular to have and also highly discussed. Thanks again!

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    1. Thank you! I have been pondering about wether or not I should write this post to begin with and I had decided against it but then I read some rant about how horrible it was to depict a woman being evil and how the author of the novel was a woman hating man and I don’t know all the hate in that article so I decided to try and show another side of the subject. I know most people love to shove this side under the rug which is kind of interesting. I have a theory; many of the angry voices comes from men or rabid feminists. Yeah, I’m sorry but it is true. it’s like women can’t do anything wrong and if they were ever depicted in doing evil things it is tainting the woman and giving misogynistic men a reason to hate her. The thing is, there are at least just as many women who hate men as there are men who hate women. People hate, that’s how it is. Feminism is a problem in the current state. The idea of feminism is amazing; equality to all. I wholeheartedly stand behind the feminist thought. But, it’s taken ways where men in some circles are plain hated and looked down on. The patriarchy shall be crushed with all the might and all means. And in this case I believe that the outrage could very well be a product of that kind of feminism. Don’t ever hurt a womans reputation and make her evil. Don’t do anything to a woman that could taint her being. We need equality and thus we have to make sure that things like this doesn’t happen. It’s morally wrong to build a serie/book/movie or whatever around an event like this. I often wonder what the reaction would have been if it was he who accused her of rape. In my mind I wish the reactions would be equally as loud but I know they wouldn’t.

      I also felt the need to address what no one else wanted to touch; the fact that it is serious to be falsely accused. It’s as if he has himself to blame because he is a man and a nerd to boot who has never had a gf and he happens to perhaps hope to find love in that strange land. As if he is a pervert who has done some perverted things to her. He is the most innocent character of them all and people still criticize him and not her. It’s very peculiar.

      Anyway, rambling over. Thank you for reading and commenting, it means a lot. 😊

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  6. Great post. This anime has, so far, produced a lot of very tiresome discourse, but this post is most certainly not part of that. An excellently rational and level-headed look at it all. Now if only the clickbait blowhards in the commercial press would come up with stuff like this.

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  7. Ok. Now I have to watch it.

    “Women don’t accuse men falsely of rape.” Or so goes the mantra.

    If a powerful and sociopathic woman were able to achieve her goals that way, why wouldn’t she? You work with the tools you have.

    All the controversy has just provided publicity to greatly enhance the ratings of the show. It is the only thing cries of outrage of this sort ever does.

    I never cease being amazed at people who think that anime is supposed to be a morality play that reinforces their own values.

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    1. Men accuses other men of other types of crimes. If they could they would accuse women of rape too. The problem is, no man would ever be taken seriously if he reported that he had been raped by a woman. Less there is visible evidence there is nothing to report. That’s the way the world looks when it comes to rape. More men than you think are getting raped, they just don’t report it. Especially not when it is a woman doing it. It’s how humanity works. Woman are after all the weaker sex. Or so they say. I would argue that we no longer aren’t that weak. And in this anime, the women rule the world. It’s a matriarchy. Which also caused an outrage; now that it finally was a world ruled by woman why did they have to do the cheap trick and make a woman evil and get her to falsely accuse the mc of rape and get him to hate all women. Ugh. Ah well, I just think that if people get this upset with an anime they should perhaps watch something they do enjoy watching and leave this one to people like me who do enjoy it and won’t tear my intestines out everytime I watch it. But what do i know.


    1. Thank you! I didn’t intend to write it at first but then I read some extreme outrage and I couldn’t keep quiet. Sometimes it just has to come out. I don’t know if I’m very courageous but I have gotten so many nice comments and no negative ones so it was well worth it. I expected more negativity but it is a nice community we are in.

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  8. Thank you for presenting such a positive and open-minded take of this show.

    As you already know, I’m really tired of the negativity surrounding this one and I feel people are seriously blowing this one out or proportion and acting as though the worst thing imaginable happened. When the truth is, false rape accusations happen in the real world more often than you’d think.

    Anime journos and SJWs have really hammered down on this one as a dishonest means of pushing their agenda, rather than analyse the story for what it is or what it’s trying to do, and that’s really, really depressing and has no value in my opinion.

    Thanks for doing what’s usually my job this season. It’s nice to take a break from this stuff.

    Great post, Lina!


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