Hot Boys Challenge – We’re Here For The After Party

Between going on a mini vacation to an amusement park and spending a night at a luxury hotel, and celebrating midsummers eve looking like a stupid fool when jumping around like a little frog and eating pickled herring, I am now ready to give you my boys for the last two weeks. I had planned on doing last weeks boys when I came home from my vacation but I have kind of been living in a blurry haze of constant anxiety so writing hasn’t really been on my mind as much as surviving the day. But, I found a way to cope; playing Utano Prince-sama Shining Live. I am grinding for that UR Ai card and those prisms baby. (As if any (most) of you have any clue what I am talking about but still, it is good medicine because it occupies my mind.) But, back to business and what’s important today; boys, boys, boys…

The line up for the challenge changed somewhat when Mel and Arthi decided to add some dudes to the list so this is the new list for all of you who actually remember the old list (I don’t, I always have to go back to the first post of Arthi’s and look every week to make sure I am doing the right dudes but hey, that’s a secret so don’t tell, okey.)

  • Day – 01 First Anime Crush
  • Day – 02 Supporting Male Crush
  • Day – 03 Favorite Sport Anime Crush
  • Day – 04 Favorite Fantasy Anime Crush
  • Day – 05 Favorite Supernatural Anime Crush
  • Day – 06 Favorite Thriller/Psychological Anime Crush
  • Day – 07 Favorite Comedy Anime Crush
  • Day – 08 Favorite YAOI Anime Crush
  • Day – 09 Favorite Male Wearing Glasses
  • Day – 10 Favorite Male Villain
  • Day – 11 Anime Male with Blond Hair
  • Day – 12 Anime Male with Black Hair
  • Day – 13 Anime Male with Brown Hair
  • Day – 14 Anime Male with Blue Hair
  • Day – 15 Anime Male with Red Hair
  • Day – 16 Anime Male with Purple Hair
  • Day – 17 Anime Male with Green Hair
  • Day – 18 Anime Male with Pink Hair
  • Day – 19 Anime Male with White Hair
  • Day – 20 Anime Male with Grey/Silver Hair
  • Day – 21 Anime Male with Orange Hair
  • Day – 22 Anime Male with Two tone Hair
  • Day – 23 Favorite Anime Swordsman
  • Day – 24 Favorite Gun-Wielding Anime Male
  • Day – 25 Fighter
  • Day – 26 Hero
  • Day – 27 Main Character
  • Day – 28 Nostalgic (90 and older)
  • Day – 29 Magical Girl
  • Day – 30 Shoujo
  • Day – 31 Romance
  • Day – 32 Favorite BL Pairing (canon or not)
  • Day – 33 Manga Only
  • Day – 34 Video Game
  • Day – 35 Ultimate Anime Crush

So, there’s that. Now that we have gotten that out of the way and I don’t have to sneak into Arthi’s place every week to double check what to write about I’m presenting my choices, in no particular order. I might mostly give you pictures and not so much descriptions this week because, they are plenty and looks are nice and words can become boring, and in the end, I chose them all because not only do they look good but they all have traits I find alluring. Somehow a person gets a hell of a lot hotter when they have something more than just good looks. Anyways, enough ramblings, onto baby orange… ehm, sword wielding baby orange that is. I’ve got more than one this time.

He’s on fire and he loves his sword. Or his sword loves him? I still am in the process of watching Bleach but I can confess that I loved Ichigo from the very first minute of that anime. He is totally my bae. He’s pretty, (sexy, hot, all those positive words for when you want to roll around in the sheets. You know what I’m talking about here.) he’s funny and he reminds me a little of my daddy Oga but without the baby. And y’all know what that means; he’s a keeper. And that sword of his, that is way too cool to ignore.

Then there is another baby orange. The anta/protagonist in Beelzebub. Well, one of them at least. Don’t ask about that anta/prota thing, it’s unclear who’s who and why and when and where but they all fight each other and with each other at some point during that anime. My baby though is one of those silent guys who comes in, knocks out whoever needs being knocked out and then he leaves quietly because he has an extra job to go to. He works more than he goes to school. He is by far the strongest of the lot and kicks Oga’s ass easily unless Baby Beel isn’t close by.

Who you talking about!?? HidetoraTōjō obviously. Who else has orange hair and is super strong. And hot damn that boy is hot.


No, it’s not a sports anime but he could fit in one too. 

While we are talking about hair let’s move on to the dual hair character. It shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise that I have chosen this character seeing who I have on my featured image. Of course I had to chose my darling doctor.

Black Jack, or as he actually is called Hazama Kuroo, is an outstanding doctor in training (and later rouge doctor but this is about the young version of him). I have dedicated a whole post about him here so I am not gonna write anything else but only show you some nice pictures that I didn’t show you over there.

Last, but not least, let’s talk a little bit about the gun crazy americans, shall we. Because this is one of those. Dude’s the manager of Bad Luck, the fictive J pop band in Gravitation and an American at heart. And as we all know, Americans pull their guns every other second in every possible situation. At least this man does. That and throws bombs and hand grenades.

Claude K. Winchester, or K as he is more commonly known as, is a crazy ass dude who thinks only of Bad Luck and wants nothing more than for them to succeed. He is also loving his gun and shoots at the band whenever they slack off or just when he thinks it’s necessary. There are sometimes, as I mentioned, bombs thrown from the sky as well. And this is in a shounen ai about a boy band and a protagonist who falls in love with a douche bag author who tells him that he sucks at writing lyrics. Among other things.

These were my picks for the last two weeks. I am gonna try to keep up with the pace but right now I am not in a very good place mentally so I write when my brain cooperates and it is very randomly at the moment.

Go check out Mel’s choices here and here, Arthi’s here and here, and finally Aria’s here and here. They are, as usual, all awesome picks.

Let’s end this post with a vitamin pill; one song that makes my mind a little lighter and my heart a little warmer. It’s the op to Young Black Jack but the real music video with UMI☆KUUN. I love it and it makes me so happy.

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