Playing Cupid With L.A.M.A. – Daddy Oga’s In For A Treat

Hello and welcome to this corner of the internet. Today it is yet again Friday and boy do I have a special treat for you. I am the host of the now infamous LAMA collaboration. LAMA you say? Well, LAMA is the four fine people finding suitable partners for four fine anime dudes. L: well, that would be me, Lina. A is very short for Arthifis over at Arthifis’ Place. M stands for Mel of the Mel In Anime Land and finally the last A stands for Aria at The Animanga Spellbook. Four very fine people if I may say so.

This week we have had the task to find a suitable partner for Oga Tatsumi. Oga is a young man who attend Ishiyama High School, the delinquent school number one. Even though Oga isn’t very keen on starting a brawl he isn’t shy of fighting. On the contrary, he enjoys a good fight. Many are the students who has tried to beat Oga but in the end, he is the winner. More so after he found the little baby he always carry around. Yes, you read it right, he has a little baby on his back. He found him in the river like little Moses, although this little baby ain’t no Moses but the hell spawn of the demon king who has come to destroy all of human kind. First he needs some growing up and someone who can raise him and he has chosen the most evil person on earth; Oga Tatsumi. Oga is maybe the most evil person, at least is he strong and rather self centered. He doesn’t really care about other people, not even baby Beel in the beginning and he has some good fighting skills. Well, he does develop some sense of friendship and love towards the people closest to him after he finds and bonds with the baby.

There’s a lot to say about Oga and his baby. If you want Oga you get the baby too. They are inseparable. Literally actually. Go further than 15 meters and the baby will scream and electricity will release and all and everything will be electrocuted. That can happen anyway but it is really bad if Oga would leave baby Beel alone in the human world. There is also an annoying demon nanny who could be a problem but necessarily won’t depending on the partner. Well, enough about that, onto the candidates.

Lina’s Choice

My candidate for Oga is a very fine young man. A little bit older than Oga with some experience with children. Well, rather a lot actually since he works as a swim coach. Yup, I have a hard time leaving the handsome men in Free! territory. Who am I talking about? Tachibana Makoto of course.

Makoto is a hot guy with a lot of patience. He is kind and caring, something that is much needed with the hot headed Oga. Oga is out fighting demons and people all day and he needs someone who can massage his feet when he comes home. He needs someone who can cuddle with the baby and give the baby a bath while he eats a courgette in front of a video game. Did I mention the baby is afraid of hot water? Who is better suited to learn the baby that taking a bath isn’t bad? And above all, Makoto can make things good in bed. Yes, I have naughty mind so I think about this stuff a lot. Oga needs to be dominated too and I think Makoto can do a splendid job with that at night after the baby has fallen asleep. And very importantly, the demon nanny won’t interfere because she will trust Makoto completely with the baby. I mean, who wouldn’t trust such an awesome guy?

Aria’s Choice

With all the really weird choices in shippings past being my fault, you’d think this one would be a crack ship too, right?

Nope. When Lina picked her boy Oga, I had Beelzebub on my PTW for Himekawa…and thus, a perfectly reasonable ship was born.

As for why they’re compatible, well, they’re both fighting delinquents and while Oga has some resistance to electricity after a while, Himekawa’s weapon is a stun baton. Just from that, you can tell they’re pretty much made for each other. On the personality front, they’re pretty similar too – tough, prideful yet not entirely irredeemable. Normally I’d go for picks who counteract each other’s flaws, but these two are complementary enough that Himekawa would use underhanded tactics and battle others (willing to risk losing) to gain information on Oga’s enemies.

Himekawa’s to the left

…Not to mention they’re good-looking separately (that is, if you count Himekawa with his hair down), so together they’d be quite the treat.

Mel’s Choice

I know just a little bit about Beelzebub, so I of course need to read the Wikia page for the character of Oga for that one.
The one thing that struck me the most is the “beast yet caring side” Oga have, so I needed someone who add to deal with someone having a similar personality and I can’t forget about the baby, so that person needed to be a caring beast tamer…
Tatara Totsuka (K-project) I never saw Tatara angry once, okay one time and he was half angry, not in flashback neither in the manga when he was alive. He is always so chill, calm and collected and one of the only one who could stop Mikoto rampage…Oga have a similar personality so I guess Tatara could tame the beast in Oga the same way he did with Mikoto, please he would be a super “mom” for the demon baby.

Arthi’s choice

For Oga we need to think a little harder since there is a demon baby and a demon nanny involved.

Oga starts as this aggressive and cruel but ends up developing during the show being calmer and easier to be around at end of it. However, there is something that is also always present, he ends up caring for others in his own twisted way.

For me, the best pairing for Oga has to be someone who is kind and has experience in dealing with demons, especially in a father-ish kind of way.

This way, I’m going with Natsume! Here’s why:

It will make sense I promise!

Beelzebub – With Natsume comes Nyanko-sensei! I mean, I’m already laughing imagining these two interacting with each other. Moreover, Natsume always show a kind and supportive look towards Youkai, which seems to be a great father picture for Beelzebub.

Hilda – Hilda is similar to Hanagi from Natsume Book of Friends. This way, I think his relationship with Hilda would end up in the same way and Natsume would end up entering Hilda’s heart.

Oga – Maybe they will fight sometimes due to their nature. Nevertheless, I think they end up sharing the same values and want to help other people. This way, I think they would just end being really well together! And, of course, look cute!

And there you have it! Now, let’s vote (click on the link and scroll down if you read this in the wp reader or just scroll down if you read this on my blog.) on who you think will be the perfect bonus dad for little Baby Beel and the perfect partner for daddy Oga. And while you are at it, scramble over and read the choices we made for Nagisa and Aomine. So yeah, vote, check out the other posts and then look forward to next week when we round this collaboration up with our last choices. Then it is sweet hot headed, cool headed Todoroki who will find his dream partner.

Arthi’s little Nagisa

Mel’s precious Aomine

19 thoughts on “Playing Cupid With L.A.M.A. – Daddy Oga’s In For A Treat

  1. Reblogged this on Arthifis' Place and commented:
    Time for another matching! This time Lina is the host and we are trying to pick the best guy for Oga. Yeah, the has a demon baby at his shoulder all the time, Oga.
    Also, don’t forget to vote so we can decide at the end of the month who is the best cupid! 😛

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    1. Hm, who might it be? 🤔 If I’m right you better go vote to because yeah, I see you and you haven’t voted yet. 😩 People need to vote or else how are we supposed to know who’s gonna win this battle of ours. Oh, and thank you, I try my best as always. 😊

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      1. Lol…well…you should look more closer lol (I already went over to Arthifis’ and Aria’s posts to say I voted for you..).Ahhh….it pains me that you say I haven’t voted yet 😭😭
        Lol…totally kidding here of course! But duh…of course I voted for you….did you expect anything else?? 🤔🤔😂😂

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      2. But you need to use the poll to vote silly person. You know, there are rules for this. I even gave instructions in my post. Old man, be observant! 🤓 Nah, I didn’t expect anything else, because I’ve got the power. All the power to make the octopus do whatever I want him to do. Moahahaha!! 🐧

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  2. Reblogged this on The Animanga Spellbook and commented:
    It’s that time of the week again! As in, time to get together with Arthifis, Mel, Lina and myself – LAMA for short – to ship some dudes. This time it’s Lina’s choice, Oga from Beelzebub (+ baby Beel + demon nanny Hilda). Make sure to vote to determine the winner of this collab, and we’ll see you next week to find a match for Boku no Hero Academia’s half-cold half-hot Todoroki.

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