This Is What I Watch Now – Seasonal??

You read it right, I watch seasonal anime; one episode a week. More or less anyway. Apparently I am not a lost cause when it comes to seasonal anime, only when I try to do weekly reviews of them. Maybe I can’t live under pressure when it comes to watching stuff? Writing reviews is after all a commitment and I applaud all you amazing people in the community who do this every week. You are just awesome. So yeah, I just watch and enjoy, and ponder in my loneliness about what I watch and let others do the superb job of reviewing and analyzing. Is it called lazy maybe?

Anyway, I’m watching quite many seasonal anime to be me actually.

I’ve picked up and finished one; Megalo Box. Such a charming, awesome anime. I talked in my last post about what I wanted to watch that this was a goal and that I fulfilled like the day after. I loved the ending and I wish there would be a follow up of some sort. (my inner fujoshi wants a Joe and Yuri BL spin off but well…)


Yup, I got back to it again after a long pause. I’m gonna tell you a secret. I didn’t enjoy the first 10 or so episodes that much. They were at best good but that’s all. They didn’t catch my attention too much and I never did long to see the next episode. Maybe because I had read the manga? Not likely though. Why? Because I felt exactly the same with the manga; the first 12 volumes of the manga was of little interest to me. They were okey but not more. I kept reading because people spoke well of it, it is a classic and I had access to the whole series. I can’t pinpoint the moment exactly but it was like flipping the page, or turning on the next episode, and I suddenly found that spark and BF went from at best above mediocre to an eight to soon climb to a nine. Strange right? And now I have been binging the last 10 episode for the last two days. (yes, I started to binge before I even was that thrilled because in the end, there was 19 episodes and I was on episode 5 I think when I picked it up again and watched one episode a day a week or so ago. I had a feeling, like with the manga, when I got to a certain point.)

Cutest pumpkin ever

Now I just look forward to the end. I know what happens but I still want to see it animated. I want to feel it. That is something I miss actually in the anime, the feelings. Yes, I have cried occasionally, but I cried a whole lot more when I read the manga. The manga got the creepy feeling through in some parts a lot more and the sadness in Ash is also a lot more present. Not that it doesn’t show in the anime, I think it is a really good adaptation. It’s just different.


I said it before but I’m gonna repeat myself; I love archery. At least in anime and manga. This is perfect. It’s beautiful and peaceful, and it makes me feel good. There is no drama, it’s just a sports anime. Also, pretty boy Masaki. He’s so beautiful, even without his long hair. Well, I’m not gonna drop this one, that’s for sure.

Double Decker: Doug and Kirill

I still find this hilarious. There is a darkness behind the colorful surface which makes it interesting. It is comedy and it is a bit twisted. It wasn’t clear at the beginning where it was taking us but now the pattern is a bit more obvious; they are chasing an organization. Well, I might have been the only one not getting it at all straight from the start though, I might be dense like that. Anyway, I get it now so all’s well. But yeah, I like this a lot. And Doug’s still hot as fuck.

Goblin Slayer

I love Goblin Slayer. The man I mean. Well, the anime too, but mainly the man. He is the whole anime to me. Without him I could just drop this show. Well, he is the mc but he is more than that. I can’t explain it so please don’t ask me to. I might write a fanfiction about it some day. (oops) No, but I am a bit disappointed actually. It’s a good anime, that’s for sure, but that first episode was too unnecessarily gory and dark. It set a whole different tone to the anime than it really is. Why did they need to go so far? I don’t see the need for that. Sure, we got the whole picture of what horrible creatures the goblins are but there are ways to do it without scaring off people. Because I believe that a lot of people would enjoy this anime had they just gotten past that first episode. It didn’t need that shocking episode. Also, it fooled me completely. I didn’t get what I expected. I was hoping for that type of show, not a show with cosy drinking in front of a camp fire and a drunken elf clinging to my man.

With that said, Goblin Slayer is good and I won’t drop it anytime soon. I want to hear my hot tin man keep on saying goblins in his adorable way.


Hinomaru Sumo

I like this but I am not sure I will keep up with it the whole season. I might save it for a binge at the end. I have plenty to watch anyway. It’s a sports anime like anyone and the usual characters are there. I don’t really feel this longing for the next episode in between episodes, if that makes sense. I do however want to know what happens with the team in the end. Well, we’ll see what I’ll do about it.

Jingai-san no Yome

This is a new! I love it. Two minutes of fluff and confusion. I have no idea what to think of it but I think it is adorable. A boy marries some sort of fluffy monster, who has chosen him from a catalogue at his high school. The boy has a sexual thing for the monsters fluffy tail. Yes, you read me right, his tail. He get’s flustered everytime he looks at that thing. It’s so cute! As I said, two minutes. It’s too short, I want more of these adorable couples (there are some more). Also, it’s adapted from a manga and I need that manga. Like really need it.

