Spring Is Getting Un-Interesting

I was afraid this was going to happen. I had the intention to watch at least some of the spring shows this year. One episodes per week. Do weekly reviews. As it is I am now down to watching one, I repeat, one show; Magical Girl Site, and I am not even managing to do weekly reviews of that one. I am just not interested anymore.


One might wonder how I could lose interest in all this anime in such a short time. I started out with, in no particular order; Magical Girl Site, Magical Girl Ore, Hinamatsuri, Caligula, Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These – Kaikou, IDOLiSH7, MEGALOBOX and Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori. It’s not many, I should be able to keep up but nope, I am so uninterested a discolored sock stuck under the washing machine is more exciting to keep tabs on.

That is interesting

It’s not that I dislike any of the aforementioned anime, it’s just that I can’t really keep my interest up between episodes. They are too many to separate and I realise that I forget the story or mix them up. How in the holy cucumbers kingdom can you even mix up MEGLOBOX and Magical Girl Ore? Everything is possibly in the realm of my brain.

So yeah, I lose interest in things that takes too long to finish (as in between each episode, not as in the number of episodes). I have realised that I am not a seasonal watcher. During this few weeks I have:

  • started and finished Young Black Jack
  • started and am halfway through The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
  • watched Ryokunohara Labyrinth – Sparkling Phantom
  • started and finished The Morose Mononokean
  • started IDOLiSH7 (I binged the first episodes in like 3 days or something. So I should really not name it a seasonal above since I haven’t treated it as such)


None of the above has to do with this season. I will of course finish the anime I have started because I really like most of them but I am probably waiting for them to finish so I can binge them.

Well, now I know at least. I am a binge watcher. It was a nice experiment, trying out the seasonal, weekly watcher experience.

* It’s not as if I don’t watch any of the seasonal anime at all. I do watch some of them but I don’t sit there each week and wait for Friday night to come so I can watch Magical Girl Site for example. I do it randomly and not each week. It’s just that I don’t keep up with it.

Yess!! Also, too little Nitta in Hinamatsuri…

24 thoughts on “Spring Is Getting Un-Interesting

    1. Yes! I hate cliffhangers. They are the worst. I am saving Megalobox for later now. Well, I am more or less saving them all actually. I lost against spring. But it’s fine, I can cope. All the more fun afterwards. 😎

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  1. This post is so relatable ahahah! I also prefer to binge-watch Anime than just to watch one episode a week! However, this season I’m following Steins;Gate 0 and Persona 5. The first because I’m doing episodic reviews for a portuguese website I’m writing for! 😛

    It has been years since I’ve watched Anime in a weekly basis! I think I’m able to not mix them all up just because they are way too different from each other (and since I write the episodic review for Steins;Gate in the same day the story enters more into my brain I guess) 😛

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    1. Yeah, writing weekly reviews is a good way to keep the story straight. I felt that way with Magic Girl Site when I wrote those posts but then I got ill and lost the momentum and now it’s just another on in the pond. Sort of. I suck, I can just see myself defeated. Well, it doesn’t matter really, the more fun for me when I can binge it all. I would like to watch both Persona 5 and Steins;Gate 0. I have to watch the first Stein first though… 😎

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  2. I agree with the others. Watching one episode and then waiting a week doesn’t work for me either. There’s too much anticipation for a weekly episode to lead up to, and I lose track of plot details, especially in multi-episode story arcs.

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  3. I can relate to this a lot, I felt this way about last season. I would say you don’t have to like a show to review it. I think it would be fun to read a post from you destroying a show you don’t like. So if you can switch to watching a show with that in mind you might actually find yourself being able to watch the shows better!

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    1. I tried to do that with Comic Girls but I couldn’t endure it. That’s my problem, watching stuff I don’t like just to make fun of it. I just get annoyed and feel like I can spend that time on something I really enjoy. But those posts are really fun to read and also write. So if i could somehow get past the need to actually watch the show it would be awesome. 😎

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      1. Yeah good luck! It can be easy to be in that negative loop where everything you watch sucks. It might be a good idea for you to go back and watch a well approved and liked classic show since it’s more likely to be good.

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      2. Nah, I don’t know if the classics are more likely to be good or not compared to the new ones. I have started to rewatch an anime I have watched before though and it is kind of nice to watch something your brain is already familiar with for a change.

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      3. Yeah that’s fun too! What I mean is just generally well liked shows, I guess they don’t have to be “classics” just not obscure new ones that there is not much evidence of being good.


  4. I’m a seasonal watcher, but I agree that it definitely feels a whole lot better to watch it all in one go vs waiting week after a week for a sometimes very disappointing conclusion.

