No Bro, But Hot Damn – Magical Girl Site Ep. 10 & 11

I’m behind on this little masterpiece what with depressions and anxiety, and going on a mini vacation but now I have caught up again. So, what can I say about these crazy ass bitches and their sticks.

There will always be SPOILERS

To be totally honest, there was only one highlight in episode 10; Asagiri bro strapped up on a cross in the basement of that creepy detective’s. I wonder what he will do to him. Keep him as a sex slave seeing as he is butt naked and chained. It would be so awesome if those two got their own spin-off. *fujoshi mode on full speed* Someone make a doujinshi please. I will be very disappointed if it has no meaning in all this what happens to him.

Anyway, Asagiri’s parents are looking for him and naturally mr Detective is the one on the case. He is also on the case of the dead magical girls and the case of the blown up school (was it a school? I can’t remember. Some sort of big building anyway where people don’t live.) One can be fooled to think that he is the only detective in the whole city. Very likely. Anyway, no one will ever find Asagiri bro as long as that dude’s on the case. One thing I haven’t mentioned before; the detective is in lieu with the admins. I’m not completely sure what his role is but in episode 10 they believe the girls are dead and his job is to retrieve all the sticks from them. He also had the job of disposing Asagiri bro and that he did, in his own way. Not the way the admin imagine I believe.

What else happened in that episode? Well, mostly the mourning and funeral of little miss popstar. She died and Asagiri blamed herself of course. She is one of those girls who takes everything upon herself. Tell her the earth is falling down from the sky and she is gonna tell you it’s her fault. Well, she had some time to contemplating and cry and be all moody about it before she finally attended the funeral and placed a flower in the casket. Very symbolic shit. It sparked the fighter in the little girl at least leading up to episode 11.

The girls are even more motivated to take down an admin know and set up traps for them. It doesn’t seem to matter who they get and we encounter three different ones, including the original creepy one. Well, they are all creepy really. They even manage to kill one and find out the secret; the admins once were real girls like them. That kind of shock them a bit but they are still adamant to kill and so Yatsumura does her best. All the way into death while protecting Asagiri.

I cried. I didn’t think I would cry but I did. Well, it was inevitable really, I like Yatsumura a lot. She’s a cool girl who thinks about the others and takes care of Asagiri. But, the amount of crying was ridiculous. I was sobbing in the couch. It was so sad.

And then there was the ending…

I didn’t see that coming. Even though it might have seemed like a logic turn of event because it is TV logic to have a twist like this. Still, does this mean the girls will have to face Yatsumura in a final battle? And will Yatsumura remember who she was before and switch sides? And how many episodes are there?? I don’t want this to end on a cliffhanger for a second season, I need some closure for Asagiri bro. At least let me see him get some d**k up his a**. Sorry, so sorry about that last sentence.

All pictures are screenshots from episodes 10 and 11 and does not belong to me but to the creator of Magical Girl Site.

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