Neat, I Am So Neat.

Shaddowcat99 gave me back the award I gave her a while back so I am gonna answer the questions as she wished. You should go check Shaddow’s blog Exploring the world of anime and manga out if you have never been there. It is a very pleasant blog with a lot of fun reading. Especially the Chuckle and Chortle collection is awesome.

There are rules involved in this award so let’s start with those.

  1. Display the award logo.
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog
  3. Answer their questions
  4. Nominated 5 to 10 bloggers
  5. Ask 7 questions

So, the questions then….


Syo! Say what? What the hell’s a Syo. This is a Syo.


Scary! So damn scary with their emotionless faces and dead eyes. Clown dolls are the worst. They not only have no expression, they put make up on top of that expressionless face (I don’t like real clowns for the same reason, you can’t see the emotions of a clown) I used to collect clown dolls when I was a teenager. I like horror movies so I found it fitting to fill my room with clown dolls surrounding my bed.

I have two of these and according to the site I found the pic on it sold for €90. Maybe I should sell them.


Thirty Seconds To Mars. Far fetched? Hehe, I love 30STM, they are my favorite band ever, among a few others. Jared Leto is probably the most beautiful man on earth and his voice is so special.


City doves are the rats of the birds. They are just everywhere, making a mess and pooping on everything. Jackdaws are a pain in the ass during the fall and winter. I live in the city and they move into the city when it gets cold and they flood the trees and roofs and they caw all night long. It is so loud you can’t sleep and it is extremely annoying. The only good part about it is when the city hunter comes and sneaks around in the park outside our house. He hides behind the trees and shots them. Then they disappear for a day or two. The kids thinks that’s really exciting and if I’m gonna be completely honest, so do it. Also, he is kind of hot with his rifle.


I’m afraid of them. I don’t like to have anyone poking around in my mouth and also, that metallic instrument that is hella sharp in the end that they scrape with at the edge between the tooth and the gums, it makes my teeth feel very unpleasant. (I can’t come up with a better word but I shiver through my whole body when they are poking at that place.) There is only three things I want in my mouth, two of them being food and water, the third one being rated R.


I have never eaten burritos. I think it sounds like it is really good and I like the word burritos and a lot of people talk about how burritos is good so I wish that I could taste one some day. I don’t live in a country where burritos is a thing. At least not in my tiny town but I can’t say that I have seen any restaurants in the bigger cities having burritos for sale either. Is it hard to make? 🤔 Now I’m hungry.

This Video?

Oh. My. God. Heman, dear sweet Heman. This is hilarious. Gonna show this to my hubby when he comes home because he played with Heman when he was a little boy. I think he’ll appreciate.

I hope my answers are satisfying. 😎


9 thoughts on “Neat, I Am So Neat.

    1. Sounds easy enough. Not much to wash afterwards either, that we like. Hm, maybe I should give it a try. Kids would probably like it, they can make their own with whatever they like.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Clown dolls and clowns creep me out, too. 🙂
    I’ve gotten a lot of little clown dolls (like the one in the photograph), as gifts over the years and to be honest, their faces freak me out, too. They look like they’re plotting something sinister. 😮

    Liked by 1 person

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