There Will Not Only Be Boys – Digital Manga Load pt 2

I did write in my last manga haul post that this post would only contain boys love digitals but, that’s not true. It is a case of me updating after buying new stuff. Also, I apparently managed to slip a little light novel in the basket while I was doing the shopping and I failed to mention that one in my last post. So that one will have a place in this post.

A fair warning: This is long but it is mostly pictures and descriptions of the manga so it should be fairly easy read if you are just curious about what manga I bought. And if you are more curious about the details just read the quoted text, that’s the description for the manga. If not, just skip it.

Let’s start with the light novel, shall we. First off; I am disappointed. Not so much in this particular one (or maybe it is this particular one? *scratching my head*) but the fact that I was fooled to believe that a “light novel is a book filled with shiny, glossy pictures and easy to read text with a light message” or some other bullshit like that. Yeah, I was curious what with all the talk about how anime based off light novels are soulless and shitty. So I googled and there was these alluring pictures and shiny colors and those nice explanations. Okey, so I’m like a kid in a candy store, I look at the paper on the candy and get extremely disappointed when I see that the fudge inside is just a brown lump.

Anyway, the novel I did buy, that I still am waiting for one picture to show up in even though I am now at page 80+ or something is called;

Obsessions of an Otome Gamer vol 1

Rejected by her first crush, Mashiro finds herself hooked on an unbeatable music-themed otome game. Her high school days are spent learning the wonders of music, obsessively trying to claim the romance ending with the handsome 2D character who stole her broken heart. On the way home from her college entrance exams she gets distracted by a billboard for the game’s remake and unexpectedly falls down a manhole and plunges to her death!

Mashiro finds herself reincarnated in a world bearing similarities to the otome game she was obsessed with. Only this time, she has no idea how to avoid the twists and turns of certain character routes, including the bad endings! Now, as a seven-year-old, she decides to walk the path of a pianist to embrace the musical world to its fullest, but no matter where she turns, she just can’t seem to escape triggering events and getting involved with troublesome yet handsome characters!

Does Mashiro have any choice in where her new life will take her? Or is she en route to a horrifying ending manipulated by the original game world? Find out in this exciting shoujo light novel series that follows Mashiro’s life from elementary through high school. And just like an otome game, it will give readers the chance to choose which hero she ends up with and how their story unfolds in volumes focused on their route!

I have a weakness for visual novels and otome games and I read the first chapter as a preview and it was amusing so I thought, why not. It is a pretty cosy book so far, from what I have read and I like the whole route idea the present. So yeah, I believe in this book. But I am extremely disappointed in the lack of pictures. I want to watch these yummy boys and cute girls. Don’t go and lure me in with tempting talk about pretty pictures and then give me nothing but cheese. Anyway, this might be my first and last light novel….


Now that we have dealt with the uncharacteristic part of my buy let’s move over to the real goods. No, I still haven’t gotten to the boys yet. At least not the boys who are doing the boys.

Mushishi vol 1 – 10

They exist in the most unexpected places—be it within your eyes and ears, under the floor and roof of your house, or in the trees and flowers in your garden. They are everywhere, and yet nowhere, at the same time. Are they alive or not? Perhaps it is more apt to say they are beings who transcend the concept of life and death itself…

They are mushi.

Some wreak havoc in the lives of humans; others bring them deliverance from suffering. Mushi are neither good, nor evil: for just like any other creature, they are merely striving to survive in this harsh, competitive world.

Ginko, a lone wanderer with a reclusive personality, offers help and guidance to those plagued by mushi. This is the tale of his travels and exploits in a wondrous world populated by these mysterious entities.

I would have loved to own this as a physical copy but I have searched high and low and come up with nothing really. I might find it on Amazon, second hand somewhere in America but I don’t really want to pay ridiculous amounts in delivery costs. So, it had to be digital.


And…. Here comes the boys!

