Waking Up, Feeling Down, Buying Manga

Up, down, sideways… I’d rather go sideways really. I was in a lying position when I made my latest order this morning though, lets count that as sideways.

Okey, I did buy another bunch of manga before easter too. Some people might be curious. I like to write about it anyway. As per usual, two posts; one with boys love and one with out boys kissing boys (intentionally) This list’s the clean one…

Deja vu – Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Unfulfilled love always ends tragically… or does it? Through different seasons and different eras in time, two lovers cross paths again and again, trying for that one chance to get it right. Different lives, at different points in history, but one thing remains constant—their love for each other. Spanning the beginning of history, WWII-era Japan, modern-day America, and the far distant future, these love stories remind us that love truly has no boundaries.


It sounds like such a beautiful idea and I am a sucker for lovers reuniting in another time. Also, it is four different artists who has made the different chapters. There is also two bonus chapters that seems kind of dark.

Rhysmyth vol. 1-2

As America’s newest and most popular sport, Rhysmyth features one-on-one dance battles atop a hi-tech glass court grid. When the music hits, you and your opponent dance across a digital minefield for the glory of being the fastest, most accurate and stylish Rhysmyther. In steps, high school student Elena looking for a little something extra to beef up her college apps–without any success. Things can’t get any worse when the same clumsiness that gets her permanently banned from the gymnastics team sends her face-first down a flight of stairs into an opportunity of a lifetime. Now Elena is thrusted into the fast-paced world of Rhysmyth, where getting your groove on can lead to rivalry and romance!

This is a dropped manga, however, it looks cool and that’s enough for me to pick it up. Ehrm, that and the price. Not even €5 for both is a bargain. But the art looks totally awesome too and it is about dancing and competing. So yeah….


Jiu Jiu vol 1-5

The Hachiouji family hunts demons in the darkness. The heiress of the Hachiouji family, Takamichi, lost her older brother at a very young age. She isolates herself, but, one evening, two werewolf pups are given to her. After just a few years, they have grown quickly, and they even go to the same senior high school that she does!

There are demons and a kick-ass girl who hunts them. It can’t be better, right? Oh, but it can. Because, who doesn’t love werewolves.

Also, look at this. 😎 Yes, I am easily lured in. I wouldn’t survive two seconds out of that reef in Finding Nemo. Still, look at it. You have to admit you wanna know why the two wolf boys are in that position with their mistress (I assume it’s her).


The Mugen Spiral – Complete 2 Volume Series

Yayoi, a spunky high school girl, has inherited spiritual powers from her mother, and she uses these powers to protect people. During a fight with the devil Ura, Yayoi’s power turns the devil into a black kitten. Now, even though Ura doesn’t hide his desire to “eat” Yayoi’s power when he gets the chance, they develop an interesting relationship: the two begin living together, and Yayoi takes her new feline “friend” on her adventures.

I don’t think explanations are necessary. It’s a devil in a black kittens body.


Bonus just because.


And then there was some manga I found in a Swedish shop. Manga that doesn’t have an English translation but well a Swedish one. I am still so fascinated by the fact that someone in this little country find it worth the while to translate manga that is more or less unknown to a so limited language as Swedish actually is. I get all the German and Spanish manga but Swedish. Awesome. Anyway, here they are:

Omoide Emanon

Based on the award-winning novel by Shinji Kajio, Memories of Emanon tells the story of a mysterious girl who holds a 3-billion-year old memory, dating back to the moment life first appeared on Earth.


And then there was the art…


Coffee Mou Ippai vol 1-3

This is a 5-volume manga series comprised of individual short stories that all have to do with coffee one way or other. Each of them is bittersweet with a philosophical bent.

Eater vol 1-4

Alien lifeforms have taken refuge on Earth to start their lives anew, however these beings don’t seek cohabitation, they want to phase humanity out; Working together, these Aliens prey on human flesh and spiritual energy and can implant their essence on human females to bear their children. Benimaru is one of these children, but his mother also happened to be a Medium. By manipulating Benimaru’s spirit while he was in the womb, she managed to give him a human heart. For this, she was brutally killed and devoured by Benimaru’s alien father. From that point on, Benimaru swore to exterminate these creatures. Half-human and half-alien, one man wages war against an entire race!

Hoshi ga Hara Aa Manjuu no Mori vol 1-5

There stands a house in the forest where the wind blows and ‘monsters’ frighten children. A man lives in this house, as well as a number of spirits.

It’s not much of a summary but it looks cute so I figured, why not.

Well, that would be it for the non-kissing boys. There will be another post in the near future about that. But for now… I wonder when I am even gonna have time to read all these manga?

21 thoughts on “Waking Up, Feeling Down, Buying Manga

  1. You always seem to find such cool looking and unique manga, meanwhile I’m just buying whatever cute girl trash Seven Seas and Yen Press releases lol. Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling down, hope the retail therapy helped!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha, it’s more a case of finding small, obscure web shops that have no idea they are sitting on rare gems. That’s the way to go. You wouldn’t find much of this at Book Depository. Retail therapy is the best therapy. 😎 That and the fact that one of the packages actually arrived today so I am high on the smell of newly opened manga. 🤤

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh yes, that smell of new manga. 😊 Everything is completed/dropped (by author/publisher (Rhysmyth)) or single volumes. Everything is from before 2010. Eater is a manga from 1991. That might be the oldest manga I own. 😳 And everything was super cheap. You should try and find obscure web shops that sells western comics. That’s where I found most of these. Jiu Jiu for example; one volume cost €2,5. They sometimes have manga too they want to get rid of.


    1. Nah, who needs to eat. I hear bag ladies live a pretty comfortable life, as long as you have your manga you should be fine. 😎 Just make sure you find a really big grocery cart to carry them around in. 🛒

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I have been buying most of my manga at Book Depository so far but lately they have had so long delivery times and also, I have had a bit of a problem with getting some of the manga I ordered. They have been cancelled. That was some obscure stuff though, the regular once have not been a problem. Other than that I buy from local bookstores that have webshops. It’s not much more expensive at the moment since that british pound (I don’t know where you live but I buy from Britain and have their exchange rate.) is rather expensive for us.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I live in the U.S., So I’d have to see how that all worked if i ever bought things across currency changes (or whatever you call it).
        Thanks, I’ll check book depository out. I don’t have much of a chance to buy manga otherwise, cause I live forty minutes from the closest known place that carries any.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. If I lived in the us I would check out right stuf anime. They seem to have a lot of fun stuff when it comes to manga at good prices. Otherwise, just google buy manga online and you should get some good options. Barnes and noble have plenty and there’s always Amazon. I wish I lived in us. I have ordered from us on occasion but we have import fee and customs fee to add and then the manga gets really expensive. And then the delivery cost is usually high. But most web shops usually have free domestic delivery.

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