Look Who’s Back – Not Slim, I Tell You That

Fine, I am trying hard here, okey. It has to do with something, just wait and read on and you will see. I think. Anyway, I’m back again. How long is it? Three weeks? More? Not counting that game post then. I am in a way better mood now than I was back when I left this world. I can’t say that I am in a stable mindset yet, it is still up and down, and I turn myself in and out sometimes to get rid of some unwelcome anxiety that pops up from nowhere. It’s hard some days, especially now when the heat from hell has taken over the whole country. Temperatures above 30°C for weeks are not normal in this godforsaken place. I can count on one hand the days it has rained this summer. It is not normal. I want it to rain, dammit!

So, hot weather makes Lina grumpy. It makes my brain boil eventually. I am laying like a melting popsicle on the couch lacking the energy to do anything but watch anime and read manga. So, that is what I have been doing for the last month. It is very healing. Not just for a heat struck brain but a brain in turmoil. It is a challenge some days to gather my thoughts enough to put words together to full sentences when I am as bad as I have been. That’s when I watch anime. Dubbed anime.

People, a lot of people, have very strong opinions about dubbed anime. Well, this last month I am very thankful that dubs exist. I have always preferred subs over dubs but my brain have been so bad I haven’t been able to process the elements of speed reading and watching moving pictures at the same time. People who say that dubs shouldn’t exist should just shut their mouths. I am normally a fast reader and have no problem with subs, but at times like these I am eternally grateful that there are dubs so I can just listen and watch and not strain my brain with yet another element.

What have I done then, all this time? Other than watch anime and read manga, which I will get to a little further down, I have been in Stockholm. I was at a huge concert. Public record actually. Awesome it was.

Eminem was just amazing. The energy was electric. The audience was awesome. This is the second best concert I have ever been too (Yelawolf is still the best and that is probably because we had front row on that one and this one we had not. If we had, this would be number one but hey, they are both excellent artists).

What else? Nothing much really. I stay inside mostly. I don’t like people in general and during bad episodes I get afraid of people. Literally. I can go to the grocery store if my husband comes with me. I did go with my kids and my extended family to a theme park built around Astrid Lindgren’s books. That was 1 part fun and 2 part really hard. But i survived that too. You tend to survive if you have to I have realised through out the years. I don’t like to go without my husband though but I had no choice this time.

Another fun thing that happened. My car was broken into. Good thing; there was a witness and the cops got them straight away. Bad part; I got a letter a week ago where they told me they have closed the investigation in lack of evidence and that they can’t prove who did it. There were three guys at the scene. The witness  saw it all so she can identify them and one of them had my husbands training pants on him. His fucking training pants! But there is no evidence. Not sure if I should laugh or cry. And then, two weeks later (after the break in, not the letter) my mom drives her car straight into mine. “Oh, I didn’t see it. I’m sorry.” It’s a blue, damn car. It’s hard to miss. I swear to the almighty above.

Back to where I started then. I have been reading and watching a lot. I also have been buying a lot of manga because you all know me; anxiety and buying manga sort of goes hand in hand.

What have I been watching?

Fullmetal Alchemist

Oh man, I am in love with this whole anime. Everybody is my bae. I am not joking, I can’t even dislike the bad guys. Well, maybe a little but still, it is such an amazing anime. I binge watched it in a week. I sent the kids, who are having a summer break right now, to their grandparents just so I could watch. I know, mother of the year. Well, I needed to rest and I chose to lay down with Edward. What can I say, I like them young. Shit, you didn’t just go there Lina? Maybe. Anyway, I have started to watch Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood now but I can’t yet say which one I prefer since I have only seen two episodes so far.