You Don’t Even Know My Feelings 

I’m Kou Ninomiya, 19 years old, and I go to an arts university to study music. I’ve been working part time at a cafe in Shinjuku Sancho-me, and one thing troubles me; all our clients are gay. Shudo, the guy who works in the kitchen, is a “top” as well, but sometimes he shows is really cute… Hold on! I’m straight, so this has got nothing to do with me……!! Why am I having urges to sleep with him!?

Whose Fault is this Sleepless Night

Miyabi, who doesn’t like gays and Shuhei, a gay. They spent a night together thinking this is one time coming. But they meet again and become a roommate at a boy’s school dorm. Miyabi thinks something is not right. But cannot leave him out. He cannot follow Shuhei, who is pure, but saying that the feeling and sex are different. The story at a secret flower garden, the forbidden relationship at the boy’s dorm!

I am a huge, and when I say huge I mean like whale proportion huge, sucker for boy’s school/dormitory stories.


Eugene Ratcliff is a very poor and serious college student who always keeps the lead. On the evening of the Christmas party, friends force Eugene to dress as princess. The blonde prince Willis attends the same university as Eugene, upon meeting the cool princess says, ”I would like to do everything for you.” Eugene’s school life is about to suffer the attack of the rich Prince Willis!


Sweet Whisper of Night

Ryuichi Gasha is a mainstay voice actor with 15 years of his carrier in the field. Facing confusing one night mistake, even worse it was with his agency manager, Shibata. Shibata says blankly ”We were both drank but agreed, I know it’s awkward for both of us.” But a little touch of Gasha’s finger flushed Shibata’s face. What the hell is this unsettled feeling?

Voice actors, need I say more. I don’t know why, but every manga I have ever read featuring a voice actor has somehow been incredibly hot.

One-sided Love Paradise vol 1-2

University student Hitoshi Kawase’s love interest—not only is it another boy, it’s his older brother! Faced with a love that will never be realized, one day Ikegami Natsuhiko appears as a fellow classmate with similar looks to his brother. Although the two continue to become closer, Hitoshi still feels his heart drawn to his brother.

I’ve said it before; I like the incest take on things when it comes to my boys. It is a rather mediocre manga to be honest but hey, it was worth the 5 dollars I paid for them.


Rei is a president of student council–he is always so cool and well-mannered, impressing everyone with a perfect attendance record. One day, Shindo, a transfer student with outstanding grades, comes to school and starts to have a crush on him. During the semester, Shindo begins making moves on Rei, and really begins to falls in love with him. Shindo is outgoing and sociable. Rei is reserved and a bit snobbish. A perfect scenario of opposites attracts… or do they?

Well, it’s school boys. That’s enough for me. I am a very simple minded being when it comes to these things.

Love Beyond Time vol 1-2

Yanase Mizuo was hiding from his tea ceremony lessons in an old temple when a sudden wrinkle in time propelled him from the present into the tumultuous world of the past! Lost in an unknown land in an unknown time, he finds help in the feudal lord Takakage. But Takakage isn’t interested in getting Yanase back to the future. Nope, he is convinced that Yanase is right where he needs to be – in his arms!

Time travel baby! (fun fact: Book Walker has translated it to Love Beyond Time but in print it is translated to Right Here, Right Now. That’s how it can be.)

 Hot Limit

By day he is a beautiful honor student, but when night falls, the sexy and lewd “Maya” appears. Even though university student Kazuma wants to deny the existence of Maya’s double life, he gets drawn in by him. Before long, Kazuma finds out that a young congressman, Tanabe, is manipulating Maya like a puppet, and is using him for the government…  

His Sweet Restraint

Satoru Nakamura is a voice actor with over 20 years of experience. For him, love means fooling around. The night he invites Yukihiro Naruse, a fellow voice actor over 10 years his junior, to his home is supposed to be the usual one-time thing. However, instead of responding to Nakamura’s move on him, Naruse ends up doing the fucking! And on top of somehow ending up with his virginity stolen, Nakamura finds out the other man really has a thing for him. And the man’s youth seems to cause him to be blindly in love with the older Nakamura. In the end, Nakamura decides to just play around with the other man until he gets tired of his older plaything and then something happens to change all that.

