The Hot Boys Challenge – Four Boys At Once (Exhausted!)

I never did my boys last week so this week you get four. I know, that is very generous of me, you’re welcome. I have to keep up with Mel and Arthifis. So, without further ado, here they are.

Comedy boy

Boy, this was hard. I don’t watch a lot of comedies. I realised that when I was trying to figure out who to chose. However, I count Beelzebub as a comedy and my choice immediately fall on the most silly person of them all; Himekawa Tatsuya. He is kind of un-cute really in his original form because he has the most ridiculous hairdo, a pompadour, but when he has no pomade, and thus can’t style his hair, he turns into this picture perfect beauty.

Oga’s bestie Furuichi has called him Sexy-kawa at least once

We all live for that moment. A very rare moment I will add because as with all the boys at Oga’s school, he is a delinquent and delinquents can’t be beautiful. Or something. Also, he’s rich and arrogant and is probably the most ugly fighter of them all with his electric baton. Still, he is the hottest one of them all. Nothing can take that away from him. (sorry Oga baby)

“I’m Himekawa, didn’t you know” – whenever no one recognizes him in his pretty boy mode.

Yaoi boy

The world of boys love is filled with hot boys. How am one supposed to chose just one? I am struggling here, I must admit. But, again, I fell in love with this guy already when I read the manga. He was so beautiful. More in the manga than the anime.

Kaido Haru. He is a creepy brocon who is in love with his (adopted) little brother. I am a sucker for the incest trope (in boys love, not so much otherwise for some reason) and I am not against shota either so I am not at all bothered by the story per se but you can’t get around the fact that he is very physical and forceful in his approaches towards his little brother. But, if we can look past that and just look at him then boy, oh boy, does he shine.

I savor every minute of his screen time (or page time). I’m gonna let you in on a little secret though; I still haven’t watched the second season of Super Lovers because I got a bit disappointed when I watched the first one. I should know by now to not read the manga first (not that I could avoid it, I had already started the manga long before the anime). Anyway, one day I might watch it but for now I am satisfied with reading and watching the pretty boy in drawn form instead of animated. Shameless promotion below. 

If you wanna know what Mel, Arthifis and Aria’s choices were last week you find them if you click their names.

And now, finally, this weeks boys. Yay!

Glasses boy

I have come to realise something. A lot of guys with glasses look the same.  They are the butler type. It’s nothing bad about it but they are all slim, tall, black/dark hair and have this stern look about them. I like it but I would like to see glasses on other guys too. My guy, he is nothing like those guys. My guy wears sports glasses. Well, he wears regular glasses too, but mostly sports glasses. (there is something sexy about sports glasses) I was gonna have him as my sports crush but you can only have them once, that’s the rule.


Miyuki Kazuya in Diamond no Ace. I never realized it until I read it on Tumblr but he always wears his glasses. He is never without them in even one scene in the anime. It might be different in the manga, I don’t know I haven’t read it, but in the anime it’s like that. It’s interesting because that means that you don’t really think about the glasses, that they fit him so well they are a part of him. I normally think about wether or not a character has glasses but I can admit that it took a while for me to discover it. Maybe because no one made a thing of it, like they did in Haikyuu!! when Tsukishima got his glasses.


I love Miyuki. He is pretty. Pretty sexy too. There is something special about him. The way he moves. Talks. Looks. The whole package. The way he teases Sawamura. And, there is one scene where he says “urusai!” to Sawamura out on the mound. They are being really silly and it’s just too cute. Everybody else are just like big question marks wondering what’s going on.


He’s not always nice though…


Onto the last dude for the week…

Villain boy

Villain, villain, villain… It sounds like a French name one should never name their baby to. I sometimes have a hard time to tell who’s the villain and who’s the good one. Mostly because all people have some good and some evil in them. Even the hero seems villainous at times. Well, this villain has some treats you might not expect from a villain.

Ayanami in 07-GHOST. He’s the leader of the infamous Black Hawks, a Warsfeil (I’m just gonna link to what it is, it’s too complicated to explain in a few sentences) and military strategist in the Barsburg empire. His main goal is to protect the Barsburg Empire from any threat and him and his group would walk over dead bodies to do so. (the goal changes a bit in the manga later on but I am only talking about the anime now)

There is more to Ayanami than just being a brutal killer though. He is a very acomplished man who, despite his young age (if you can call 34 young) has done a lot for the empire, and has earned a lot of respect among the elders. But, being a warsfeil has also made him feared and talked about in a negative way. It’s not easy being beautiful and dangerous.

Ayanami is a very dedicated man and he stays true to his mission to protect his country and eliminate all threats. He is a pure nationalist. However, he doesn’t do much to go out of his way to make superiors like him better, he just stays true to himself and works in his own way. It works obviously since people respect him.

Now, I’m coming to the part where I find it hard to classify a villain; Ayanami has a whole lot of good treats. Except for the paragraph above he is: always polite; has a dark sense of humor; is kind and caring towards his subordinates in the Black Hawks and he believes in his mission. There is a long list here on his personality if someone is interested. He is a complex man and I can’t write it all down. This post is long enough as it is. I like this man a lot even if he might not be the biggest crush I have had he is really something. Again, I liked him a lot better in the manga than in the anime. Generally are the characters a lot more three-dimensional in the manga. It doesn’t feel like you get it all in the anime.

So, these were my picks for the week. Go check out Mel, Artifhis and Aria’s picks for this week too.

Next week on the Hot Boys Challenge: Blondie and Blackie. Talking hair here, nothing else. The coming weeks that is all we are gonna talk. Crushes with colorfully colored hair. Please look forward to it.

19 thoughts on “The Hot Boys Challenge – Four Boys At Once (Exhausted!)

  1. Since when did my blog’s name become my name…? (kidding) If “MagicConan14” is too hard to remember, there’s always the option of calling me “Aria”.

    I’m not really familiar with these guys’ anime, but judging from the looks, it seems like you’ve picked some good choices. Prior to this post, I already had Beelzebub on my PTW for Himekawa though – he’s so gorgeous in bishie mode.

    If you’re looking for glasses boys that don’t fit the “butler-type” mould you described, there’s Arthifis’s choice (Stein) and this season there’s Taishi (Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu Happy Kiss) who’s the intelligent one and has dark green hair, but he also clearly has some anger issues and is fairly short in comparison to most of the other characters in his show. I admit I never considered sports glasses for that prompt though…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Since… now. 😇 I dub thee Animanga of the Spellbook. 😎 Gonna change it though cause yeah, it is kinda stupid to write your blog name and not your name. Blame it on the brain buzz.

      Well, sportsglasses is glasses too. 🤓 Miyuki do sport regular glasses in a very nice way too so it’s a win win when it comes to him. I have been meaning to check out Binan… for a while so now I have another reason to do it sooner rather than later.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I should have known you would go for Miyuki… we mentioned him when we talk about it…
    Good choice really good choice!
    Concerning his glasses, it’s also like that in all (or almost) the dj I read, like he kept them in ANY situation… even the more steamy one

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Is it just me or did just the temperature rised? 4 boys in only one post is just too much blood loss coming out from my nose Lina!!! Nevertheless, completely great choices! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It’s getting hot in here, so take of all your clothes…. You still alive down there? (I’m talking geographically now. The other place I leave for your man. 😏 ) I hope your nose is bleeding no more.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yesss!! White hair and purple eyes. It’s so pretty. I’m gonna confess… it was a joy to write a post with four boys at once. 😇 A little nosebleedy but still, a joy. 😎

      Liked by 1 person

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