Terminator, She Said – Hinamatsuri

So, the thing is, I have watched this episode twice now and I can watch it so many more times. I probably will. I am ridiculously in love with this anime. Hinamatsuri that is. It takes a lot for me to fall for an anime after only one episode and I hope to the entity above this will keep going because this first episode was awesome.

Hinamatsuri then, what’s it all about and why am I so infatuated with it? I have no idea why I have these feelings. I am all giggly and bubbly when I think about it. So totally random. Maybe it is just the sunshine outside that makes me feel this way. Or it is the handsome, hot yakuza with an abnormal interest in super expensive vases. Although, when the girl who falls down in his head breaks them all, he doesn’t really get mad at her. So strange. Maybe it’s the chock? He yells more at her when she helps him clean and throws all the shards in the combustible garbage.


Hina, the girl, is such a star. The way she threatens his precious things with her powers (she has this telekinetic thing going) to get what she wants is just gold. Then there’s the school start, when she tells the teacher that Nitta isn’t there, completely forgetting that she is her. I love her. Best girl ever.

womanSkärmavbild 2018-04-07 kl. 14.45.59

Nitta, as I said, is hot and awesome, a yakuza who almost looses his place but Hina is there to save the day. Even though she blew all his vases to pieces she has a place with him. That might be why I love this so much; that single father thing. Albeit he is a yakuza and she is some sort of telekinetic human(?) from who knows where. At one point he even says “Why does it feel like I am the caregiver?” See, there you have it! I am so, so weak for that trope; the single father trope.


Okey, this is probably a total mess but seriously, it is a funny show and the whole world should watch it. Or well, the whole world will probably not have the same feelings as I have. Not even close. Some of you might even drop it after a few minutes or seconds or episodes. I am gonna go and watch this episodes one more time. *off to admire that body below*


Terminator, she said


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