Finally! – Magical Girl Site

I took a break from Magical Girl Site. I got bored with it and my life sort of happened so that was one of the shows I dropped. But yesterday I realised that maybe I should try one last time. Maybe something had changed. Something excited. So I turned on my TV (as if that is never on like everyday) and scrolled through Amazon Prime’s huge range of anime until I found it. I had only missed three episode it turned out in the end. It felt like more to be honest. Ah well, I watched episode 6 and the disappointment I felt after watching episode 5 came back like a spring storm in November (they are pretty much the same in this country). But yeah, can’t stop there now when I can binge a few, can I, so I had to watch the rest of the episode and then, from nowhere, he came, my baby….

SPOILERS as usual


I love Asagiri bro. Love him. My whole heart beats like crazy for him. He is a sadistic bastard who wants nothing but to beat the shit out of his sister to cope with his own shitty life. Now that she suddenly has gotten herself some girlfriends he can’t because they are suddenly living with her. But, it doesn’t matter all of a sudden. Way back when I wrote about this on a sort of weekly basis I told you about this girl, the pop star girl with the pantie stick. She met with Asagiri bro and she fell madly in love with him. Man, that guy has some powers of his own apparently. Girls swoon over him like flies on a cow pat. Not sure why because the guy isn’t all that special.

magical girl site kaname asagiri

Well, little miss pop star reveals everything about the magical girl site and her panties and how Asagiri and Yatsumura has taken them from her because she wants to kill the girl who killed her best friend.

magical girl site asagiri nijimi kaname

Better back up a little bit here. Another Magical Girl Site has appeared and approached our girls. There are more sites than just one, or two, or even god knows how many. Interesting. All with their own admins who have one (or two goals depending on how you look at it) and that is for the Tempest to come and wipe out all of humanity and start a new world, and to kill off all the magical girls who are now doing the job of gathering negative energy for their king or something. They are already killing off the girls who have figured out too much about the tempest and our girls belong to that group. So, they have a plan to kidnap one of the admins and, I am not sure what they think will happen if they do. It sounds easy but yeah, hell will probably break loose.

magical girl site asagiri admin
Other admins from other sites

Back to my man, Asagiri bro. He knows about idol girl and her stick. He knows Yatsumura has hidden them. Asagiri and the girls suddenly decides to go to the beach. So very convenient for Asagiri bro. I have no idea why Yatsumura would bring the pantie stick or how Asagiri bro even know about it but he ends up finding them in a locked locker and he steals them. Idol girl has a stalker who is crazy jealous of Asagiri bro and he tries to kill him but Asagiri bro has put on the panties (and I just cried with joy when he pulled down his pants and showed the stalker his huge bulge in the tiny panties. Oh god, you have listened to my prayers for once) and commands the poor boy to walk out in the ocean and stick a knife in his chest. The speech Asagiri bro holds is just magnificent. It’s evil times a hundred. I am totally in love with him.

magical girl site asagiri kaname panties

Yup, I am back baby!

Bonus: Just because I can’t stress just how happy got about this. Unreasonably happy actually, Ill give you this bulge in a pair of girls pantie.

Magical girl site kaname asagiri bulge panties

If this Asagiri bro continues I’ll be sure to write about it. I also like the fact that Asagiri sis and Yatsumura is cosy in bed, holding hands and stuff. They are cute. But I will most likely write more about bro than sis…


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