Attack on Titan season 2

Again, a binge watch. I started to watch season two when it started to air but dropped it after two episodes. Not because I didn’t like it but because I am not good with this whole watch once a week concept. And AoT is completely useless to watch once a week because each episode always ends with some sort of suspense ending. I hate to wait, so I rather binge. Now, with season three closing in (and starting), I figured it would be good to be up to date in case I by chance would try to watch this season weekly. I won’t by the way, I am saving up some weeks and then start. Well, season two was great. There is nothing more to say. Stuff happened that should happen. It felt a bit like an aha moment but nothing we wouldn’t expect. There had to be those people. Ugh, I am not good at writing without spoiling but if you have seen it you know what I mean and if you haven’t seen it, what are you waiting for. Those people are interesting people and I think you might be surprised. I was. At least that it was those particular people. Unless you have been very observant from the beginning. But come on, no one really paid that much attention to them from the start. Or?

What else have I been watching? My memory is as bad as ever so I might miss something but I have started to rewatch Beelzebub. I will always rewatch my darling daddy Oga and baby Beel. It still is my number one and it will take a lot to push it down from the top. I hold that anime high. I wish the manga was licensed in English. I haven’t read it because it isn’t but I am seriously thinking about buying it anyway. One of a few manga I can consider own in a language I don’t master and I probably never will be able to either. It’s that or I try to find it in German and learn the language. Oh, that is actually fully doable. German isn’t too different from Swedish.

I am not totally out of the loop with the season either; Banana Fish, Free! Dive to the Future and Grand Blue are the three I will try and watch each week. I might not manage every week but they are rather easy to watch so chances are I can do it. The most heavy of the three would be Banana Fish. If it follows the manga there will be a lot of politics and underground gang war and sex slave trafficking. It is a rather heavy manga and I hate to see it treated lightly and just like a bishonen, boys love anime (yeah, I have seen those tendencies among some people and I don’t like it. I might write a post about this eventually.) Free! will always be Free! and that is a good thing. The boys have become men. Well, almost anyway. As for Grand Blue. I say naked men and you say… Of course Lina, we understand why you watch GB. What can I say, the first thing you see are a butt naked guy having a drinking party with his buddies. They are naked all the time and I mean all the time. Anyway, hot, naked boys diving in the ocean. I totally approve.

I have probably forgotten something but never mind that, let’s just move on to the manga.

What have I been reading?

I have read loads of manga. That and maybe mostly manhwas. I have had some sort of craving for korean webcomics. I can’t say what it is that makes them so special. Maybe it is because they are more down to earth realistic? They are more toned down. I don’t know but I have binge read and binge bought a load of them. I’m just gonna give you some titles and you can look them up for yourself. They are of course all awesome. Again, I will probably forget some…

Rans Magiska Värld – Ran to Haiiro no Sekai

I have written about this amazing manga before. It is well worth to mention again just how amazing it is. It is so beautiful and the story is really spellbinding. It’s not published in English yet, but good news people, it has been licensed in English and the first volume will be released in November I think it was.

Boy Princess

Oh the beautiful princes of the far away kingdoms. The politics and the war mongering. There are so much drama in this love story. It is surely not for anyone but I love it. A prince takes his eloped sisters place as the bride of a prince in the neighboring kingdom. A highly political wedding, as most weddings are in that place and among the kingdoms. This isn’t really the place for a review, I am just supposed to tell you what I’ve been up too. Anyway, I was so happy when I found a set of the first six volumes at an internet auction site here in Sweden. Unread, perfect condition for only 20€. A bargain. I ordered the last three volumes  at Archonia. They are not easy to find, not even Netcomics, who has published them, sells them anymore. Need I say I am mighty satisfied. Boy Princess is one of my favorite Boys Love manhwa.

