Panty Sticks & Scars – Magical Girl Site Ep 3 & 4

I tried, I really tried to be creative with the title. I apologize for it straight away and move on as quickly as possible.

I never wrote a post last week about this masterpiece. Mostly because I found myself crawling around in a deep and dark hole, much like Asagiri’s walk in front of the train in episode one. I am a lot better now, so worry not. Also, I am struggling with this whole concept of watching weekly. So far I have managed to almost watch like five or so shows weekly. I am declining my darlings. I have to be happy if I manage to keep up with this one show. But, back on track and these cuties. As always, spoilers en masse.

Asagiri, this annoying but somehow cute girl, sort of just depend on the much stronger Yatsumura. She is by the way my type of girl. Just the fact that we get to see how she has captured and chained the dude who murdered her parents to some sort of Hannibal like punishment device (I am old, okey) like he’s crucified. You got to love it. We did know why she got the stick though since before but it was a bit refreshing to see that she has actually used her stick to take revenge on the source of her pain. So, I am gonna assume that we eventually will see Asagiri shoot her dear brother to hell to some nasty place where he can rot away in infinite pain. Right?

Talk about brother Asagiri. I actually felt a bit sorry for him. In episode three it was pretty clear that he can’t function without his sister. Sure, he needs her to punch his tension and aggressions out of the system but somehow I think it might be more to it. Love maybe? He is desperate after all when she doesn’t answer his texts. And then in episode four we see that he gets beaten by their father pretty bad because he can’t perform to that old man’s satisfaction. It is one messed up family. So maybe bro needs one of those sticks too. I don’t know, I actually felt for him. Yeah, he is one huge ass for abusing baby Asagiri but he is in the same situation himself.

Anyway, brother aside, other stuff happened too. Crazy chick who ended up in hospital is more or less dead. That’s what happens when you use the stick, and using multiple sticks, I mean, come on. She wanted to survive until the end. She missed the tiny detail that you lose life when you use the stick. Oh yeah, Ms Admin on the site is the evil one apparently. She made hospital chick gather all those sticks and kill off the other magical girls. Interesting. Not sure what it means though. Except I suppose she wants some tension and drama within the group.

Ms Admin has now thrown hospital chick away and exchanged her for Asagiri’s classmate and bully. The girl with the slit throat; Shizukume. At first it seems like she gets the stick only because she has a grudge against Asagiri and especially Yatsumura who attacked her and her friends but, turns out Asagiri has acted rather cold against her. Go figure, ms shy and awkward is socially incapable of even saying thank you when someone helps her and Shizukume finally snaps and turns against her. I get it actually. Not that I would start to bully someone like that because they treat me like Asagiri treats Shizukume but still, I would be rather annoyed and probably start to ignore her and not help her anymore. Well, not everything is what it seems like.

Oh yeah, lets talk about the idol girl. She quits her job as an idol to avenge her dead friend. I am mostly curious about why she has her panty stick. What happened to her? Also, why panties? It’s just so… strange. On the other hand, why a yoyo? That’s Shizukume’s stick. (and every time I write stick I read it as schtick.)

Right now the only thing that makes me want to watch the next episode is what big bro is going to do. I want to watch him break. Or, maybe not. I am rooting for him. It’s insane, I know. He is probably the second most evil person (wouldn’t be surprised if it is like that) after admin but still, I like him. I am very close to reading the manga just to find out what is gonna happen to him. But I am gonna try and not do that. No promises though. I have already seen pictures of him and, well, yeah so… Until next time then…

2 thoughts on “Panty Sticks & Scars – Magical Girl Site Ep 3 & 4

  1. I use to feel the same way about the brother…he’s evil, but he’s a product of his environment. His father beats him, so he beat on his sister. They’re both using the other as a means of relieving stress, but it’s only damaging the psyche of the one they apparently ‘care’ about.

    I won’t spoil why my feelings have changed though, but yea…they have. I won’t say if it’s in a good or bad way though. 😀

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    1. I am really so close to reading it now. So close. 😬 It’s interesting to hear your thoughts and I am not totally wrong to have noticed even though my assumptions about him (and the rest of the characters) might be wrong in the end. Some development is going on.

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