Hot Boys Challenge – The Fighter And The Hero

The fighter and the hero could be the same person. Yeah, but that would be boring. so, here we are again. It is Friday and this week I am on time and on the right day and prepared. I had to think hard about this, especially the hero because what is a hero really? A hero can be the one who fights the evil powers but it can also be the little boy who saves the wet kitten in a box. That’s something to think about. And the fighter, who’s that? A boxer or a delinquent? Someone who fights evil or just people? So many choices when you start to think outside the box. Anyway, I have my boys done and ready to munch on.

Fighter of the night

The Bear Killer aka Ooshiba Kousuke in Hitorijime my Hero.

The Bear Killer is a delinquent (?) gone math teacher at a high school. In his youth he went out at night and beat up delinquents and then he went home and solved math problems. According to his precious mother he stayed up for hours, sometimes nights, just to solve one problem. There were times when he got sick just because of math and had to stay home from school (and that just shows how bad math is for you). Well, now he works with delinquents, and normal students as well, as a math teacher at his little brothers school. Also, he’s in a relationship with his little brothers bestie. So there’s that but that’s another story.

Anyhow, he was, and still is, feared as the great Bear Killer who wears strange t-shirts and alone beats the crap out of every delinquent there is, and he can take them on more than one at a time. Even his precious boyfriend feared him when he was a baby delinquent and belonged to a gang. Then they met and Kousuke disciplined him.

I don’t know, he’s hot. That’s it. And he smokes. There is something extra hot about already hot characters that smoke. The hotness and sexiness goes up a 100% when the cigarette comes out.

Moving on to the hero of this tale.

Sakamoto Ryoma the world’s greatest rocker. Well, at least in the world he lives in where Heaven’s Song is all that is allowed. He doesn’t give two fucks about laws and regulations, and plays to his hearts content the music he wants to play, which is rock and roll. The government is trying their best to destroy all music that isn’t their music and he and his comrades are chased all over the place while they play for the citizens of the city. The government is of course corrupt and tries to take over first the city, then Japan to finally try to get to the whole world with music they have created and manipulated. Our hero and his band luckily manage to wake the people of the city up and save the world with their true music.

Bakumatsu Rock is the anime and it is just amazing. If you want to see a music anime that isn’t a bunch of pretty boys trying to be idols you should watch this; an anime about a bunch of hot boys playing the most awesome rock music.

That’s it peeps. A fighter and a hero. If you are curious about Arthi’s and Mel’s choices scramble over to their places straight away. Also, check out Aria’s choices.

Coming up next week is main character and nostalgic, as in 90’s and older, character. This can get interesting. Until then…


I tell you, Bakumatsu Rock delivers, over and over again.

12 thoughts on “Hot Boys Challenge – The Fighter And The Hero

    1. I can’t hold it against you, the first one is a boys love anime and the second a music. So yeah I suspected that you wouldn’t have seen them. I’ll have some thinking to do for next week though, the old school stuff is hard. 🤔

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  1. Oooo… Well Ooshiba Kousuke definitely has the dark good looks and more calm mysterious kind of demeanor… But, Sakamoto Ryoma had the blazing fire, the bod and the not giving two fucks! Great choices!!! 💖💖


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