Banana Fish

Yeah, I know. I have said it many times; never read the manga before you have watched the anime. Still I had to go and read the manga. I actually watched the first episode of the anime and then decided to pick up the manga. I binged the manga. 19 volumes took me 5 days. I was so emerged in it I even forgot to eat at one point. I am gonna say this straight away, I didn’t care too much for it until I reached volume 11 or 12. If I didn’t have access to all 19 volumes at once I would probably never have gotten past volume one. But, this is a manga that has all the tropes I want in a good manga; politics, mafia, gang wars, drugs, sexual abuse; it’s all there. So, I kept on reading. The supposed love story was secondary. In the end I came to adore it. I just borrowed it but I might actually buy it now that it will be republished again.

I have probably read more manga but this is getting long now and you have probably gotten tired of my rambling. These three series are the long ones I have read and finished during this month; Boy Princess is 9 volumes, Ran is 7 and as mentioned above Banana Fish is 19. All else I have read is just chapters of stuff like Killing Stalking (yes, I know I wrote on Twitter that I was done but I couldn’t help myself. I still think it is a bad move from Koogi to make their relationship into something romantic-ish. Idk, I have bad vibes about where it is going. It should have ended by now. Never mind me, I should stay away from stuff that annoys me, Killing Stalking being one of them.) or one volume manga, most likely boys love. I also have some series I am in the middle of like Phantom Dream, Samurai Drive and Dokgo. Dokgo is absolutely amazing. It’s a webcomic about a delinquent who is avenging his dead twin brother. There’s so much violence and plotting, and it is just so good. And no, it is not boys love. There is however a slight possibility that I am a bit in love with Hyuk. (guy to the right) That guy is insane but oh boy is he insanely hot. Especially when he beats the crap out of every delinquent he gets his eyes on. Well, I recommend it to just about anyone who likes action and violence and awesomeness.

Well peeps, to get back to the title of this post. Slim is not back because slim got fat during this last month. Well, I never was slim but damn, I eat way too much when I got constant anxiety attacks. I have lived on ice cream and Fanta, and occasionally cookies. Very healthy.  Anyway, I’m out!

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  1. The heat from hell is right. That same heat is here is well. Funny thing the airconditioning at our company failed last friday, so I had to work at temperatures of 30 degrees celcius. Yeah…loads of fun. Glad it was only an 11 hour workday. What’s that Asta? I’m being rude? That’s rich coming from you. Of course I am totally doing this on purpose. Because I don’t want to say how happy I am that you are back here. (And become overenthusiastic, jumping up and down and doing all kinds of freaking out that will just make you scared).
    Ugh….who am I kidding: Jumping up and down and shouting out loud: WELCOME BAAAAAAACCCCKKKKK!!! It’s so good to see you here!. This is pretty much a perfect end to this sunday (well it isn’t quite over yet, but well you get my drift).
    I’m glad to read that you are at least doing a little bit better (except of course for that heat from hell) Wow you have watched a lot, not to mention read a lot. Looking forward to some posts for that…but hey..just take it slow. One thing at a time! Don’t know if you already saw that, but I sent you an email last week. Oh well, take your time for that as well. Great..now I am rambling. Sorry!
    Anyways…really mean it: welcome back!! Look forward to talking with you again! 😊😊

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    1. Ugh, I’ve been replying to comments for hours no it seems. I am writing like a snails is snailing. 🐌 Man, no ac must have killed you. Well, not killed killed you but like a little bit killed you. I believe my son saved you. That must be the only possibility.

      Oh how I wished I could see the Hollandese jump like a crazy man. Or is it Netherlandese? Or whatever the fuck do you call yourselves? Hollandish? Netherlandish? Outlandish? I mean, I am Swedish and Swede. Shit, my brain starts to grind this subject now. 🤔🧐😩

      Okey, better drop that, before I go totally nuts. More nuts that is. Yeah, I did watch and read a lot. I have nothing else to do. My life is pretty boring when I avoid the internet. And avoid it I have more or less. I haven’t hardly checked my email. Thus I haven’t answered your email. Sorry. 😔 I was gonna but I only allowed myself ten minutes a day on the computer if I even opened it. Some days I actually didn’t use it at all. And my iPad and phone has only been used to read on or play Mystic Messenger and UtaPri. I have basically been a disconnected hermit. And I like it. I haven’t missed internet at all. but I have missed all the beautiful people in this community, and especially you. ❤️

