Beware Of The Killer – Magical Girl Site Ep. 2

There will always be SPOILERS when I write about stuff.

There is a killer on the lose and you better watch out, Asagiri.

This episode is not as violent as episode one was. In fact, the violence is kept to a minimum and it’s mostly threats about stopping time to stuff a certain girl full of cicadas or a magical sledge hammer missing its target, or a psychotic brother lurching outside of his sisters room with a rope. That kind of stuff. Maybe a punch in a stomach but nothing truly violent happens.

Well, Asagiri gets some information about this little game she has gotten herself involved in. Your lifetime will shorten whenever you use your magic stick, so you better be careful when and how you use it. There are many more girls with sticks out there. In this episode we meet one of these girls. She’s gone a little (a lot) crazy and is out killing more or less every girl in town, snatching their sticks. Because, she wants to last till the end.

This is the end, my friend; the Tempest! Tadaa! Yeah, not a fucking soul has a clue. At least not Asagiri, who doesn’t know anything about anything. Not even Yatsumura, the girl she has teamed up with (or rather who has teamed up with her) knows about this. But it is getting nearer. I’m not sure what will happen and how they will go about it because that magic stick stealing chick sort of dies or something at the end of the episode. She pukes blood right after she has told the two girls about that momentous event.

One might wonder how she found out. Yeah, or  not. She tickled that creepy avatar thingie on the computer on their ear and opened up the back door of the site. She TICKLED them on the EAR! Oh dear. Well, it is imaginative at least.


I don’t know, I find this show amusing. It is built around violence obviously because the reason these girls get their sticks are so they can get back at their bullies or wipe out the bad people or, and this is really important and perhaps also a question of moral, people they think are bad for any reason. One might argue here, is it really one persons point of view that should dictate who is bad? I might think that abortion is a woman’s right but one of the magical girls is pro life. That alone would make her kill me. There’s something to think about.

I love the ending of the show. The music is great but the visuals are awesome. The real life dancers are a delight to watch and blends well into the animation. I like shit like that. Then there’s the sperm.

And talking about sperms. I have so many thoughts about sperms. Not in general (well that too but let’s not get into that territory shall we) but in this show. So, there are sperms in the ending. The girls have their sticks. Come on, they call their magical devices (Asagiri’s is a gun and Yatsumura’s is a cell phone) sticks. I do think about something else when I think sticks and sperms but sure. I can’t help but wonder what the Japanese word is they use. Is it a direct translation? And today I realised that they are depicting the Tempest as an egg on a throne waiting to be fertilized. Man, there is so many symbols now. Can’t wait for next week and another symbol hunt. (Oh yeah, there was that little scene in episode one where Asagiri asked her brother to not hit her in the stomach because she wouldn’t be able to get her period if he did. Seriously, who even says something like that during a severe beating?) Coincidences, I think not.

(I think I’m gonna read the manga.)

5 thoughts on “Beware Of The Killer – Magical Girl Site Ep. 2

  1. Oh, I’ve completely forgotten about the whole sperms and pregnancy thing. Now that you mention it, talking about her period was pretty weird. Well, I guess I’ll still be following this anime for a bit…

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    1. I know right! Even if it isn’t the best anime the world has seen I am so curious about the continuation. I might just be imagining it all but damn, there must be some meaning to those little swimmers. Because, why would you otherwise add them to the ending? 🤔 I’m too hung up in this in a totally unhealthy way. 😳😂

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