Hot Boys Challenge – These Boys Are On Fire (And Ice)

Ugh, I am running out of good tag lines for this challenge. My next one will be a boring one, just as a fair warning. Anyway, I had some trouble coming up with the purple haired boy, I must admit to that. Once I took a break in my latest addiction, UtaPri Shining Live (a cellphone game 😳 ) and started to think about this I realised that there are very few boys in the anime I watch that actually have strange hair colors. But, then I remembered one of my all time favorite anime like ever: Shiki.

Purple Boy is of course Natsuno Yuuki (or Koide actually since he has his mother’s surname. His parents aren’t married. I am not sure why they refer to him as Yuuki (who is his father’s surname), I can’t remember if it is said in the anime? Anyway, never mind, it has very little to do with his appearance.)

Natsuno is a young boy, 15 years old, who has been dragged out to the countryside with his mother and father. He would have preferred to have stayed in the city though since it is boring in that tiny little village where they end up. He is a city boy through and through.

At first glance one might think that he doesn’t care about anyone and he is a cold person. Well, he is rather cold to Megumi, his stalker (she is insanely in love with him and is for real stalking him), but he cares deeply about his friends. Other than that he is highly intelligent and studies a lot.

Well, the villages doesn’t stay quiet for too long and Natsuno gets stuff to do when a shady family of vampires move in and tries to remake the village into a village for vampires only. I’m not gonna tell the story but Natsuno is the bigger man in the story being the protagonist. It is a really gruesome story every vampire lover should watch. It is one of my, if not the, favorite horror stories out there. Watch it!

Over to mr. Red then. There were way too many options for this one. I actually went with one I find a tad annoying at times when i watch the anime; Yukihira Souma in Food Wars.

Yukihira is a feisty little guy who wants nothing more than to win every competition there is at the culinary school he attends. One has to admire his persistence to challenge those who are better than him over and over again. That’s what I like about him. He never gives up.

Other than that he actually have all the treats I dislike in a main character; he’s noisy, has too much faith in himself, never thinks that anyone can be better than him. I can make the list longer. But somehow it’s also endearing to watch him do his thing. I don’t know. He’s definitely not the best looking guy in Food Wars (oh no, there are so many hot guys I can’t even…) but he is charming.

Also, hot dad.

Go check out Mel, Arthifis and Aria’s choices for the week as well.

12 thoughts on “Hot Boys Challenge – These Boys Are On Fire (And Ice)

    1. It was hard and it seems like the others had the same struggles to find a purple candidate. I wrote about it on Twitter as well but yeah, I am surprised. I never though it would be this hard. I came up with more pink guys…

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