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      1. Aww..that is so sweet of you to say. Thank you! Well of course it goes without saying that I have really missed you as well (thus the up and down jumping and going all crazy part lol). But seriously: it really is great to have you back!
        Hey…no worries. During my own hiatus I missed people as well, but the hiatus was there for a reason, and it was good to just relax and not go on the internet so much. So yeah, I defnitely understand. No worries about the email though..it can wait (it does contain a track and trace link to see where your (care) package is…so there is that😊 (Yes it’s finally getting to you: woohoo! 🎉🎉
        Haha…Well having years of experience being nuts, it doesn’t bother me anymore..I just go with the flow lol.
        Erm…Outlandish sounds pretty fun lol …but there is an easier name though: just plain and simple Dutch. Or Dutchie…or …naw..Dutch is okay. Next time when I jump up and down I will make a crazy video. Although that probably isn’t such a good idea. I think…erm..yeah, moving on.
        It was the same with me, when I came back I had so many comments to reply to, it took me hours/days. But that’s okay: it also made me smile a lot as I really felt it was an incredibly warm welcome.
        Have I already said how awesome I find it that you have returned! Well: I find it awesome! . See you around 🐌🐌

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      2. WTF Octo! Why can’t you tulips keep to one word when it comes to your nationality? No, you need Holland, Netherlands and Dutch. So greedy. Jeez, I’m going with Dutchland from now on. Or just plain old Octoland.

        I have checked the tracking on the package. 😎 It’s been in Malmö since Friday. 😒 It’s like not even an hour away. How hard can it be to deliver it to me? I swear to God if they aren’t coming with it I will call someone and yell at them. Who do I call though? I have no idea who will come with it. What do you do if I package gets stuck like that? 🤔

        I do think you should film yourself. Then I can upload it to my YouTube channel. Imagine all the hits and all the money we can earn. I have to make my channel so I can monetize my videos first but then, the millions will come rolling in. 🤑

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      3. Haha…hey I didn’t invent all those names, I just live here lol 😂😂 We even have a fourth name: orange people! I like Octoland. Octoland is what this country should henceforth be called. I’m going to our King today to ask him to change the name to that 😀
        (see…I really missed this: so good that you are back 😊).
        I just checked it myself, and that really is weird. Why is it stuck like that? Especially since it was supposed to be delivered on monday. I don’t get it. Everything is filled in correctly so it should be easy to send it to you. Hmmm…maybe there is some unseen barier at the depot? Or a local zombie apocalypse? 🤔🤔 Seriously though…this is strange. I hope it will get delivered to you soon now. If it hasn’t moved by the end of the week, I will contact my local post office to ask what’s going on.
        Hmm…that’s not such a bad idea. I will get right on that. What kind of video should I be making though? 🤔🤔 I could go all out nuts…but that might scare people. I might talk about anime..but that might be boring. Hmm…really at a loss here. But you are right about the money potential. Will think about it😊😊

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      4. Orange people?! Who came up with that?? I prefer Octoland. 😎 Tell the king!

        Did you write my surname because I looked again and it isn’t there. It just says Lina and my adress. They should be able to figure it out anyway but our postservice is kind of stupid in their little brains so they won’t do it and now it looks like it is going to be sent back to you again. 😒

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      5. Okay…small confession…I came up with that lol 😂😂 Just being silly. We usually have some orange colours here (dates back to the middle ages and one of our heroes the king of orange, that wasn’t a joke by the way), so hence..orange people. But I prefer Octoland too. So…yeah totally going to change the name of our country to that. I’m pretty sure I will able to convince our King 😂😂
        So happy you got the package. Still weird though how your surname got lost, as of course I did write it on the package. Well….no matter, the most important thing is that it’s finally arrived safely at your place. Hope you will enjoy the anime: I thought it was a seriously cool series 😊😊😊

