Oh, Baby I Love Your Way – Magical Girl Site

Asagiri bro! Man, he delivered with all his evilness in this episode. He orders the girls around, he abuses his darling sister, he manipulates and he laughs that crazy evil laughter only fit for a complete lunatic.

I can’t say too much about this episode really. We get Nijimi’s backstory and it doesn’t feel like it’s something out of the ordinary really. Dad hung himself because of debts and I suppose it’s yakuza or something wants her mom to work the debt off. She’s got severe anger issues and that is pointed out in her flashback for some reason. It’s not as if we don’t already know it.

Anyway, Asagiri bro manipulates Nijimi of course. At first he just wants to kill her but stuff happens and he decides to use her instead to help  find the other girls and gather their sticks. Things go south of course and then he’s gone. How and why we don’t know. I hope we get to see it because I have been spoiled and man, I want to see it. If they don’t show it suppose I have to read the manga after all.

This is short and in no way a review. More like a love letter to my bae; Asagiri bro. I seriously adore that psychopath. I should probably not root for him but I do. I know he won’t win but I can hope, can’t I. I care more about him than I do about all of the girls combined.

Well, that’s it. My bae.

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