    Hope you’re loving Saiki K as much as I did! It had me in tears.

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  5. I hear you about not being a seasonal watcher. Good job on watching Young Black Jack. I haven’t seen that aspect of the Black Jack universe yet. It’s also good to know that you know about some of Osamu Tezuka’s works.

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    1. Young Black Jack is awesome. It’s not Osamu Tezuka who’s written him though. Or, yes, it’s based of his character but Yoshiaki Tabata has written the manga and Yūgo Ōkuma has illustrated it. It’s however the same publishing company who published Black Jack that publishes YBJ and it’s Tezuka Production that produced the anime. So they are tied together really well. I so wish I could get the manga in English.

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      1. That’s cool. I meant that the Black Jack character is a Tezuka original. I didn’t know there was a separate manga for Young Black Jack. Tezuka Productions makes sense animating it. It feels like there aren’t many anime fans who know about Tezuka besides Astro Boy. I’m not a hardcore fan of him, but he’s made some good works and I’ve reviewed four of his projects although two of them are posthumous.

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      2. There is but unfortunately it’s only in Japanese. There is a scanlation of it though so it is available that way but I would rather if it were picked up and licensed by someone. As much as I am grateful for scanlation groups that take care of all the manga that never would reach the western world unless they brought it here, as much do I wish they didn’t exist. I better learn Japanese…

        Many people probably don’t know about Tezuka, you are right about that. I am not even sure they know his name associated to Astro Boy. They know of Astro Boy but not that he is the creator. Most people just read without thinking about the creator.

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      3. Gotcha. I know that feeling about unlicensed anime and manga.

        That makes sense. Some people know his work with Astro Boy, but some don’t. Then again, most people don’t pay attention to the creators or directors most of the time. Since I’m a film buff, I do pay attention, but I guess I’m weird like that. Haha! Last year, I mentioned to a former co-worker who knows a little bit about anime that Tezuka was the same guy who created Astro Boy when I told him about Kimba the White Lion and THAT controversy. He thought it was really cool since he saw some reruns of the 60s series and he saw the 2003 remake.


  6. There are some shows that definitely work better when they are binged. I don’t tend to mix up plot lines week to week, but will admit, shows that have a lot of cliff-hanger endings annoy me as I prefer episodes to draw to a close and then the next episode to pick up again.

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    1. Me mixing plots and such has a lot to do with my miserable memory. I do have a serious problem with it in my life in general so yeah, it might not be a surprise in my TV watching world either. And yeah, those cliffhanger endings are a drag. Another reason why I prefer to binge.

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  7. I’m not a binge watcher. Personally, I prefer watching each episode weekly. I have never come across the problem of mixing up shows or their plots. That’s a new dilemma in itself XD I am watching a total of 26 shows this season (because after several episodes Caligula just wasn’t doing it for me anymore). This is one of my biggest anime watching seasons yet. I like watching things weekly because I can work in older anime series I haven’t seen yet on slower release days or when a show is doing a recap episode that week. That is the only time I do binge watching. It’s been working out pretty well for me as of late 😀

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    1. 26 shows! That is impressive. I could never do that. Yeah, my brain works in mysterious ways. I have super bad memory so that might be one reason for my mixing up the plots and characters. I have lost Caligula along the way. It was a bit disappointing. I expected more of it. I might get back to it once I can watch more episodes in a row but I won’t do it in the nearest future.

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  8. I’m mostly a seasonal watcher these days, but I have to severely limit myself because my overall watching capability is extremely low compared to other people (the number of shows I can watch is about 12 at one time, regardless of if they’re seasonal or not, so I’m constantly amazed at people who can watch 20-something shows at once) and I’ll fall behind easily/forget plotlines if I watch too much. There are some shows that are better binged though, and I think Saiki Kusuo is one of them.

    I don’t think I’ve ever had the problem of getting confused between similar shows. Even similar shows in the same season have to have distinguishing features, or else it’s a drop. Of course, shows put on hold are a different matter entirely…

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    1. I have extremely bad memory. It’s an issue in my everyday life from time to time, so it’s not strange I tend to mix things up now and then. I do it in all types of media, books too if I read more than one at the time.

      I think it’s impressive to watch 12 at a time too so yeah, 20+ is just crazy to me. i don’t get where people get the time to do it. Or the stamina. I’m home all day and I still couldn’t do it. Saiki is easy to binge, you don’t really have to think either, you just turn it on and let it roll. That’s what I like. well, that and it is hilarious. And you can just stop without having to think about it.

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