Three Days – Three Quotes #2 [Death Edition]

Day two of this pleasant challenge. I’m gonna keep up the quotes coming from different deaths. Today, Death is coming from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.

For some folks death is release, and for others death is an abomination, a terrible thing. But in the end, I’m there for all of them.

I’ve written about death before, in the My Reasons Why post. Death is a pleasant thought. No matter what you do or who you are, we are all going to die. I’m not afraid of death, no I am more looking forward to it. Some days I am really tired of being alive. It’s not like I want to die but I have days where I wish I didn’t live. Living is hard, dying is easy. Sounds harsh? Maybe, but as I wrote, in the end we are all going down that road.

I find comfort in the fact that I can decide when, where and how to die, if I chose that alternative [and am ahead of death itself]. I have a plan, a way to leave this world and it is a soothing thought when I feel like I don’t want to exist. Maybe I should think more about living when I feel like that but it doesn’t help, I only see the ugliness of the world when I do that and I just wish I wasn’t alive even more.

Maybe I change my mind when I turn into a little, old lady with white hair and a bent back. Someone who is closer to death than I am now [age-wise]. You never know. All I know is that some days are days that shouldn’t have been at all. And then, Death is my friend.

Death in Dream Country by Neil Gaiman

2 thoughts on “Three Days – Three Quotes #2 [Death Edition]

  1. Never read Sandman, but do know about it from great word of mouth. As for death itself I’m more curious about what happens afterwards. Do we all become one with the Earth, or is there such a thing as reincarnation? Can’t say for certain so that makes life worth living in my views. Making the most of it that I can.

    I experience that feeling of being tired of being alive, and get out of it to repeat the cycle again. Ain’t a easy one to break, though there is some comforting feelings in wondering thoughts.

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    1. It’s interesting when one think about after death. I have had a lot of thoughts about it but I landed in just disappearing. However you aren’t really gone until the last person who remembers you forgets about you (or dies). That is sort of comforting I think.

      As for Sandman; read it, it is absolutely amazing. Well, if you like comics at least. It’s something special about Sandman that can’t really be explained. The art is just wonderful in each volume and Neil Gaiman is a genius. I recommend it to anyone.

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