It’s Halloween – Let’s Watch Some Nightmare Inducing Music Videos

Yes, let’s watch some nice music videos. It’s more about the visuals than the text but they often go hand in hand so by all means, listen to the text as well. I like them all. For once I am not gonna say that they don’t have an order because they actually do; number one is the scariest of them all. I will tell you why when we get there. Without any further ado: A top ten list of videos I find terrifying (or at least a teeny, tiny bit scary or nasty in some capacity).

10. Rag ‘N’ Bone Man – Lay My Body Down

9. The Cure – Lullaby

8. Bang Gang – I Know You Sleep

7. Prodigy – Breathe

6. Skylar Grey – Dance Without You

5. Fever Ray – If I Had A Heart

4. Marilyn Manson – Cryptorchid

3. Eminem – 3 A.M.

2. Nine Inch Nails – Closer

And here we are at number one. This is a Swedish song so yeah, I don’t expect that you understand what they sing about and it doesn’t really matter when it comes to the creep factor of the video. I have said in some other post (the one about me loving shota I believe) that I don’t like kids. Well, this video most certainly didn’t do anything to help me like kids more when it was released in the beginning of the 00’s. After I had seen this video I couldn’t even listen to the song because I was so affected by the video. Yeah, you might not react to it the way I did but it gave me nightmares for a long time afterwards. You have to watch and pay attention to realise what’s going on. You’ll get what I mean when you watch it. And as I said, don’t care about the language, it doesn’t matter. Hey, most of us listen to Japanese music without understanding more than two words (if we are lucky). So yeah, here it is.

1. Kent – Dom Som Försvann

So, what did you think? Do you have a music video, or even just a song, you find really creepy? Oh, and yes, please, a Japanese one would be nice. Not anime but regular ones. I actually tried to find some but then I wanted to do a list with songs I have a relation to so I ended up without any creepy, Japanese songs because all Japanese music I have is cute, happy pop or there are no music videos. Anyway, enough rambling. Tell me what creepy music you listen to.

5 thoughts on “It’s Halloween – Let’s Watch Some Nightmare Inducing Music Videos

  1. This one’s pretty freaky…It’s “Best Friend” by Foster the People (hopefully the video works, I haven’t tried putting a video in the comments section before).

    As for Japanese ones, I don’t think I have any that are particularly creepy…the Kagerou Project songs tell a horrifying tale, but there’s an anime for that (Mekakucity Actors).

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    1. Oh yeah, Best Friend is creepy, for two reasons one being the fact that it actually shows the ugly side of the fashion industry and the other, well, that’s kind of obvious.

      I have no idea how to input YT videos in comments, I never succeed when I try.

      I tried to find mv to a Japanese song I know I have seen that is pretty creepy but I couldn’t find it on YT so I must have seen it on Nico or something.


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