Hot Boys Challenge – Brown And Blue Makes…

Oh sweet cookie, it is once again Friday. I have realised something. I often do that, realise things. This weeks realisation is; a lot of mediocre looking main characters have brown hair. Why is that? Isn’t brown a dashing color for hair? Maybe it is a bit boring. Blue is a whole lot more exotic, that’s for sure. I once had black/blue hair. I felt very exotic. Nuff about me though, we are here about them boys in blue and brown. The dashing and non mediocre ones.

My brownie for the week would be:

Dear sweet Jesus in a cookie jar, if you don’t find this man hot then I don’t know how your brain works. Well, you might not know who he is unless you like boys love though. Ryuichi Asami is the boss in the Finder series also known as You’re My Love Prize (In Viewfinder) or simply Viewfinder. A beloved child has many names, right?

Asami is a smart business man at day and a hot shot in the underworld at night. I don’t have to mention how much I love the Yakuza (I have before, you all know I love Nitta). Asami is the perfect Yakuza boss, loved by all; men and women alike. And seriously, look at him and don’t tell me you wouldn’t say yes to a night with the man. He’s got the looks, the power and the money.

Dude’s got one weakness; his lover Akihito Takaba. He does not tolerate anyone hurting or defiling his little lover boy in any way. Only he can tie the boy up and do cruel things to him. And he does.

Well, I can’t tell you to go check him out in the anime or the manga because unless you are a huge fan of yaoi I suspect you won’t like this one too much. Or at all actually. And if you are a fan you most likely already have heard of this one and if not, what are you waiting for. I absolutely adore both the anime and the manga (mostly the manga actually) and Asami will forever always be my favorite little brownie.

Now, off to the sky we fly to meet the boy with the blue hair.

Who am I if I don’t chose ma boy Aoba in Dramatical Murder? Of course it has to be Aoba. Blue comes in so many various shades, from almost black to almost white but I must say that if you are going to have such an unnatural hair color you should just go all out. And all out he goes, my darling Aoba.

Aoba is a sweetheart. Kind and caring, loved and protected by all. He lives with his grandma, taking care of her. His childhood is, to say the least, complicated. Without disclosing to much, he is not like other children. Or adults for that matter.

I don’t know what to say about Aoba really, except he is hot. He is very shipable with all the characters in the anime. They are all hot boys. The anime is based off a BL visual novel so of course it is like that. The anime is suitable for anyone really, not only BL fans. There is only just one little kiss in it and it’s not even that serious. Just, if you don’t like BL, don’t watch the OVA. That’s where all the BL got thrown in. That’s a huge fuck fest of bad endings.

Well, it was much BL today, sorry about that. Next week we’ll have red and purple on the menu. That’s gonna be an exiting week. Until then…

Go check out Mel, Arthifis and Aria’s choices as well before you move on, if you will, please.

10 thoughts on “Hot Boys Challenge – Brown And Blue Makes…

    1. I know right! He was the reason I watched Dramatical Murder in the first place. Then came Noiz… and there are a lot of more hot boys. I think you’ll like it. One guy has white hair… 😏

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    1. Even my husband thinks Asami is hot. He is definitely mancrush material. Asami, not my husband. Yeah, I got a bit nostalgic here to, thinking back on my black and blue period. Oh boy… It’s one of those; “I don’t regret it but I am never doing it again”- kind of periods in my life.

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