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      6. This comment is a week old and I haven’t answered it!! Shit, bad friend over here. 😩 Sorry, sorry, sorry and another sorry to top the sorrys off. Sorry. I have no idea how I missed this (and another I see.) Ugh, sorry. Anyway, nuff with the sorrys. Orange you say. Hm, interesting. 🤔 Well, letting go off the topic. It is weird that they lost the last name. Not sure why because it wasn’t like it wasn’t readable. I told the guy who gave me that package that I was impressed they could deliver a package all the way from Holland without a last name and he looked at the package and be like; Yeah, but there is a last name. Uhm, okey then. So yeah, you fucked up then. I didn’t say it but I wanted to so bad. They fuck up all the time, our postal office. People hardly want to send stuff with them anymore, they prefer to send packages with like DHL and such instead. Anyway…I’m gonna check out the anime when things are back to normal and I get my alone time again. Right now I mostly watch short stuff and stuff I have already seen before. Things I don’t have to concentrate on too much. Like Baby Beel. 😎

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      7. Haha, wait…did you say sorry? I did not notice it at all. Would you please stop saying that you are a bad friend? You are not okay? If you were would I write all these things in this comments section? Would I even sent you a present? You are a great friend, and really I would not have wanted to miss your friendship for even a single second. So…no more sorrys…and definitely never say you aren’t a good friend 😊
        I am glad the package arrived safely though, because I was honestly getting a bit worried. Oh well…wheter or not they fucked up: the important thing is that it arrived! I really hope you will enjoy the anime. I loved the vibe and atmosphere of it. 😊😊 And really as with all things, no rush….! 😊😊
        Did I already say I’m glad that you are back? Because I really am 😘❤️

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  2. Welcome back, sucks that your car got broken into. Hopefully they didn’t take too much. The first time my car was broken into the stereo was ripped out and I wouldn’t have cared (given the thing didn’t work – old car) except they damaged the dashboard and that was super expensive to fix, in the end traded the car in because it was really old and not worth it. Most recently it was broken into and all they took was the USB from the stereo. I really hope they love anime soundtracks.

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    1. Thank you! That is the strange, or maybe just idiotic part of it, they just took my husbands training bag with old and worn out clothes and a tangle of cords with a usb hub and a blu tooth transmitter. Nothing of value at all. The only valuable was the window they knocked in. So totally unnecessary. A crime of the circumstances I suppose. What stupid thieves steal a usb stick? What possible use can you have of something you can buy cheaply in any store everywhere? So stupid. i sure hope they enjoy the music.They better.

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      1. Sucks that they broke your window. Not just thieves, inept ones. If they absolutely had to steal a bag of old clothes they could have at least had the skill to do it without damaging the car.

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      2. One could think so but yeah, no. And one of them was very adamant when the police took them that he was the owner of my husbands dirty, old shorts with a huge hole in the crotch. Seriously. I am starting to think that they were not only imbeciles but also high.

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    OMG, heat seems to be attacking everyone it seems. It was SO hot yesterday, I legit felt like I was melting. Summers are just getting worse and worse in my neck of the woods. *sobs* I’ve been wanting to re-watch Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood SO badly, but to be real, I don’t think I have the emotional fortitude right now, haha. Anyway, welcome back. Can’t wait to read more of your work. Wishing you the best always.

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    1. Thank you! 😊 I don’t get it. It’s not normal, this heat. Our summers are normally like 19 °C and rain 85% of the time. People are confused by this weather. And it’s not the summers that are getting warmer, the winters are as well. Snow is but a history it seems. Ugh, what a sad time. Hehe, at least we don’t have to go south for a vacation, it’s hotter here than in Spain at the moment. So strange.

