I Made A List – Spring Time Is Here

Yeah, that was a boring list option right. No Top 10 hot boys or best action anime. Just a regular “What am I watching this season” list. Sorry about that.

Well, I have narrowed it down to what I have actually started to watch the last weeks and I think I will keep watching. I said, in a weak moment, a very weak moment, that I was gonna do episode reviews. I will, I promise, but not on all of these. There just isn’t too much to work on I feel. Why? you ask. Because, I answer, I can probably not keep a straight face while doing this and well, there are some certain anime nothing, absolutely nothing happens. I’ll get to that. Anyway, here goes.

The two, yeah I narrowed it down to two, anime I will write about weekly are:

Magical Girl Site

Not a shocker to anyone I suspect. I love violence and gore. Even if I got a little overwhelmed (yes, I do admit it now) by the first episode and the excessive violence and cruelty towards Asagiri (but actually, what was the hardest to watch was the evil against the little kitten.) It never made me doubt for one minute that I would dislike the show however. After episode two and that almost non-existing violence I was perhaps a little disappointed but there are things I find intriguing. Things that urge me to keep watching.

Comic Girls

So, this is the opposite to the girls above. I am so not into this. At all. Cute girls doing cute girls (freudian slip, sorry about that, it should obviously say things) mostly falling in love with each other. Their eyes have stars I swear all the fucking time. Also, boobs. And whining. And this pointing out that purple draws ecchi manga. Yes, we know that now, get on with it. One might argue however a 15 year old should draw that kind of content or not. On the other hand, Eromanga Sensei is what, 12 or something and she wasn’t even ecchi, she was hentai. Anyway, off topic here. So, I promised myself to watch one anime this season that is completely out of my comfort zone and yes, this would be it. Who knows, I might even like this stuff in the end. I am gonna give it a fair chance. I might never learn their names (even though I actually know that pinky’s pen-name is Kaos).

The other anime I have on my list that I have started to watch are, in no particular order


Well, what can I say, Nitta and Hina makes the perfect father/daughter couple. At least so far. And now there is a second little girl from outer space/where ever they are from mixed into the pot. I hope they keep the family thing going with this because that is half the charm. Nitta was a bit of a douche in the last episode with him abandoning Hina and went club hopping, visiting host clubs and bars, leaving the girl to eat mackerel out of a tin can. What kind of a father gives his kid canned mackerel! At least give her some mayonnaise to go along with it. And rice. Bad daddy. Any way, in the end she got to come with him club hopping. Daddy of the year…erhm… yeah. So, this one is on the list. I might write about it now and then because seriously, I am in love with Nitta. But there will be no promises about weekly.


I’ve only seen one episode so far and I am not sure what to think really. I might drop it, I might love it. It is one of those shows that can go both ways I feel. A strange vocaloid like entity taking over the world ensnaring depressed kids. That’s how it looks like at least. Aggressive people fighting. And one kid notices that something is wrong. Welcome to the Matrix, do you chose the blue pill or the red pill? Yeah, no, maybe not but that was my first impression after the first episode so, let’s keep going and see what happens.

The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: The New Thesis – Encounter

I’m watching it for the pretty boys and all the gay fantasies. There, I am that single minded. No, there is more to it but seriously, the anime is loaded with handsome men and the gay implications aren’t that well hidden. “Let’s have a drink, I have a well aged wine. Come to my room. Please call me by my name when we are alone and not my rank.” Come on!! I don’t care if they are childhood friends or whatever you don’t say stuff like that with your deepest, darkest porn voice and give the man in front of him a seductive gaze. Think about our fragile fujoshi hearts. Or, please, go on, I support you. Move along, show us more. Unfortunately this isn’t the kind of show. However, there are some really nice spaceships and some fights to watch. So, I can survive with space battles and homosexual innuendos.


It’s been going on for a while now but it will be on my list since I just started it. My lord, is it good. I am a sucker for idol shows and it has been a while since I watched one. After I finished Idolmaster sideM, which I found absolutely amazing, I tried to find my way back to UtaPri, but it was so messy and too many characters (I think 18 idols in season three) so I gave up. And since then I haven’t watched any idols. But now, the talk has gone high on my Twitter so I just had to start to watch it and I am not disappointed so far. Singing and dancing, and the looks. Well, it’s all there. So yeah, I have hopes.

Magical Girl Ore

This is ridiculous. Hysterical at times. Best are the monsters and the brother. Something is fishy with that boy. Also, he is loved by everyone. Everybody loves everybody a little like:

Girls who are boys
Who like boys to be girls
Who do boys like they’re girls
Who do girls like they’re boys
Always should be someone you really love

Suck on it…

Megalo Box

Yes! This is so good. Underdog, kick them asses. Rocky 2 is one of my top five favorite movies of all times. Junk Dog is just beautiful to watch when he boxes. When he is allowed to box that is. That ass of a whatever he is to JD doesn’t make him lose. Imagine wanting to knock someone out but you can’t. The frustration. So, instead he crashes his bike. Ah well, he is a beauty. I couldn’t get enough of him once I had watched the first episode, that’s how much I love him.

Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori

This is a strange one. A bunch of handsome men working at a backyard cafe serving customers who wishes some peace and quiet. They come up with new menus. That’s pretty much it. It sounds awfully boring. Surprisingly enough I found myself extremely calm while I watched it. The 23 minutes episode just sort of disappeared and when it was over I just felt calm inside. Maybe it was the whole purpose of the show, I don’t know. It was nice to watch their little discussions about what to put on the menu. It’s so peculiar how a show can affect one that much. Maybe it will get boring in the end but for now I will keep it on my list. And no, it isn’t for the handsome men, it is for the atmosphere of the show.

Well, this is it. Shows might add and shows might drop. I have planned on watching Persona5, Devils Line (although I ended up in a not so nice argument with HIDIVE about that one so I am most likely dropping HIDIVE (well they can’t provide DL anyway even though they say they can) so if I’m gonna watch it I’ll have to find some other way), and I have Shokugeki no Soma, but that I will probably wait for a while to binge, and Black Clover is also on hold for now.

Oh yeah, I have my hot boys challenge on fridays/saturdays, my seven tops (if that will ever happen again, it is not a priority at the moment) and my nametag. The nametag is a very slow process. Also, there is a new project in the making. I might pour a huge bucket of ice water over my head and quite possibly jump down a hole in the ice with this one but yeah, I want to do it. For now, that’s all I’m gonna say about it.

So, this is my spring. They say it will be 18°C today. I’d say that’s summer.

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