My Name In TBR/TBW Tag – Update

This was a long time ago and people have probably forgotten but I am doing this update mostly for my own sake. Stuff has actually happened on the two lists I made back in whenever it was, March maybe? Anyway, I’m just gonna list the stuff I vowed to watch and read and see if I made some progress (I did, I swear).

TBR – I have read an awful lot lately but I can’t say that this list is highly prioritized. Sorry about that.

Too Long
Nibiiro no Hana
Yokai Rental Shop vol. 2

Yasashiku Oshiete

Awkward Silence vol. 5-6
Interval Zero
Maria Boy
Age Called Blue
Love Full of Scars

Oh, I have read some at least. Well, manga is easy peasy to read so I am just gonna get going with it. One day I might actually write a review or two about some of these. Not today though. Today I’m gonna read…

Ran to Haiiro no Sekai This manga has just gotten an English license and the first volume is to be released in November by Viz. I urge you all to buy it, it is just the most amazing manga ever. I have it in Swedish if anyone wonders.

TBW – Some has happened on this list too but not too much I guess. Anime takes a lot of time to watch, especially when you chose whole series to watch. Also, other stuff came in between, like seasonal such and my sudden desire to binge buy manga like a crazy person. Anyway, a little has come off the list at least.

Tokyo Godfather
Natsu e no Tobira
Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e

Uchoten Kazoku
Gugure! Kokkuri-san
Level E
Young Black Jack

Mob Psycho 100
A Silent Voice
Listen To Me Girls, I Am Your Father

Yeah, so far not so much apparently. Better get going with it then. One of these anime a week will be my goal. Unless it has like a million episodes, but I don’t think they do. 🤔

So yeah, this week I will read Sensitive Pornograph… wait, wait, wait, that one is not on your list. Yes, I know but I just won it in an auction for a ridiculous amount of money. I am so happy! But, to be serious and go back to these two lists; I will read Too Long and watch Tokyo Godfathers. This is a minimum at least.

Should I write some more maybe? Nah, I think I am done here. I don’t think there will be reviews or rambling posts about all of these manga or anime but maybe some. More likely I will write about the anime if I write about anything.

Anyway, I’m tired. There were greasers (in Swedish raggare which is a subculture to greasers. Google it, there is a wikipedia page for it in English) outside my bedroom window (okey, I live on the second floor so under might be more accurate) all night long yesterday so I have slept next to nothing. They are so loud with their american cars and rock music and loud, drunken singing. (I sound like a grumpy, old lady now) So yeah, I slept very little. And now I am just rambling and you have all stopped reading and started to do other stuff and I can’t really blame you. So, for now…

Off to play my new obsession UtaPri Shining Live

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