The Hot Boys Challenge – First Crush and Supporting Character

Well, Arthifis and Mel are doing the 25 Days Anime Male Challenge and I figured that why not, so here I am trying to figure out my babies. Go check their choices out here and here.

Let’s get going shall we. Week one and two are all about first crushes and supporting character crushes. I tell you, it is hard. Especially when you have to remember that you can only have each character once on this list (except the OTP choice).

First Crush

I have been thinking for a while now (read a couple of hours because yeah, time is not an issue in my life right now and also, it’s boring to do house chores) and it is hard. I can’t clearly remember when I fell in love with this guy but it was around the time when I started out. As most of you know, I started out with boys love, and no matter how you look at it, it is labeled shounen ai. I don’t count it as one but when I first picked it up that was the reason. Anyway, enough blabbering about that.

I was gonna talk about him. My first crush. My beautiful, gorgeous, mysterious boy. They call him Rat in the dub. I still wonder why they couldn’t just have let him keep the Japanese name for rat. It is much more beautiful but then again, I guess the point is lost if they didn’t translate it. Anyway, Nezumi is so amazing, saving people, loving his kind, thinking about others, loving Shion. There is so much in him I want in a man. But he is also mysterious and he has that dark personality I just want to dig into. Inside him lives a vulnerable little child. I want to take care of that little child. At the same time I want to be taken care of by him. So strange. Really, all I want is for him to sing to me when I go to sleep and read to me during those rainy days.


Supporting Male Crush

There are so many supporting characters but there is only one that stands out a little extra. Someone who made an impression the first second he showed himself in the anime. It was really ridiculous. He is so hot. Hotter than hot. Takigawa Chris Yuu.


Yes, he is wonderful. Mesmerizing. Enchanting. Absolutely perfect all the way down to how he rocks his bangs. He has style and is always correct. He helps his kouhais while he works hard to improve himself (and heal mostly because he has an injured shoulder he doesn’t really talk about). He’s the strong, silent type. Smart, handsome, perfect. Did I mention perfect? And he is a marvelous catcher when not injured. I don’t know what to say, he is splendid. Okey,  I am trying my best to find enough positive adjective to describe this guy. I am starting to run out now. I love him, okey. L.O.V.E. him. I want to marry him, preferably yesterday. Although, I want to ruffle his hair because seriously, those bangs or whatever he want to call those little downwards antlers he’s shaped from his hair, are kind of, yeah. He is so much cuter with his hair loose.


Oh baby, baby, baby….

Well, those are my picks for this week. Next week I’ll have Favorite Sport Anime Crush and Favorite Fantasy Anime Crush for you to enjoy. Until then…. *off to watch some Chris senp…ehrm baseball*

Did I mention he’s wise too?

14 thoughts on “The Hot Boys Challenge – First Crush and Supporting Character

  1. I think the first time I thought an animated character was hot was Li Shang from Mulan… Then the next time was when I was watching Fairy Tail and Natsu got all muscle-y in a fight and I was like “Oooo cut me a slice of that salami…” Then it is all down hill from there. How can I love real men anymore?

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  2. ” that dark personality I just want to dig into”, see Mel, I wasn’t scarying anyone xD
    Nice choices! Also loved Nezumi in No.6, although I’ve only watched the Anime recently… But I’m more into Shion… Probably because of the white hair ahah

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  3. lolol okay okay Arthi I get it 😂😂

    I haven’t seen No6 so I can tell about that guy, but I start watching Ace of Diamond and will my favorite character is Miyuki (I have a thing for megane) Chris is an interesting character.

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