The Hot Boys Challenge – Supernatural and Psychological Crushes

Another week, another two hot boys. Supernatural and thriller/psychological is on the menu today. Let’s see what hotties I can come up with…


Well, supernatural is as easy as one two three. Easy peasy. What kind of a fan girl would I be if I didn’t chose daddy Oga for this one. My beloved delinquent. My darling. My love of a life time. My everything. (wait, should I make him my all time crush maybe? Ugh!!! Them rules, them rules…)

Anyway, daddy Oga, king of the delinquents at Ishiyama High School. A 15 year old boy who suddenly becomes a loving *cough cough* father to a green haired infant who turns out to be a demon spawn from hell. A baby who is supposed to destroy human kind. Yup, he’s the chosen one to do that because his father is a slacker who failed at it twice and thought it good to chose his second son to do the work for him instead. And here he floats down the river, where Oga happens upon him. Apparently Oga is the worlds most evil person, since that is the only one who can raise said hell spawn. And it is very obvious that he is chosen because the green haired demon is plastered to him like a band aid on a scraped up nose.

Oga is amazing. His fighting skills are top notch and he fights whoever wants to fight him. With the baby hanging onto his back. It of course helps that the two becomes like one in the end and he gets like super strong. Also, he turns into the baby at one point. That is hilarious. Another amusing treat of his. And he is oblivious to the charming ladies around him who swoons whenever he walks by. I like that attitude. The nonchalant dude attitude. If I were a swooning lady I would hate it but then again, he’s MY baby so back off ladies.


Delinquent, say what?

Well, what can I say; he looks like a delinquent, he acts like a delinquent, he hates the baby and tries to give him away in the beginning but in the end he really is that single daddy I so much love. My baby daddy Oga.


There really only is one man for this. (yeah, no, there are plenty, but I want him in this list and pinky is already taken and there is no crush for piercings so…)

Noiz, my baby. All my hot boys are my baby but this baby is my special baby. I am not sure how come because he isn’t really that hot if you look close but it didn’t even take one minute before I was breathing heavy and drooling like a cat who had eaten something toxic when he came on screen for the first time. Yeah, I watched the anime before I saw any game play of Dramatical Murder (because, I can’t fucking play it because I have a Mac! ). Then all the fan art that comes with the franchise is just to die for. So, there is plenty of Noiz to play with.

Noiz is a computer wiz with absolutely no sense of pain. No sense at all. That has resulted in several (!) piercings in all sorts of interesting places which is a nice thing to think about. He takes most of them out in the end when he becomes a respectable business man but he is kind enough to leave some in for Aoba, the blue haired boyfriend, to decide what to do about. So thoughtful. So much love. That’s just it, he is full of love, but only for Aoba. The anime is a bit disappointing from a BL point of view. It’s just not BL, like the visual novel it is based on. Except the OVA, which is an orgy in Aoba being raped in the most peculiar ways by monsters and men alike. Anyway, I am here to talk about Noiz. Noiz is wonderful in his flawed nature. He’s mysterious. He’s suffering because of his inability to sense. And it’s not only physically but also emotionally. Aoba of course saves him.

What can I say, of all the hot boys in Dramatical Murder, Noiz is my number one hot boy.

That’s it peeps, next week you’ll get some new boys to play with. Comedy and yaoi would be the topic for them. So, now I’m gonna go and suck on them for a week and get back to you on that.

Check out Mel and Arthifis picks for the week.

Bonus: Since it’s yaoi crush next week, I give you some BL pics of Noiz and Oga. Well, not together (wouldn’t that be an awesome crossover. Oh, how I wish I could draw.) but with their baes.


8 thoughts on “The Hot Boys Challenge – Supernatural and Psychological Crushes

  1. Getting the hotties! 😀
    Great choices, not really fan of Oga. However, the second guy who I never saw in my life is HOT! Instantly in my hot guys lists! And those last pics… I’m with Kimichisama *nose bleed*!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No one’s a fan of Oga. 😔 I don’t mind, that way I get him all to myself. 😇 I was living in a pink, fluffy world when I watched Beelzebub so I think I am a tad affected by it. Whenever I see Oga and his baby I sort of giggle by default. And yes, Noiz is super hot.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the delinquent and my only contact with Dramatical Murder is the anime which isn’t exactly the greatest selling point (I’ve seen a lot of the fan art though and it is pretty amazing). Thanks for sharing your choices.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I am probably pretty much alone in my infatuation with Oga but I can’t help but swoon when I see him. My whole Beelzebub experience was in a sort of pink, fluffy blizz so I might have some really lovey dovey glasses on when it comes to that guy. 😎 Yeah, DmmD anime wasn’t the best adaptation in this world. A shame really. They should have gone for the proper BL instead of trying to please all audiences. Ah well.

      Liked by 1 person

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