The Hot Boys Challenge – Sport Crush And Fantasy Crush

Day three and four are already here. I was certain I had longer to ponder about this but time moves fast when you need time. Ah well, I had almost decided on my sport boy but then it hit me; I should use him in a another category maybe. Sport should be easy though, there are so many hot boys doing sport. Fantasy is a little harder. I think. I don’t watch that much fantasy to be honest. Let’s start with the athlete though.

Sekizan Takuya. Man, he is beautiful. Also hot. Look at those muscles. And that ridiculous hair he’s sporting (a hairdo all for the sake of being a little bit extra intimidating towards the opponents). Sekizan is a proud member and captain of Kanagawa High School Rugby Club.

He is a very hardworking man actually and cares most about the team and club, and he even cries when they loses. He doesn’t really care if he gets scolded so long as it can help the team get better. He’s very unselfish that way. And, he has a sweet tooth. He loves all sorts of sweets. A hot guy eating crepes, how can that possibly go wrong.

And sometimes he’s a princess.

A man of many faces…

Over to fantasy then. After a lot of thinking I might have come to some sort of conclusion. I like cats. Cats and vampires. My choice of fantasy dude is…

Sleepy Ash. A kitten, so soft and lazy. A servamp just as lazy as the little kitten, mostly playing video games or snoozing on the couch. If he had been the one deciding he would have stayed a stray cat and not been involved in any servamp activities. Bummer someone had to pick him up and happen to name him and all that stuff. Well, he’s hot, there’s no doubt about that. I love cats. There is something alluring about cats. They do as they please and don’t give two fucks about others. They lazy around all day, demand things from their humans and just exist.

There is much to talk about when it comes to Sleepy Ash I suppose but let’s just enjoy his looks for a while shall we.

That would be it for this week. It was hard. It will probably be hard again next week but I’ll deal with that then. Go check out Mel and Arthifis posts about hot men will you. And don’t forget to vote. They have a little competition going on between them. Also, go check out The Animanga Spellbook, Aria is also doing the challenge.

If you by chance missed my day one and two you’ll find that post here.

Well, I’ll be back next week with my supernatural crush and my psychological/thriller crush.

5 thoughts on “The Hot Boys Challenge – Sport Crush And Fantasy Crush

  1. Never saw any of those Animes, but both just instantly got my attention after seeing your picks ahah I just LOVE your gif with Sekizan being a princess!!!! And well, Sleppy Ash is just too cute!!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

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