I Hate The Boob Grab – Comic Girls

There, I said it. I might as well do it straight away. Why do there always have to be a boob grab in this kind of anime? What’s even the point? Well, I get the point, I’m not stupid but still,  why? I hate it, there is no other word for it. It’s stupid. Well, now that I got that little detail out of my system…

Comic Girls… I promised myself and maybe someone else too that I was gonna get out of my usual fishing waters and try some deep ocean fishing for once and thus, a cute girls anime was my choice for this weekly watching thing I’m doing. And now I have tried it and I am slowly moving towards the shore. I am not convinced cute girls are my thing. Boob grab aside I can’t see anything in this that would make my heart flutter and my lips smile. I didn’t laugh even once. That is bad for an anime that is supposed to be a comedy.

Pinky is way to annoying with her tinyness, her stupid voice and her constant insecurity and crying. She is the perfect example of why I don’t like anime with girls in it, be it cute girls shows or romance shoujo anime.


Blue girl is cool though but I have issues with the fact that they have made her make shounen manga just because she is a tomboy. Why can’t she be the one to do 4-koma high school manga? And let blondie, who is the obvious choice for romance shoujo, do the shounen manga. Maybe I am overly negative just because I am negative to the genre as a whole. I don’t know, maybe I should give this a proper shot. I might like it so I am not gonna drop it just yet. I suspect that if I do drop it eventually it will be for the fact that pinky is annoying.


Anyway, since there isn’t much substance to the episode there isn’t that much to say about it. Pinky and blondie arrives at the dorm where blue and purple already are residents. They are all gonna become famous manga stars one day, except pinky is the only one who is a failed one, the others seems to have rather successful careers as a whole. At least they all seem to get good reviews while pinky only gets negative critique. Ah well, let’s see if we find out more in the next episode. I doubt it. Prove me wrong, I dare you girls.


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