      There will be a time for a rewatch another day. They won’t disappear. At least I hope they won’t. 😳😎

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  4. Welcome back, Lina! Sorry to hear about all the bad things that have happened. I’ve certainly dealt with my own drama going on over the summer.

    About people saying dubs shouldn’t exist…that’s bogus and thank you for calling out the sub purists. There are some anime series that I’ll watch in both languages and some are actually better dubbed like Shinesman, Sailor Victory, and Yugo the Negotiator to name a few.

    I hope you’re doing well now.

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    1. Thank you! Yeah, well, shit happens, isn’t that what you say. I hope your summer, even though it’s soon over, will be calmer. Drama is so unnecessary.

      I have not heard of any of those anime but I am def gonna check them out. You always comes up with such odd examples of anime (and movies and music). I love it. But yeah, the original voice acting doesn’t necessarily mean that it is better than the dub. I know some Swedish dubs that are better than the original. Especially the childrens shows, and now I am not only talking about anime but all childrens shows.

      I’m okey but it’s going in the right direction. I feel the joy in writing again at least.

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      1. You’re welcome. That’s true and some of that has happened to me, too. I certainly hope so.

        Sure thing, Lina! That is true about me mentioning obscure examples of anime, movies, music, etc. I’m glad you appreciate it and aren’t intimidated by me doing so. That is certainly true about voice acting. I can’t say I’ve heard Swedish dubs, but I’ll take your word for it. Haha! If you’re curious about those anime series, I did review all three if you want my full opinions on those. Shinesman and Sailor Victory are parody OVAs that are actually funny while Yugo is a more serious anime that deals with a hostage negotiator who can only use his wits and words to save people instead of violence.

        Gotcha. I’m glad you’re finding that joy again.

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      2. Oh, I’m not intimidated at all. It takes a lot more than that. 😎 Gonna check those reviews out. I like parodies so it sounds promising. And I also have to find them. I am not that happy about pirating or at least illegally streaming stuff.

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      3. That’s great. I know others didn’t know what to say when I talked about obscure things. Let me know when you check out the reviews of those series. I don’t know if any Swedish distributors have the rights to any of those series. All three of them were lapsed stateside which is a shame since they were good. I do own the DVDs to Shinesman and Yugo though.


  5. I hate doing things in the heat too, you feel so tired that you don’t want to do anything. Sometimes it’s like you want to go to sleep a few hours after you’ve woken up. I’ve also got more sympathetic to dubs as well. I particularly only watch Ghibli films dubbed now for example.

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    1. The heat is a drag. And yeah, I recognize that. You just want to die for a little while. I get completely exhausted. I start to understand the hole concept of fiesta now. 😴

      The few Ghibli I have seen have been in dub as well since we have watched the with the kids. I actually prefer japanese movies in dub. The dub is very good overall, compared to many anime series. It is not the same VAs I think. At least I don’t get the feeling it is but I might be wrong. Sometimes it feels like the dub in the series are a bit generic. It doesn’t have to be wrong though and I rarely mind. But the dub in movies seems more well worked. Does it make sense?

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      1. Yeah I went to Spain and there was this part during mid day where there was nobody (not many) around because they were on a siesta sleeping. It was really strange for that time of day.

        Yeah definitely, I’m pretty sure Ghibli dubbers hire actual actors some of the time instead of drawing form the dubbing crowd which often makes a huge improvement.

        I would definitely recommend you watch most Ghibli films with your kids, they’re great familly movies. Definitely watch Mononoke, spirited away, ponyo, howl’s moving castle, castle in the sky, Arrietty, Totoro, Kiki and proco rosso at some point. I don’t just think their great but also especially great for children that age. I watched all those films with my parents and it was a really great experience.