Depression of the Anti-romanticist vol 1-2

Having lost their parents, Shiroyama must put aside his dreams and work hard to support not only himself, but his younger brother and sister. He steps into a world that he knows he must guard himself safely from, to protect himself and the ones he cares for. A world where transvestites work at entertaining patrons and alcohol flows freely. A world that offers him many firsts, including a kiss. But is it enough to light the fires of romance into his cold heart?


Blue Sheep’s Reverie vol 1-2

Sweet young Kai and the doctor Maria shared a bond that they thought no one could destroy…until Maria’s brutal murder tore her from Kai’s arms forever. Now, Kai wanders the pitch-black streets of the inner city searching for the man who stole Maria’s life. But will he end up a pawn in a gang war that will force him to fight for his very existence? With both a mysterious electronic frequency and a strange, powerful man named Lahti shadowing his every move, Kai must slay his new-found enemies…or fall prey to their desires.

108 Complexes

Love is constantly changing, never the same. Chishin, a gay monk, stuck in his own thought of “I will never falling in love again”, because of his past trauma. But a free-spirited new trainee Keijyu brought a tornado into Chishin’s heart.

Confused by the pure and free words and action of Keiju. Black-haired cute Keiju brings Chishin back the feelings of love. Monk costumes! A true boy’s love story! The monks put their full hearts into love and self-development.

This is the sweetest story ever. Also, monks. I like monks. It feels so naughty with boys love monks. In a nice way.

 …and I Love You

I’m in love with you. Like, the kind where I want you to make love to me. 10 years after losing his wife, Haru receives this confession from his step-son Ryo. The two may not be related by blood but have up to this point lived a peaceful life as a family.

Haru doesn’t want for their relationship to change. He just wants things to stay as they are so nothing is broken. But love doesn’t always work like that. “Playing Family,” the carefully written story of a step-dad battling his emotions for his step-son, and other sentimental love stories are contained in this bittersweet volume.

This is kind of forbidden love. Well, they are just step family so not really incest but still. What does intrigue me, and also what absolutely made me love this manga, is the age gap story. It is a really good manga. That’s just what I am saying. (the only problem I have with it is the fact that you can hardly tell by the looks that daddy is in his middle 40s. He looks a lot younger. It’s a shame, I like them mature.)

Steal Moon vol 1-2

A sci-fi story about peep rooms, digital angels and a group of mysterious guys called “Serene”. Nozomi earns money though street fights, but one day, he meets a stronger guy and loses. He becomes the slave of the mysterious guy and has to work in a peep room.

Yeah, I don’t know. It’s sci fi and well, they had me at peep rooms.


Tetsuro was a very small boy who was often bullied. But now he’s 183cm tall and the captain of the volleyball team. And yet, his childhood friend Asahi continues to bully him for some reason. And for some unknown reason, that bullying feels good to Tetsuro. But what happens when Asahi suddenly stops picking on him!?

Photogenic Superstar

We fell in love through the camera lens—. Mimasaka, a genius with a camera, returns to his university after losing his job to assist one of his former teachers. One day he’s suddenly knocked over by the strange and slightly perverted Saki, who professes that he is in love with Mimasaka’s gaps.

At the mercy of Saki’s crazy behavior, Mimasaka oddly finds himself comforted by the passionate gaze of Saki through his camera. How long before their encounter through the viewfinder will lead them to love…? A sensitive boys love romance seen through the lens of a camera.

That would be it for the digital ones this time. It will be a while before I buy new ones again… I think. It is still more satisfying to buy physical copies of manga and so I focus on that but if something pops up at Bookwalker I am putting in that basket baby.

And, if you have read this far down this humongous post I applaud you!


At least there was a lot of pictures. 😎 Next manga post will be about physical copies I have bought recently.

Descriptions for the unlinked manga is taken from Book Walker.

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