Shiny Manga Covers – A Top Ten List

Beautiful manga covers. Yes, that’s what this post is all about. Manga covers can sometimes be so painfully beautiful it hurts. Sometimes they just kick ass in some colorful, amazingly breathtaking way. Then you open the manga and the inside is just mediocre and even boring. This list does not care about the content, it only cares about the shiny [shallow] looks. I am not gonna review, or even say my opinion on, any of the manga listed down below. I am just here for the shiny, beautiful art on the outside.

In no particular order, but still numbered because numbers make things easier apparently. Or so they say. (Never ask who they are, just go with it. Always go with it.) I am however gonna count down because in the end, there will always be a number one. So yeah, here we go, in some sort of order after all.

10. Livingstone vol. 3 – Tomohiro Maekawa and Jinsei Kataoka

9. Fire Punch vol. 1 – Tatsuki Fujimoto

8. Rans Magiska VΓ€rld (Ran to Haiiro no Sekai) vol. 6 – Aki Irie

7. Intense vol. 2 – Kyungha Yi

6. Graineliers vol. 1 – Rihito Takarai

5. Welcome to the Ballroom vol. 3 – Tomo Takeuchi

4. Starving Anonymous vol. 1 – Yuu Kuraishi and Kazu Inabe

3. Tokyo Ghoul: Re vol. 11 – Ishida Sui

2. Let Dai vol. 1 – Sooyeon Won

1. Sweet Blood vol. 4 – Seyoung Kim

There you have it, ten of my favorite covers. There are obviously more but these are right now my favorite ones. A wide variety of art I’d say, even inside each manga/manhwa (because in the end number 1, 2 and 7 are manhwas) is the art very different from each other. It’s nice. I like different.

Anyway, do you have a favorite cover perhaps? Not from this list necessarily of course but from any manga, manhwa or manhua.

(I got this idea from Matt at Anime Q&A a long time ago and I started this post way back then. You should go check his post out, he has a lot more to say about his ten favorites than I have about my choices. Also, his choices are awesome!)

And while I am at it….

Go check Renta! out if you’re in the mood for something new and exciting to read. You can buy or you can rent lots of yummy, lovey dovey, hot manga. There’s something for everyone, even tentacles for those who are into that. (Yes, my fellow fujoshis and fudanshis they have boys love too.) Now click the banner, you know you want it!

This is where I mention that Renta! is an affiliate? Or is it the other way around, I am the affiliate? Anyway, affiliate. I do however love Renta! and would never promote anything I don’t stand behind. So yeah, there you have it.

14 thoughts on “Shiny Manga Covers – A Top Ten List

    1. You inspire me to do a lot of things you know. 😊 Cover art is something special. When I browse the internet I can sit a long time and just look at covers for manga I don’t even know what is. i have even bought manga only because the cover was pretty. I’m so shallow sometimes. 😎

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      1. πŸ™‚ I’ve done the same too! They say “never judge a book by its cover” but sometimes you can find some things that appeal to you on a different level than you expected by doing just that!

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  1. I was talking to Ply (from Plyasm’s Wormhole) recently and, as it turns out, we got the same message from someone who wanted us to get Renta affiliation links. Is this, by any chance, why you decided to mention them at the bottom of this post?


    1. I bought Starving Anonymous based solely on the cover art. I still haven’t gotten around to read it yet but yeah, it is an awesome cover. All of Livingstone’s covers are beautiful and very interesting to look at. And the manga is really good too. 😎

      Liked by 1 person

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