Hot Boys Challenge – Blackie & Blondie

Today is the day we kick off the hair color weeks. Yup, for the next, I don’t know how many weeks, it will all come down to what color of hair our crushes have. And we start with black and blond.

Anyway, let’s start with the black hair then. Arthifis said something about how special black hair and blue eyes are together in his post and I completely agree. So, my baby has exactly that; black hair and blue eyes.


But that’s of course not all. He is an outstanding swimmer with a hot body; Nanase Haruka. He is a quiet, serious guy who loves mackerel. He kind of lives on mackerel if he gets to cook. And that’s kind of what he does when he’s home because he lives alone. The only one looking after him is his bestie Makoto who lives next door. He also swims. This is not about him. He might have a spot further down this colorful list.


So, Haruka only has one thing in his head; swimming. As soon as he sees a little puddle of water he throws his clothes and dives in. And, I mean a little puddle of water. Experiments have been done, a small tub is sufficient. Once he tried to dive into an aquarium in a store. He also has an extensive wardrobe of swimming jammers of which he more or less always wears a pair under his clothes. Better be ready for some swimming in a tiny pond might be his motto.


Well, he’s cute in all his quietness and seriousness. He’s competitive and cares about his friends, and he is very confident in his decisions rarely questioning anything he has decided to do.

Over to my blond boy…

I’m staying with my seven ghosts this week too. This time he actually is one of the 07-GHOST’s; Frau.


He’s so stupidly beautiful, I can’t really say much more than that. Well, actually I can. He’s a perverted bishop in the Barsburg church. Yeah, I know, a bishop. He hides porn magazines in the church holy library, doesn’t go to mass and leaves the premises after dark. He does everything a delinquent would do and some. And that’s some parts of why I love him so much. That and the fact that he loves Teito Klein, the teeange mc so much. (not the naught kind of way) Again, 07-GHOST is a complicated story to explain in a few words so you better google it. Anyway, there is a lot of chemistry between them.

It’s love, I swear

Frau has many qualities to him. I’m going lazy here and just gonna give you this link. The whole 07-GHOST universe is huge and complicated and I love it but today I am lazy. Frau has so much going and it is worth the read if you are interested. Otherwise, just look at the beauty that is him. Because, let’s just admit that that’s why we are reading these posts, to look at the hot boys and handsome men. We don’t really care too much about what they are like. 😎


Now, run on over to Mel, Arthifis and Aria’s places and check their boys out. Next week it’s the brown haired and the blue haired boys that get some extra attention. Look forward to it, I know I will.

12 thoughts on “Hot Boys Challenge – Blackie & Blondie

    1. Me too. They stopped right in the middle of the manga and it is quite painful when you realise that when you watch it. I hadn’t read the manga until afterwards and so much happens that should have made it to the anime. It’s a shame.

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