Karakuri Circus

This anime has some impressive character development. The story is absolutely amazing. The animation is beautiful. There’s puppets. And the kid is awesome. There, all you need to know. Oh yeah, acrobats and a circus. I love it.

Run With the  Wind

I have a lot of sport on my list this season. I love sports anime so it’s nice. This is another really good anime. Just the fact that the team consists of a guy called Prince, who can’t run at all and looks like he’s about to drop dead any second is all worth the watch. i need to know how he is gonna manage to even qualify for the big race they are striving towards. And then there is a guy called King. I’m not gonna say anything about him but it makes me wonder; who is the queen? And where is the princess? You who watch, who are they? Is Kakeru the princess? Would that make Haiji the queen? Anyway, I love this. I love how devoted Haiji is and how he has the power to pull everyone along for the ride. It’s very positive and I feel good while watching, just like with Tsurune.

Voice of Fox

My biggest complain about this anime is… Why does it have to be so short? Why isn’t the episodes full length? I mean, it is a music anime with an interesting story, so why does the episodes have to be only 13 minutes. Also, the song is kind of repetitive now, so I am getting a bit tired of it even though it is a very good song. Well, there is a mystery that needs to be solved and I look forward to what the fox is going to do.

That is all the seasonal anime I am watching at the moment.

I have picked up an old anime too. Please don’t kill me. Or do, I don’t really care actually. Well, I mind dying but I don’t mind what you think about my choice of anime. I actually like this little piece of animation. I know so many people hate it and I did ask around a little as to why it is. I got some interesting answers and yes, I can see why some people have a problem with it. Especially if you are an avid MMO player I suppose it would annoy you. I am not so I don’t mind the power of the shiny sword and the chosen one. Have you figured it out yet? Kiritoooooo! Yeah, I kind of find him cute. I also kind of ship him with everyone but Asuna. Yes, even his sister/cousin (mostly them actually). I’m of course talking about Sword Art Online. I have so far watched season one and Sword Art Online: Extra Edition (which by the way is total crap. Boob grab; for fucks sake, why?? I hate the boob grab with passion. Do I need to explain why? Feel free to tell me if I should write an essay in 2000 words because I would gladly do. (don’t!) Ugh, boob grab.)

Then there is Onizuka. Yup, I am watching Great Teacher Onizuka. Nope, it is not the anime. Whaaaaat??? I can hear you think that. How can I even watch a live adaptation of a manga/anime like that? Well, I can and I will, and I love it so much. It is absolutely fabulous and everyone should watch it. I’m talking about the 2012/2014 edition with Akira as Onizuka. He is absolutely brilliant as Onizuka. Hottest of them all is Ryuji though. Oh my lord that boy. Ugh, I would do anything for him.

Look at him, isn’t he just delicious!! (you figure out who my baby is. Hint: It’s not the pompadour and not the dude with the colored hair.)

But it’s not for the hot men I am watching it. No, it actually is really funny while it have some serious topics woven into the humor. I have watched some of the anime but I can honestly say that I prefer the live action. Maybe it is because of the actors, maybe it is because I find the anime too silly. You can only be so silly as a real person as where you can distort a drawn character to bits. Well, anyway, if you like live action drama just watch it because it is hilarious but also, sad and tragic and cute and everything else. I cry more or less during every episode. I swear, everytime I think I have managed to sit through an hour I end up crying in the end. That’s how good it is.

Hot stuff! Oh, how I love delinquents.

Well, this concludes my fall. For now at least. I might pick up something else too. I doubt I will drop any of this, maybe I’ll put something on hold. There will most likely not be any reviews of any of it, unless I feel an urge to share some extraordinarily interesting thoughts I get. So, for now…

3 thoughts on “This Is What I Watch Now – Seasonal??

  1. Umehara really is a great Goblin Slayer, eh? Sure, he has some terrible vocal range – either Wakasa-voice or “normal mode”, which is why he is a terrible vomic!Bakugo – but when you pair him with the right character, it’s absolutely /divine/…

    …erhem. Need to catch up to Goblin Slayer (the show) later, so…moving on.

    Double Decker’s been dropping hints about Esperanza since episode 1…

    Voice of Fox wasn’t bad from what I saw of it – mind you, that was only one episode. It does feel like it needs to be longer.

    What should be my main priority at the moment is watching Hyouka for a blogging Secret Santa I’m doing, but alas…I found some eps of a short-ep show I wanted to watch (with no English subs, so my comprehension of the plot is shaky at best + it takes an unnaturally long time to comprehend some of the stuff being said), plus there’s still real life getting in the way. So, as excited as I was to finally watch Hyouka, my attention span for it is pretty low.


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