He’s A She; She’s A He

Today is the day I usually write about my hot boys. And I will do that. But first I have something else I would like to talk about. Something that my hot boys post actually is the reason for. One of my choices for that post was a person from the anime (manga/novel) No. 6. A person called Inukashi.

Inukashi is a really tough individual with a lot of skin on their nose who cares most about their dogs and doesn’t really trust people. They make a living out of lending out their dogs to homeless people for warmth in exchange for money and food, and other things. Life outside of the walls of the city that is No. 6 is hard. Anyway, Inukashi lives a decent life despite the despair.

I like Inukashi even though they are just a supporting character they are very present and play an important role in certain events in the anime. And with all my boys in the Hot Boys Challenge I do some research before I write my posts. So, I did the same with Inukashi. Maybe I shouldn’t have. Or maybe it was a good thing I did.

People are obsessed with gender. It’s nothing new obviously but I cannot fathom the importance people give to knowing what gender a character in an anime has. The internet is riddled with discussions about Inukashi’s gender. Everyone wants to know. Long threads on Reddit and Facebook and Twitter and you name it are filled with speculations and pure character break downs in a try to determine what gender Inukashi actually is.

The thing with Inukashi is that they never once mention if they are a girl or a boy. There is only one inclination in the novel about wether or not they might have breasts but it is very ambigous. Inukashi is a petit, slender person with long, dark hair who can easily be mistaken for a girl when you see them. Most people, according to the discussions, take them for a girl based on that. A lot of people take the fact that Inukashi is flat chested for evidence that they are a boy. Such a ridiculous evidence. I have a friend who is tall, have no curves and is as flat chested as a man and she is very much a girl. These people would most likely think she is a man.

The discussions go both high and low and are extremely heated at times. People are calling each other names. They are talking about how the voice actor is a woman and that is enough evidence that they are female. (and then someone mentioned how Naruto’s voice actor is a woman too and I couldn’t help but laugh) Then someone finally says: They are non-binary.

Well, we all know people’s thoughts about non-binary persons. A lot of people don’t accepts us and I guess it is what it is. But the comment from only that one person in all those discussions made me a little bit warmer on the inside. Perhaps they were non-binary too, I don’t know, but they pointed out the important part about the character that is Inukashi. The fact that they are not identifying as either a boy or a girl. Because in the end that’s what it is all about. Representation.

I have written about this subject before in They/Them – It’s Important

7 thoughts on “He’s A She; She’s A He

    1. They really are. Despite their age (it isn’t completely clear but it is indicated that they are younger than the main characters and they are 16) they are earning their own living and aren’t depending on anyone. No.6 is such an amazing anime/manga/novel. So down to earth and real. And Inukashi is probably one of the most real persons there.

      Yeah, people are strange. What does it matter. It’s like when you are pregnant or when you know someone who are. The first question you get is: Do you know what it is? When you say no, the next question is: Are you gonna find out? The third questions will be (unless they ask this first): What do you want it to be. We answered “A baby” on that questions because, what does it matter. Everything is so gender focused these days. Unless you are gonna have a relationship with said person I don’t think you need to know what gender that person has.

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  1. For a while back in the late ’70’s and early ’80’s gender ambiguity was really the artistic rage. Consider David Bowie or the New York Dolls, or Boy George, or the transexual Wayne/Jayne County, or the mannishness of Annie Lennox’s first appearances. Later on that got smoothed out some: the guys in Depeche Mode wore makeup (Bret Michaels still does), but they were clearly guys, and Joan Jett was macho by obviously female. Nowadays I think you only see this in cartoons, not just anime but characters like She from Powerpuff Girls, and I suspect its because an animated character doesn’t have to live with the consequences in the real world.

    But I could be wrong. It’s not something I’ve thought a lot about. I am reminded of the one character from Cowboy Bebop, the soldier feminized during his service who seduces Faye. It’s hundreds of years in the future, but Faye is clearly freaked out that she might be attracted to someone with breasts.

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    1. I think you are right. You rarely see artists like that anymore. Strangely enough since society as a whole has become more open to the idea of diversity. But then again, I think people maybe more thought back then saw it as the expression of an artist and not a persons identity like it is today.

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  2. I find boyish girls and girlish boys most interesting. When I was young, the feminine and masculine ideals were extremely rigid and the only things one could legitimately aspire to, although being a tomboy was ok as long as you remained heterosexual. God help boys with a strong touch of the feminine. The bullies were always looking for victims.

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