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      2. It is a smart move to stay inside during high noon when the sun is at it’s highest so I get the idea. Unfortunately we live in an apartment on the second floor right above a pizzeria so we have it really hot and right now there is no real difference between in and out. We can’t get away no matter. 😩

        My kids have seen Ponyo, Totoro and Kiki so far. My 10 y/o could very well be interested in the others. She has also seen Ronja. The 12 y/o isn’t that interested, he would probably find them boring. He is more into Attack on Titan and that stuff. Or Star Wars. 🙄

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  6. You came back! You were gone so long you missed my leaving and coming back. Which is Good thing, cause that I didn’t miss anything from you during my break. Yay!

    *looks at FMA portion of the post* you watched it! Yay!! The original too!!! You are watching it all the same way I did. 2003 first then brotherhood. I’ll want to hear all your thoughts!

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    1. Yes! You were gone. I’m glad I was gone to then. Or, I mean, I didn’t miss anything from you. I feel like I have missed so much and I will never be able to catch up. Everybody should take a break when I do. It should be for the best. 😎😂

      Oh yes, FMA!! I was thinking about how to go about it, so many people said Brotherhood was better than the original but I figured I should start with the one that came first even if it was it’s own story, not fully based on the manga. i mean, does it really matter, it is such a good story nonetheless. And I have never cared about special effects which apparently is another selling point for Brotherhood. 🤔 Don’t get that. I will most likely write something about them both when I am done. I feel like I have to because i am sillily in love with this whole thing, all the way down to Gluttony. 😎

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    1. Thank you! 😊 Working on that Sousuke fic… But I am not sure where it is going. He is not that sympathetic to be honest. At all. So yeah… 🙄


    1. Thank you! ☺️ You should be. 😎 No but yeah, he was amazing. We were lucky to get tickets, they sold out in like 15 minutes. Last time he was supposed to come here he cancelled because of his drug problems so it’s been 17 years since he last had a concert here. I never could imagine he would come back so imagine the happiness when we found out he actually was. 😊


    1. Thank you!! Ugh, that must be even worse then, the heat. I hate getting warm and my body temperature is normally high as it is but I can imagine you have it even worse. The concert was magical, there is no better word for it. I have wished for so long that he would come here. Last time he cancelled due to his drug problems. That was downer and to be honest, I never thought he would come back but he did and oh the joy when we managed to get the tickets. 😊

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      1. Not sure how to explain it but will try. Growing up, it was always hard to get a reading on my temp. My parents thought I ran a fever, but rechecking, it would either be close to normal or high. I’d be fine, fell great, so… It wasn’t until the teen years we found out I run 5-10 degrees warmer. So it hit the 90s here not long ago. To me, it was feeling like 100-110, & with that feeling, I get pissy, my energy gets zapped.

        You had a blast, I can tell! 🙂

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      2. I think I understand. That must be hard on you. I get that you get pissy, anyone would. I mean, it’s not all joy normally in this freaking heat and if you experience it even higher, well yeah, I get it.

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      3. It is hard, my friend, especially when my doctor wants me to go get vitemin D, (sun). Two problems with that is when the heat’s that bad, going out is the last thing I wanna do. And the second reason I don’t go outside without my R/Cs is, say I go out just to lay out, I get people walking up to me asking if I’m okay every 4 seconds!


  7. Welcome back!!!! I missed you know??? I’m so happy right now! 😀

    Regarding your car… Damn that s** must be haunted! Makes me remember my bfs car… from 3 months to 3 months he has to go to the mechanic. Comes home 100% tuned and good… Until one or two weeks where someone hits and runs leaving a dent in the car! God it has been 1 year like this, not even kidding. So I can relate! >.<

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! I missed you too! It was a much needed break though but I think I am almost back to myself again. 🤗 I want to write again so that’s good.

      Well, if I could I wouldn’t own a car, they are just trouble. They cost money and they break when you have no. Your bf sure was unlucky. I at least had insurance so I only had to pay 150 € for the break in and my mom has to pay for the damage she caused. Suck nonetheless.

      Liked by 1 person

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