Manga Haul Pt.3 – The Real Books

Aren’t the digital manga also real books?! Have you fooled us you little vixen?? Nah, calm your ducklings, this is a post about all those physical copies I have bought the last month or so.

As with everything (almost) I buy with my eyes so, most of these I have googled for some visual preferences and not paid much attention to the actual plot. If the art is stunning chances are I buy, especially when we talk cheap manga, like all these are. Okey, I do look a little at the story as well. I am not a huge fan of the typical high school boy meets girl romance so I avoid those even if they look good. I have started to read more shoujo though since I realised that not all shoujo is about stuttering, blushing, lovesick girls and the schools hottest boy. So, that’s nice. Stop blabbering and come to the point. Yes, yes…

Glass Wings

Fragile souls and tragic fates collide in these haunting, gothic stories…

In this collection, a boy struggles with a dreaded affliction that comes between him and his true love; an orphan has the power to take on the sickness of others; a disfigured boy confronts the inner conflict between his need to survive and his desire to love.

In an uncompromising blend of magic and realism, Glass Wings reveals love’s capacity to overcome all obstacles and to replenish the human spirit in the direst of times.

I love tragedies. I love early 00s manga and that style. It seems just up my alley.

 IC in a Sunflower

A cyber-punkish collection of stories revolving around the theme of the “DOLL.”

Keep Those Condoms Away From Our Kids
The tale of boys and girls who have lost their sexual desire.
Mihara Mitsukazu’s debut work.

The Iron Maiden
The tale of the strain a girl experiences from having grown up in a home without love.

The Sunflower Quality Of An Integrated Circuit
Vanilla is a maidroid in the home of an elderly master and his younger wife. The atmosphere in the house is cold and stiff because the wife is having an affair with a younger man. The lonely master comes to look upon Vanilla as his own dear child. He suggests that when the sunflowers bloom, they go outside together to watch them. “Is that a command, sir?” asks Vanilla. “It is not a command,” he replies. “It is a promise.” And so forms the piercing and painful integrated circuit–the alternating current of intercourse–between a lonely old man and the emotionless Vanilla.

The Other Side of the Rose Wire
What was the thing a girl like an angel endlessly carried?

Fish Out of Water
A mermaid is brought out of her dream.

Mister Mineral
Inside the body of a cute girl who’s just like a doll… are internal organs, and blood, and…

The sad tale of a human and a clone who pass right by each other.

Cyber punk, dolls and condoms; what’s not to like. No but seriously, these short stories all sounds amazing. There is a 6 volume spin-off that would be amazing if I could find but being Tokyopop it is probably not gonna be too easy.

R.I.P Requiem in Phongbrian

Transylvania Rose is a bored angel who descends to Earth to clean a few souls. When she witnesses a depressed undertaker slitting his wrists, Rose rips off one of her wings and gives it to the undertaker, trapping them both somewhere between heaven and hell–and life and death!

Another tragedy. I can’t help it, I like this kind of manga. Maybe it is because I am mentally ill myself, but I like to read about mentally ill people.

Tokyo Babylon vol. 1-3

An introspective, character-driven series, Tokyo Babylon reads like a manga version of The X-Files. Its story — a modern-day fantasy — follows a young onmyouji (spiritual medium) on his quest to protect Tokyo from evil spirits.
Teenaged Subaru Sumeragi is the 13th head of the Sumeragi clan. Together with his twin sister Hokuto and the mysterious veterinarian Seishirou, Subaru travels around Tokyo, calming the ghosts that threaten the city.

Well, I like CLAMP. It’s shounen ai, evil spirits and, yup, tragedy. This series is a pain to find unless you want to spend dollars on used copies (I was lucky with these. The pros of buying manga from places that are specialized on western comic books and not manga, they have a lot of little gems they sell cheap. The con is they rarely have full series). You can find the last four volumes for somewhere between 80 and 100 euros on Amazon. In addition to that there will be an import fee for me since they all are in USA (the main reason I almost never buy on Amazon). Ugh, it’s hard on a poor, European soul.

There are two omnibuses, the first seems to be impossible to get a hold of too, but the second is available at the moment and could be an option instead of hunting down the last volumes used. I am curious how much the first one covers. I can’t find that info anywhere so if someone who read these knows, please enlighten me. I found only one place talking about that and that girl talked about how they had skipped things from the first volumes in the first omnibus and how it would cover the first five volumes and it doesn’t seem reasonable. Isn’t an omnibus work only to gather the volumes as is in one big volume? Anyway…


Game X Rush vol. 1-2

Fujieda Memori works his butt off every day as a ‘charming and competent’ bodyguard for his brother’s company. One day, a guy called Yuuki Shin appears, claiming to be interested in becoming a bodyguard. To test his ability, Memori has to work together with him. Memori was about to trust Yuuki, but then he discovers Yuuki’s real identity…!?

Bodyguards! Handsome, hot bodyguards. Also, someone in some review (yeah, I sometimes eye through those) mentions bromance/shounen aiish manga and hey, who am I to not entertain that thought.

Drifters vol. 1

Shimazu Toyohisa, a real-life samurai who fought in the pivotal Battle of Sekigahara. In his dying moments, Shimazu is transported to a world of magic with other famous warriors throughout history. These warriors are forced to fight each other in an endless battle.

Yeah, I don’t know. It was cheap. I am so not sure I will like it but the cover looked nice. It’s an ongoing series and it sounds like one of those series that can become just about how longs as, I don’t know, long. Anyway, some day I will read it and if I like it, it is easy to get my hands on the next volumes.

