My Anime Year #2 [March&April]

Here comes part two of my year in anime. You’ll find part one here. As I wrote in my previous post, I am mostly writing down the anime I have actually written something about. There might possibly be a list in the last post with anime I have watched but not written about. It won’t be in this post though.


Natsu e Tobira

This movie, wow. It’s old and totally in my taste. It is labeled boys love but that is not true. It was a part of my TBW/TBR tag, that I still haven’t finished. I wanted to find something unusual and old, and this is both. I’ve of course written about it here.

Gakuen Babysitters

This is possibly the most adorable anime this year. High school boys taking care of toddlers. That is the trope I love the most. Okey, maybe not high schoolers, but single men and kids. Read more about it here.

Genocidal Organ

I wanted something no one really talked about and I found this movie. I was hesitant when I turned it on but boy was I surprised. It is a really good movie.

Lu Over the Wall

Mermaids and a high school band, that’s pretty much it. I love this movie to bits and I would recommend anyone who likes music to watch it. It’s love.


Summer Wars

Okey, so I apparently watched a lot of movies in March. Again, this is such a good movie. I love the love machine.


Comic Girls

What can I say? I tried to watch a cute girls anime and it failed. Unfortunately it had tropes I don’t really like and to be honest, I have a hard time with certain types of girls. I don’t dislike girls in general but in that type of anime (and just about any shojo anime where a girl falls in love with a boy, but that’s another story.) there is this one girl that is whiny and annoying because she is insecure and nervous. I just can’t deal with it. So yeah, I tried for a few episodes before I dropped it. Oh yeah, this was also one of the attempts to actually do episode reviews. I failed majorly at that. Here, here and here are the posts I managed to squeeze out before moving on to other, more interesting anime.

Magical Girl Site

This might be one of the top anime this year. I know, many people think you are crazy if you like this over the top bullying and mean girls magical girls anime. But it is a little bit more than that. I love it. Also, I actually managed to do a full season episode reviews of this one.

Skärmavbild 2018-05-29 kl. 08.42.36
Asagiri bro is my kind of dude.


I have a confession to make; I still haven’t watched the last two episodes. I don’t want to. No yet. I want to suck on this lollipop for as long as I can. Hinamatsuri is one of those cosy anime with the single dad/kid trope. Okey, it’s a little bit special because of him being a yakuza and her falling down the roof being born as a terminator (visually, not mentally). Anyway, I wrote a post about episode one. I might have had the intention to write weekly about this but I never got around to do it.

No Longer Human

It’s dark and tragic and really interesting since it is based on Osamu Dazai’s life. It got very personal when I wrote about it. I won’t write about it here, you can read my post about the anime and some more.

Listen To Me Girls, I Am Your Father

This anime should tick all the boxes of a cute girls/shoujo anime. There are three cute girls and a single man, a pedophile, a crazy lady and some more. I actually like this anime,  surprisingly enough. Probably because it isn’t as shallow as one might think when one read about it and watch the bright, happy pictures of it. There are of course a lot of things I don’t like about it but yeah, it’s totally okey. You can read all about my thought’s here.

Happy family

That’s it for March and April. It was a rather soft two months. I am not much of a season, watch ones a week, kind of type but I made a try during these months. I still watch weekly but I will never do the episode review again [probably]. I might write about a certain episode in the middle of a season but that’s pretty much it. Anyway, there will come another post soon with the continuation of my year.

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