My Anime Year #1 [Jan&Feb]

It’s soon over, the most annoying, scary and sad year in a long time. I’m not talking about anime now, I am talking about the state of the world we live in. To get away from that I have watched so much anime I could muster. I will probably forget some in this little list of mine but hey, isn’t that how life is?

Let’s try and make this a chronological list [of when I watched, not when they aired]


Kid’s on the Slope

It’s such an amazing music anime done differently. It’s not about boy bands or the struggles in the music industry. It’s a love song for the jazz. There are a lot of jam sessions in the basement of a record store. There are concerts in school. And finally, there is a girl tearing the two main boys apart. I wrote a review way back in January.


Devilman: Crybaby

I dropped it so hard after 4 episodes. It just didn’t talk to me, if you can word it like that. It was boring. The art and music was totally okey but that was it. I know how it ends though so that’s something I suppose. The problem was that I didn’t really care for the way there. Again, there is a review for those four episodes.

Devilman: Tanjou-hen and Yochou Sirene-hen

When I had dropped Devilman: Crybaby I just had to watch something else about him. Why? when you thought it sucked, you might ask. Well, I like the characters, both Devilman and Ryou. So, I watched these two oldies. It was a pleasant watch even though it might end up in the middle span of anime I have watched.

Welcome to the Ballroom

It’s a sports anime about dancing. A dream for someone like me, who have spent a lot of time watching said sport. I love all characters (especially Sengoku; he is just the best) and there’s beautiful dresses and drama and it’s just awesome. Another anime I actually wrote a review about.


Sengoku; So handsome, sex and passionate.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

This is an anime the whole world talk about, even people who doesn’t watch anime talk about it. It was a ride to say the least. A great ride. I love the deep and psychological. I do not love mecha but that anime actually made me consider watching more mecha. I have still to do that though. But yeah, a review is done for this one.  A very spoiler riddled review I probably should add.


Okey, so this started last year but I finished it in January. Close after Marginal#4 comes this music anime about a bunch of boys and their struggle to survive in the business. I love it and one huge reason for that is not only the characters and the music but the fact that it is not a harem. There is no love drama and boys singing love songs for the manager. I have written about it here.


In know many of you hate this anime. I don’t. I love it even though it was a bit confusing at times. Just the idea of a “school” where the purpose is to reform kids who are so stuck in online games they can’t live a proper life. Kids shipped off to an institution so violent some students even dies. It was alluring to read the prompt for it and it didn’t disappoint. It did however leave me on a highly confused state but hey, there are a lot of good things weighing that up.


Ousama Game

Boy oh boy, that was a ride. A very mixed game of feelings. In the end there was one thing I loved about it; the death scenes. The purpose of the anime is to survive a curse and well, of course that’s impossible, so there are a lot of deaths in it. Different kinds of deaths. Other than that it was a WTF moment. As always, when something confuses me I have to write a post.


I had a mission in February, to watch as much crappy anime as I could. Well, here is the result of that:


Hametsu no Mars

Tenkuu Danzai Skelter+Heaven

Vampire Holmes

Garzey’s Wing

Utsu Musume Sayuri


Panzer Dragoon

This would be all the crappy stuff I watched in February. Well, you can read for yourself  what I thought about them.



The Place Promised In Our Early Days

This is such an amazing movie. The animation is beautiful, the story is touching and the music is to die for. There is a review for it, it’s better if you read that instead of me praising it here.


Boys in little speedos diving from high towers. It’s splendid in that simple kind of sports anime. Or, maybe it isn’t like any other sports anime after all. There is no team spirit, they all compete each other. At the same time they are friends too. It’s the struggle on how to manage those two sides of doing an individual sport while keeping up friendship within the club. There is also the fact that it is hard to balance sport and life in general. Watch your calories; that’s one of the issues they handle. I love it, not only for the half naked boys in speedos and hot bodies. I’ve of course written about it.

Natsuyuki Rendevouz

So beautiful. It’s really all you need to know. Also, ghost and love, but not in that romantic kind of way. Just read what I think.

Okey, so this is getting long and I have only written about stuff I actually did a review of [almost]. I’m gonna stop here and continue in another post before you all lose interest in me and my anime.


Happy Holidays!!

6 thoughts on “My Anime Year #1 [Jan&Feb]

    1. Happy holidays to you!! Yes that is the idea. I have started on March and April but it has to wait until Christmas is over. Too many visits with parents, in-laws and siblings. I’m already exhausted after only one day. 🙄

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  1. I was enchanted with Kids on the Slope. One of my very favorite animes.

    Devilman: Crybaby left me feeling all kind of, WTF?

    All I could say after watching Neon Genesis Evangelion was I really hate Shinji. Weak characters who wallow in their weakness instead of at least *trying* to grow a bit disgust me. There needs to be a struggle – even if it is doomed for inadequacy. The only strength he ever showed was when one of his compatriots died or almost died and then he goes ballistic. A different kind of spinelessness.

    I hate his father even more for producing someone as spineless as Shinji and not accepting responsibility for crushing whatever spark Shinji might have had. I loved Rei. In fact, I loved all the females in that show but Rei really tugged at my heartstrings. How she was treated made me hate Shinji’s father even more. It was a magnificent tour de force of what it means to lack any spine whatsoever and have the fate of the world thrust upon you.

    I still enjoyed it a lot and consider it a seminal classic. A great anime succeeds by bringing out an emotional response. It doesn’t have to be love.

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