My Anime Year #3 [May – December]

And on it goes, this list of anime I have watched. Well, I of course kept on watching Magical Girl Site but other than that I have watched, in no particular order.


Young Black Jack

Oh sweet cucumber, I love this anime. It’s only 12 episodes long but I so wish it was way longer. My urge for this anime (and manga) is strong. Not only is Black Jack hot as a burning hot dog, but he is also so smart and kind. Well, he’s perfect. I wish that one day the manga will be licensed and published in English (or my native language).


And that was it for May. At least that’s the only anime I have written about this month, except for Magical Girl site. Moving on…


Tokyo Godfathers

This is one amazing movie I want everyone to watch. It’s the perfect Christmas movie about kindness and miracles. If you don’t believe me, read what I wrote about it.

Again, this was the only anime I wrote about in June. Overall has my summer not included very many anime.


I only wrote four posts in July and none of them discussed anime. I was down in the hole more or less the whole summer and this is the result of that.


Golden Time

This little anime hit home closely. It’s so charming but also kind of sad. Being tossed away and forgotten is hard on anyone and this anime shows it very well. You can read about my thoughts here.

August consisted of only three posts but I am pretty sure I watched more. That’s for later (maybe)



I know many people had a lot of opinions about this anime; mostly bad such but I loved it. It is a bit confusing and the idea of incest might be a turn off for some. (not that there was that much incest but still, that’s one of the complaints people had) My only complaint was that some of the characters could have had some more screen time and back ground. But, in the end, it was a hit for me.



Moving on quickly here…

Super Lovers 2

I did actually watch season two; finally. I have been reluctant to watch it since the manga is one of my favorite and season one was a bit of a let down. But it was totally okey. I never wrote a review about that specific season but I did write a post about Super Lovers from the loneliness perspective.


Well it’s a dark en depressing half year that has gone  by, where I didn’t really spend time on writing about anime, but more about my mental status and other stuff. I did write a post about what I watched which you can read here.


Yet another month where I didn’t write anything about a specific anime. I realise just how boring I must have been the last half year, writing mostly about dark and depressing subjects. I promise, after the new year I will spend at least some time to write about anime and not mental illness or sexual harassment.

That’s it, I have nothing more to write about. You find part one here and part two here.

I have rewatched Beelzebub too.

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