Happy Birthday My Babies!

Today is a special day. Today is my boy Miyuki’s birthday and he shares it with my man Makoto and that special volleyball player named Kuroo. I mean come on, three awesomely hot sports dudes. Can it be better. This calls for a post of its own.

Miyuki Kazuya

Let’s start with best boy Miyuki. I loved him the second I saw him. Instant love in a cup of smirks and bitchy comments. He can probably be sweet but he is kind of hard on his kohai’s most of the time. Popular with his hot looks and let’s for a second think about how he gets even hotter because of the fact that he wears glasses. As a matter of fact, he always wears glasses. Only when he sleeps he doesn’t but then he instead wears a face mask so yeah, dude’s a real megane and we all love it.

Tachibana Makoto

Seriously, if I could I would snatch him away and hide in a remote cabin somewhere in the forrest and never return again like ever. I would snuggle him to death before anyone would find us. Is there anyone else more like a teddybear than this huge swimmer? No, I think not. Kind and caring and filled with love. At least for Haru. So it’s a lost cause. But at least he is nice to look at even though he belongs to that other dude.

Kuroo Tetsuro

So, I didn’t really like Kuroo too much when he first showed in Haikyuu!, I must admit to that. He is a scheming, kind of mean looking dude and he was in the rivaling team so obviously he wanted to beat my cuties so yeah. But, he grew on me a lot during the seriesΒ  (and then there was this fanfiction I might have read but let’s talk about that some other time) and hey, he shares a birthday with the greatest so thus, he has a place in this post.

(Then there’s me; happy birthday to me. I am fortunate to share my birthday with these cuties.)Β 

So, who do you share your birthday with? When’s your best boy/girl’s birthday? Are you lucky like me and share perhaps? (Imagine when I realised way back that Miyuki actually is “born” November 17. How silly can a person be to be happy about a fictional characters birthday but it really means something special to me. Right then I needed something silly in my life and there came Miyuki and shared my birthday with me. ❀ Am I not fortunate, so say?)

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday My Babies!

  1. Happy birthday. As for who I share a birthday with, I got a bunch of mostly side characters (and/or characters I don’t care much for, if I do recognise them) and it’s bugged me for years…so it’s good to know you share your birthday with a bunch of characters you like.

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    1. Thank you! 😊 Side characters, meh. Actually, there wasn’t that many others, besides these three. Surprisingly. But I am happy about having three. I mean, I would be perfectly fine with just one of them. 😎 Oh dear, how silly can one be. πŸ˜‚

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