Nightmare Inspector Yumekui Kenbun vol 3-5

During the final years of the Taisho Era (circa 1926), the gloomy tea house Ginseikan had a very special patron. Hiruko is a Baku, a being who eats nightmares. Customers come to the tea house every night seeking release from the suffering in their nightmares, and for the price of the tasty nightmare, Hiruko will walk their twisted dreams with them.

I completely went against my own principles when I bought these three volumes. I never buy manga out of order like this. I always start from volume one. This is a first and it is because the volumes are not hard to find, even in my tiny, cold country, and the fact that these three together didn’t even cost 10 euros was a very good reason to buy them. I am gonna buy the others as well because I can’t have a series without a start, no matter what I think about it in the end. That’s how I am. My brain will explode if I don’t follow the right order of things. As for the manga, nightmares have always fascinated me and this sounds like an interesting idea.


ULTIMO vol.1

High above Farmless City, citizens are stunned by the sudden appearance of two floating figures. Are they human boys, monolithic robots, or something much more strange? As the battle ensues between them, destruction and devastation falls on the hapless city. One figure is Vice, and seems to be as evil as his name implies. The other is Ultimo, intent on trying to stop Vice from wreaking more havoc. But who are Vice and Ultimo really? Where did they come from? A new mystery begins with the fate of the world possibly hanging in the balance!

What can I say, it has Stan Lee’s name to it. It has good and evil trolls (?) who are robots that are boys. It looks awesome anyway. And there was a lot of color on the cover. I am easily pleased like that.

Some boys love did sneak in to my order as well…

Even So I Will Love You Tenderly

Onoda and Deguchi have been friends for three years. Since then, Deguchi has loved Onoda but for fear of being rejected had not said anything until Onoda confesses feeling attracted to Shima. If Onoda can love Shima, he can love him too, right?

Yada, yada, boys kissing, yada, yada, love happens, yada yada, the normal drama. You all know it by know, it is nothing special really. Just ordinary boys love for a lazy afternoon.

Boy Princess vol. 1-9

A pulse-quickening tale of swords, sorcery, far-away kingdoms, and the fairest princess in the land… with a twist.
When Prince Jed’s bride-to-be, Elena, elopes two days before their wedding, her desperate family dresses up their youngest son Nicole and sends him to get married in her place. With his beautiful blue eyes, flowing blond hair and strategically placed apples, nobody bats an eye at the pretty young ‘maiden’ standing before them. But how long can Nicole keep up this charade? Despite the odds against them, the two princes share many adventures and intimacies in this mesmerizing romantic drama.

I love this story. And when I say love I really mean love. I was completely absorbed in it when I read it the first time. I had given up all hope in finding it complete to buy but by coincidence I browsed the local online auction site here and someone sold the first six volumes at a bargain price. I’ve been looking for it like crazy, not even the publisher has it on their site any longer, and here it just falls into my lap. I start to search for the last three volumes and again, like someone dropped a ton of fluffy candy on me I found them at Archonia. So, now I am waiting for them to arrive. They have to back order them from the publisher and since the publisher is Netcomics I know they are shipping them from Korea which takes like 2 weeks. Ugh, I can’t wait. This is almost as exciting as when I found Let Dai.

That would be all for this time. I have promised to not buy anymore manga until I am going to Stockholm in July (I’m going to see Eminem. Yay!) when I can visit all those fun little comic shops without a fancy web shop. Those shops where you have to dig in a box full of manga. A shop where the owner doesn’t have a clue what he really have. (yeah, I am thinking about a specific one now). Anyway, I am gonna try to stay away from all the web shops and auction sites and read all I have bought so far….

Promises are made to be broken, right?


8 thoughts on “Manga Haul Pt.3 – The Real Books

  1. Like it says in the full Japanese title, Ultimo, Vice and co. are meant to be karakuri douji (mechanical tea-serving dolls), but with a shonen spin. However, even though I think the Ultimo manga is alright, I’ve been mostly burnt by the name “Stan Lee” when it comes to him teaming up with Japanese creators…*cough* The Reflection *cough*…


    1. I couldn’t keep my promise though… 😳🙄 I went and bought a super expensive manga at an auction site. Let’s just face it; I am addicted and there is no cure. 🤷‍♀️


  2. Tokyo Babylon is such a pain to find in general. I’ve been lucky I got to read the library copies before they were destroyed (I hate children). Same with you even in the US they are SO. DAMN. EXPENSIVE. Not paying +$50 for ONE volume. I’m hoping someone re-issues it so it’s easier to come by ;;-;;

    Let me know your thoughts on Glass Wings! I never got around to reading it, and it’s seriously hard to find.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would be so awesome if someone picked them up and reprinted them. I mean, now when you can hardly get the first omnibus book either. Well, I look and hope for the best.

      I’ll do a review once I have read Glass Wings. First impression is that it looks amazing. I love looking around these small shops we have here. They are comic book stores really and I am not sure why they have all this old manga really but they have everything old and hard to get. It’s as if they just stumbled upon an old stash somewhere, split it amongst themselves and sells them super cheap. GW cost only $5. Most of what I have bought lately of that old stuff cost between $2 and $5, including those Tokyo Babylon copies. 😎

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m going to hope and pray that someone does too. It’s too good of a series not be get picked up again!

        I’m looking forward to it!! And I am so jealous, there seems to be only a small secondhand market around me. All the volumes are so marked up and trading in anything gets chump change. One day maybe I’ll have more luck picking them up for cheap!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. There’s next to none second hand market here. These were all new and bought via the their internet shops. The thing with their shops is you have to know where to look to find it. It’s not as if they advertise they have manga. Or even a webshop to begin with. In this country our normal, big chain bookstores doesn’t even sell manga. So, no need to be jealous. 😎

        Liked by 1 person

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