Let’s Lolify The Loli – Comic Girls

At least Pinky was cute in this episode with her newly made up sound effects. Her manga of course sucked, as per usual, but hey, she tries. Someone should have told her though that she doesn’t have what it takes to be a mangaka. It is somewhat strange how she even has an editor to begin with. Her skills are sub par. But, it really doesn’t matter because it’s cute. Ugh!

Well, what I feared last week, what the “Jiggle, jiggle bounce” episode would be about turned out to be exactly about that. Partly at least. Boobs. All them boobs. There is a pair for all tastes. Non existing for the flat lovers, the small ones, the perfect ones (what the actual fuck, there is no such thing as perfect breasts but sure, lets pretend) and the soft and plumpy ones. So yeah, that’s a good selection I guess. And we get to see three of the girls in a brah. Only little Pinky isn’t shown in one and I assume that is because the loli factor would be way too high if we undress her. Also, flat chested rarely, if ever, wear one.

Over to the lolification… I though we were over Pinky’s young looks, or rather pointing it out constantly. I guess we are making a thing of it instead. Today, let’s dress her up in various out fits and style her hair in little girls hairdos. That is taking it too far, when they dress her up in an elementary girls outfit and even put on one of those elementary school back packs, and then Blondie and Purple starts to paparazzi her with their cell phones. Especially when she falls flat on the floor and her skirt conveniently flies up and exposes her undies, the cameras goes warm. That is not cute. I repeat NOT cute. That is creepy.

Besides having a problem with the loli-part of this episode I also have another problem. It is boring. I am so bored while watching this episode. And I realise that this is what I will get for the next 9 episodes. There is no point in me continuing this show. I will only get annoyed with the whole “Pinky looks like a little girl and she sucks at drawing (although she will improve and in the end get her story board approved and published because that is after all what this is about *not a spoiler, I haven’t read the manga, it’s just me guessing*) but she is sooooo cute.” I do admit that there are some cute treats to Pinky but it is not enough to weigh up for all the rest of the bullshit happening. I still love Blue and her personality. She’s awesome. As for the other two. Ugh.

I’m sorry, I can’t keep this going. Promises are made to break, aren’t they? Well, sometimes at least, for ones own sake. This one is one of those times. I tried a cute girls anime, I found out I really don’t like it. I might try another one later on. Perhaps one I can binge so that I can get to know the characters a little bit faster. Maybe some of you readers can recommend something? If so, please do. I am still not completely hostile towards the idea of little girls (that came out wrong).

Anyway, it has been a short but annoying ride. In another world girls, in another world.

7 thoughts on “Let’s Lolify The Loli – Comic Girls

    1. But of course. The monster boobs. I once saw a documentary about a porn star who wasn’t satisfied with her boobs. She wanted bigger. Problem was, they were already big as basketballs and she could hardly stand straight because they were so heavy. Anime boobs I’d call them.


      1. That what gives you back problems! It’s funny that people want boobs like that whr I have friends who were BORN with boobs like that and they HATE them!! They cause so many issues and just get in the way! Lol!

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      2. I know. I have friends who wants to make breast reductions. I get if you have none what so ever. I have a friend like that. Then I understand it but not otherwise. Also, how is it even beautiful? I don’t think I have ever met a guy who has said he likes silicone boobs over natural no matter how small or uneven or saggy they are. ๐Ÿค” Yeah, I am never gonna understand it.

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