The Disappointment Is Strong With This One – Magical Girl Site Ep 12 (And An Over All Impression)

I don’t know what to say really. Maybe I shouldn’t say anything, just let it be. If it was an ordinary episode I might just skip it but it is the damn season finally so I can’t exactly do that.

Anticlimax might be a good word for it. Rush hour in da house another. For fucks sake why didn’t you let us know more about the tempest a little more through out the series. Stuff like that. Now we get it all throw at us within five minutes. Literally five minutes. How the king is a queen (yeah, I don’t know but it’s a girl in an electrifying bubble who craves misfortune and miserable thoughts. They call her the king.) and how she will cause the tempest if she can’t get what she craves.

So here’s the deal; as I already suspected, Yatsumura did turn into an admin and her job became to kill Asagiri. However last minute Asagiri managed to turn Yatsumura around and with Asagiri’s love gun they zappade the creepy admin away to the railroad crossing where Asagiri was contemplating killing herself in the first episode and bam! admin is gone. Somehow after that Yatsumura and Asagiri has decided to take on all the unfortunate girl’s misery to stop the king from feeding from them.

Asagiri bro then? Well, he’s chained in the detective’s basement and yes, wishes do come through. Not that they showed it but they showed enough and boy, that scream. I would say that preparation is a&o and something they should work on. Unless you see it the way the detective sees it and claims that he does it as punishment for Asagiri bro killing ms popstar. That’s just an excuse though, he admits it himself; he thinks bro is beautiful. God, please give these two a spin off!

What can I say about the story as a whole then? Well, it started of with a bloody, violent bang that slowed down into a cat fight. A very tame cat fight to be honest. I did expect more of it but it was okey to watch. I’m glad bro turned evil in the middle because he was the only thing that kept me going after some really boring episodes. Asagiri was a whiny little girl all the way to the end but her relationship with Yatsumura somehow saved it. They completed each other. Also, Yatsumura is kick ass. I love her so much. She’s pretty and has an evil mind. The way she carried out vengeance on the perpetrator who killed her family was just splendid. As for the other girls; meh, I can’t really say I felt anything particular about them. Overall I felt like most characters were pretty bland. There could have been a little bit more character development. A few minutes of flashbacks are not enough to feel anything for a character.

So yeah, the ending was disappointing. It is made to lead up to a second season but I am not sure I want one. Is it really necessary? I feel like it is just as necessary as it is desirable that The King’s Game gets a second season. Maybe it’s just me, after all I loved The King’s Game. Still don’t need a second season but sure, if there is more bro in the basement I am all for it. Unfortunately I suspect they will not focus so much on that part as much as all the rest and nah, I don’t need that. I think I will read the manga instead.

This! I need.

Pictures are screenshots from episode 12.


4 thoughts on “The Disappointment Is Strong With This One – Magical Girl Site Ep 12 (And An Over All Impression)

  1. It’s a shame this ended up disappointing you. I was curious as to whether it would go anywhere and while it seems like there were some interesting developments, the execution doesn’t seem great. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

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    1. It was so rushed. Like, they suddenly realised that it was the last episode or something like that. It would have been well off with a couple or so more episode actually. I suspect that the manga contains a lot more that they couldn’t fit into the anime. It left me a bit empty. I am gonna read the manga, that is for sure. I do like the story and I want more of Kaname’s story (not only the sodomizing part at the end) too.

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    1. It was an unfulfilling ending. They probably covered the important parts but it felt rushed and at least I felt that there still are question marks and holes you want to get filled. I think it would have been better off with a few more episodes actually. Now it just feels meh. As for King’s Game, yeah, I don’t need another season of that either, even though I liked it a lot.

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