I Want To Write – But, I Got Nothing To Say

That feeling, the feeling of wanting to but not being able to is frustrating. I’ve been frustrated this last week. Extremely frustrated even. I want to write, so bad, but I have no idea about what. I have subjects pop up in my mind that disappear almost as fast as they snuck into my brain cells. I have subjects I have been thinking about but for one reason or another I feel isn’t suitable to write about right now. Maybe later, another time, but not now. Then there is the fact that if I even try all I manage to create are words on a paper and nothing else. It’s not interesting, it’s not fun, it’s just words in a row speaking to no one, not even me, and I hate them. Some of them with passion, others I just have a lukewarm attitude towards. Mostly I just feel indifferent to what I have written so I just erase and close the lid to my computer and move on to other stuff. I have read a lot of manga this last week. More than usual. I blame it on the lame words I put on paper and then erase. Well, blame is harsh, I love to read. So, thank is a better word perhaps.

I can’t keep filling my days with thoughts about how I want to write but how I have no idea about what and try to force myself to come up with some interesting subject. Or even try to write a review about some show I’ve seen. I’m at a stage where I watch an anime and think “what can I really write about this?” and then I realise that I have no idea. Others do it better, analyzing it, and I don’t have enough positive energy to find those little things to make it the way I usually do. So, I just watch and think of nothing really. I read a manga and think that it would be fun to review a manga sometime but, I have no idea how to do it without spoiling the plot completely. I just can’t think further than outside the living room right now. No, than the sofa I have parked myself in. Or the bed I sometimes lay and write in. It’s frustrating.

This upcoming week will be hectic; a school trip, a birthday and a birthday party, school break begins on Wednesday, a trip to an amusement park with a night at a hotel. Maybe this is a perfect week for a break from this blog? I don’t want to really but I realize that i probably have to. This last week have been tiring. I have just felt exhausted when I have thought about the blog and I don’t want that to be the feeling when I think about it. I don’t want to feel the need to achieve constantly here on the blog. I want this to be a place of joy and happy thoughts and I haven’t felt that lately. It feels more like work.

I’m not going away for good, I just need a summer break, just like the kids. Just for a little while. Find the inspiration again. Find my words. I will try to do the Hot Boys Challenge though because I made a commitment when I chose to join that challenge but other than that I don’t know what will come out of here, if anything. Maybe if I get the brightest, bestest idea I need to share with you all.

This last week I have managed to reduce my #tbr name tag a whole lot. That’s a pleasant feeling I think, to be able to get them off my list. I would have loved to write a review of them but yeah, how do I do that? Anyway, here’s the revised list:

Too Long
Nibiiro no Hana
Yokai Rental Shop vol. 2

Yasashiku Oshiete

Awkward Silence vol. 5-6
Interval Zero
Maria Boy
Age Called Blue
Love Full of Scars

Only three to go. I have a feeling this list will be finished shortly, then I can go on with my anime. I’m afraid not much has happened there. I have decided to do at least one a week so we’ll see how that goes.

Tokyo Godfather
Natsu e no Tobira
Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e

Uchoten Kazoku
Gugure! Kokkuri-san
Level E
Young Black Jack

Mob Psycho 100
A Silent Voice
Listen To Me Girls, I Am Your Father

That’s it. I have nothing else to say really. I will be back eventually. You’ll find me on Twitter because I can probably not stay away from there but I am not sure I will read on WordPress. That alone will just cause me to try to come up with something to write and I am back in that toxic mindset that I have to produce a post. So, I better stay away.

I love you all. You are the best. The support I got after my somewhat controversial post about shota was overwhelming. Thank you! ❤

16 thoughts on “I Want To Write – But, I Got Nothing To Say

  1. I know this feeling for blogging and drawing… It sucks but you wrote this post!! That counts! I agree that it’s a toxic mindset when you think you have to post. We’ll be right here when you are back. ❤ Good luck to you, Lina!

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    1. Thank you. ❤ I'll miss all of you too. I don't plan on being away for too long. I think a short break and not visit this place at all will get my spirit back again.I hope so at least. Right now I feel like I get stressed by all the updates people manage to do and here I am, not doing anything.

      Yeah, me too. It was so much fun being a kid on a summer break. Leaving the house after breakfast and come home when the sun set.

