Hot Boys Challenge – White and Grey

(This will be a very short entrance with mostly pictures because I am really on a break but I vowed to do this so I have to. Also, I can’t abandon my boys.)

Can I chose Gandalf? That would save some time. No? Oh, he’s not an anime character. Yes, yes, moving on. Well, I like Gandalf though and much of it is in the hair, I must admit that. I love both white and grey hair. It has a certain heir to it.

Grey wasn’t really an issue, there is only one beautiful man. He is silly but on the ice he knows how to move; Victor Nikiforov.



I love him, you love him, we all love him. Need I say more? If you don’t know who he is you better watch Yuri!!! on Ice, or just google him.




That’s Victor in all his hotness and cuteness and russianness.

Now for my white haired boy. This is really a no brainer. I’m gonna continue with my boys from Dramatical Murder. Clear, sweet beautiful Clear. He’s not really human but who cares when he is as hot as the sun at it’s core.


Clear likes to sing about jellyfishes. That alone is adorable. He wears a mask because he believes he is ugly. Sweetie, you are so wrong.


He’s cruel in the bad end of the visual novel, cutting Aoba’s arms and legs and whatnot off but even then, he’s adorable. What can I say, I love him.




This is it peeps. Scramble over to AriaMel and Arthis places and check out their choices for this week. Next week I will be a little late with my post (unless I actually manage to schedule it but I am not that good with planing stuff ahead of time) because I have an amusement park to go to and a luxury hotel to live in next Friday. So yeah, there’s that. Bye bye for now!




9 thoughts on “Hot Boys Challenge – White and Grey

  1. Uuuuh “amusement park to go to and a luxury hotel to live in next Friday” that seems exiting!!!!

    I always thought about Victor as white-haired, but now that I take a closer look you are right, it’s grey not white ahah

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    1. It’s actually a birthday present. My youngest turns 10 and she has talked about this hotel for ages. It is situated just across the street from this amusement park and it has a pool hanging on the outside of the facade and is super high (thus she has noticed it) so we thought that why not. You only turn ten once and we were going to the park anyway sometime this summer. (she loves the park so we usually visit it every summer. It’s like 2,5 hours from home so it’s not far)

      Well, yeah, his hair is very light grey so I can see how it can be mistaken for white.

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      1. Ooooh that’s so sweet! 🙂 It is really funny to me you guys distances impression compared to mine ahah Here in Portugal, a 2,5 hours from Lisbon is to get almost to the northest point of Portugal, or the Southest! So basically for us, 2,5 hours trips is really long ahah

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    1. Me too. When I was browsing for pics of him I got all these pleasant flash backs. It doesn’t really help that I have been listening to King JJ’s theme on repeat these last couple or weeks or so. 😎

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