Hot Boys Challenge: Green And Pink Are Pretty Together

Yet another Friday has come and we have two new boys to drool over. Pink was a no brainer this week. I have had this beautiful boy on my screen on my iPhone since I bought it over a year and a half ago. But green, green isn’t a color I usual pay attention to. I mean, I can’t really chose baby Beel in a challenge about hot boys. He’s a tiny baby. So, I had to wrack my brain a bit before I came up with a candidate for that one.

Let’s start with my green man. It was kind of obvious when he finally popped up in my mind; Nomura L. Sweet, cute, hot, green haired L in Marginal#4. Marginal#4 is my number one idol anime of all time. I shouldn’t have had to think so hard to come up with this cutie. I blame the hot weather.

Nomura L is a nice, perverted 17 year old. He is the younger brother in a set of twins. In opposite of his brother he is pretty laidback and carefree. However, L and R (his brother) are extremely close, so close the other two idols in their group often question their relationship. They explain it with being twins and it’s therefore natural but yeah, I wonder. We all wonder. L is also very protective of R and doesn’t want to see him in trouble but at the same time he loves to tease his older brother a lot. R is not as outgoing as L and is only doing this whole idol thing because L wanted it in the first place. Oh, them twins. Is it brotherly love perhaps?

Other than that he is a very friendly guy who has a lot of fans.

L also has a nice little hobby. Or, hobby you call it, others would call it an obsession. He loves marimos. He has two shelves in his room and there are also shelves in the club room in school filled with marimos.

Finally, he is voiced by KENN. I love KENN. He is just awesome.

Moving on to my pink beauty. A shy boy who hides behind his fringe. Really, you sometimes wonder how he manages to see the ball he is supposed to hit with his wooden bat. Who is  he then?

Kominata Harucihi obviously! Everybody knows that Haruichi is the cutest pinky ever to have walked the baseball field in any anime ever. He is a first year in Seido High School and plays second base. This is when you shouldn’t ask me what that means because baseball isn’t my strongest sport. Like, what sport is really. Never mind that, I like Diamond no Ace even though it took me a whole season to get most of the rules and I have Haruichi to thank for that.

Haruichi is a talented baseball player who is, as I wrote, shy and gets easily embarrassed when complimented. He can be a bit blunt though when he says things. He often praises his two team mates Sawamura and Furuya, who started in the team at the same time as he.

Well, just look at him and enjoy the cuteness that is Kominata Haruichi. That’s enough I think. He is cute. You just want to put him in your pocket and take him out whenever you feel down and cuddle with him. I don’t have much more to say about him really, he doesn’t make too much noise in the anime. He is one of those characters that is around, being cute, doing his job and shines when he is supposed to shine. That’s Haruichi.

And we have some hot fan art of course. Source

And, of course you want to know what picture I have as a background on my phone, right?

So precious. Source

That’s it for this first day of summer (yes, we start summer on the first of June here in my little land in the north). Check out AriaArthis and Mel’s choices if you haven’t seen them yet and then I’ll hopefully see you next week.

3 thoughts on “Hot Boys Challenge: Green And Pink Are Pretty Together

    1. Oh yes, they are. The dynamic between them is very interesting to watch. Haruichi might not be the hottest boy on earth but there is something about him that intrigues me.


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