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    1. I hope so too. I have high hopes of being back soon. I think I just need something else to think about for a little while, I am stuck in some endless loop of bad thoughts of wanting but not being able to that isn’t really true.

      Yeah, how come?

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      1. I see. I hope things go well. Things have been really busy in my life, and I have to deal with some of my emotions about different subjects.

        I just thought it was cool that you actually know about that movie let alone the fact you mentioned something from Satoshi Kon. That’s all.

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      2. I think they will. I already, just by writing this post, feel differently from before. I realize that it is okay to not feel pressure to deliver and I can do it on my own terms. So maybe I won’t take a longer pause anyway. I already broke it for my challenge and a tag so there’s that.

        Oh yeah, I know about Satoshi Kon. Is it unusual that people do? I actually wrote a post about Tokyo Godfathers a few days ago. Such a good movie. I bought it a while back and it had been sitting on a shelf for really no reason at all. It was about time to see it.

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      3. That’s great how you feel a bit better. I agree about blogging on one’s terms. This hiatus from reviewing and from some of my other blogs gave me some relief.

        It is slightly unusual because I don’t see that many anime fans talking about him as much as other directors. His works aren’t obscure, but they aren’t trendy. Tokyo Godfathers is a good movie and I’m glad you finally got to see it after all this time.

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  2. I get it. I was off for about a week. I couldn’t think of anything to write before my usual Friday venture. I thought I would blog more in the summer and I found myself ignoring it more lol.

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    1. I think that only me writing this post made me realize how free I actually am. I have already broken my pause to do my hot boys challenge, as you have noticed, and then Matt gave me the harem tag and I couldn’t say no to that and it was actually really fun so I might not take a long break after all. I do realize with this post that it is okey for me to not deliver all the time. It is okey for the posts to take time. I have always felt like I should produce at least a few each week and that might be why I felt a bit like a failure. I don’t feel like that after writing this. It’s peculiar…

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  3. So…of course after reading that comment on my return post I immediately popped over to your blog in order to find this post. Yeah…that can really be frustrating. But you know what? It happens to even the best bloggers. There are times when you struggle to even write the simplest of posts. And then there are days when you just can’t stop writing. So…I would not worry to much. A blog is fun, but we all need a break at times. Especially when you have a lot on your mind and lack the energy. I know I speak for quite a few people when I say that we will miss you: but you are never really gone as we have all your past posts to remember how truly good a writer you are. And I am pretty sure that you will be back in the future. How ever long it takes: I look forward to that moment 😊

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    1. I’ll continue here…

      I realized when writing this post and reading all the compassionate comments that it is okay to take breaks. And that alone has made me get some more energy and made me find inspiration. I might not update just as frequently for a while but I won’t take a long break either. I mean, I broke the break almost immediately with my hot boys and my harem. So yeah, breaks are for breaking, right? And also, no one ever said breaks had to be long. 😎

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      1. There are so many different breaks.I mean..I could start breaking legs…or erm bread…or erm…well, you get the idea right? 😜😜 Seriously though, it really is very okay for someone to take a break. My hiatus, though very long, was a necessary one. I don’t plan on doing that anytime soon again, but if I had not done that, I probably would have gone nuts (yes I know that I am nuts already…sigh 😂😂😂). But I am glad to hear that you have found some renewed energy. That is very good, one can never have enough energye (at least that’s what they say right?). But no really, I am glad. And it’s very nice to talk here again on wordpress…it’s (almost) as if I have never left 😊

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  4. Aww. Lina I read your post and made me sad. Every blogger will feel you who reads this as I’ve been stuck in that phase, I want to write about so and so. But I want to enjoy my shit and think of nothing lol. I’m no analysis expert when it comes to blogging, I’m winging it most of the time. I no longer worry of how my post doesn’t sound “sound”. That long as it sounds like me that’s all that matters. I enjoy your content Lina and your writing style it’s funny and fun. That’s how I see you as a blogger. When you feel the urge to write just do it about something you want to express about. In that moment, sometimes is the best way to let loose and focus.

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    1. Thank you. Yeah, most of us have probably had this feeling at some point. I got a challenge from Matt yesterday and that made me a little bit more enthusiastic so I have actually managed to write something. So maybe it can be a little bit easier now that I have decided to take a break. Ironically enough. But I am not gonna force myself but do it when I feel like I actually can do it my way. So, thank you so much for your kind words.

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