Whatever Will Be Of This Spring?

I’ve been pondering a little bit about what to do these upcoming months, blogwise. It is a new season with new, exciting anime to watch. I, who am not a seasonal watcher, am thinking that maybe I should pick out one or two anime to watch on a weekly basis and write an episode review of chosen anime. Because, I have never done that before and it would be interesting to see how that works out. But, what should I chose then? After watching Listen To Me, Girls, I Am Your Father it hit me; I should of course chose something I would never in a million years think about choosing. And you all know the least thing I like; cute, blushing girls. I have five platforms to watch at; Crunchy, Amazon, Hidive, Netflix and Viewster so it has to be available there, which makes it a little bit tricker. Anyway, I have also decided to chose something I will like, hopefully; Devils Line. But, back to the girls then. I have no idea about that one so, if you please, give me a suggestion. I was thinking maybe Comic Girls but I can’t find any information about if/what any network will simulcast it.

Something else; Arthifis and Mel in Animeland are doing their men and I am thinking about joining them. Because, who doesn’t want to do men. Lots and lots of men. Oh, not doing them like you think. Damn, you readers are naughty. Or, maybe I am the one who’s naughty for thinking that you think that? Hm? Well, I admit I have a perverted mind and I wouldn’t mind doing dirty stuff with  all my hot 2d boys. But, I am talking about their hot men challenge.

So, what is this collab all about? We will be doing the 25 Days Anime Male Challenge! However, instead of spreading it on 25 days, will be 13 weeks (okay maybe a little bit more depending of how it goes).

The one rules will be the same, a character can’t appear more than once.

Here’s the Challenge List:

  • Day – 01 First Anime Crush
  • Day – 02 Supporting Male Crush
  • Day – 03 Favorite Sport Anime Crush
  • Day – 04 Favorite Fantasy Anime Crush
  • Day – 05 Favorite Supernatural Anime Crush
  • Day – 06 Favorite Thriller/Psychological Anime Crush
  • Day – 07 Favorite Comedy Anime Crush
  • Day – 08 Favorite YAOI Anime Crush
  • Day – 09 Favorite Male Wearing Glasses
  • Day – 10 Favorite Male Villain
  • Day – 11 Anime Male with Blond Hair
  • Day – 12 Anime Male with Black Hair
  • Day – 13 Anime Male with Brown Hair
  • Day – 14 Anime Male with Blue Hair
  • Day – 15 Anime Male with Red Hair
  • Day – 16 Anime Male with Purple Hair
  • Day – 17 Anime Male with Green Hair
  • Day – 18 Anime Male with Pink Hair
  • Day – 19 Anime Male with White Hair
  • Day – 20 Anime Male with Grey/Silver Hair
  • Day – 21 Anime Male with Orange Hair
  • Day – 22 Favorite Anime Swordsman
  • Day – 23 Favorite Gun-Wielding Anime Male
  • Day – 24 Favorite BL Pairing (canon or not)
  • Day – 25 Ultimate Anime Crush

I’m gonna follow their pace and do two boys a week too. It’s gonna be mighty interesting to see what boys they choose.


What else is going on? Oh yeah, #myname. I got both #tbw and #tbr to do. As of now I am two down on both lists (although, I haven’t written about the manga yet.) and working on my third anime right now. It will take all spring and probably summer to to make it trough those two lists but that’s how it is. I’m fine with that. I am most pleased with the fact that I get to read and watch some stuff I likely wouldn’t get my mind to read/watch otherwise. I should do that more often,  pick things randomly.

Finally; I have my Seven Tops too. Not sure how much I will do those. It is hard to come up with lists. To even think that this blog was once made for that purpose is a bit ironic, don’t you think.

Well, I might come up with other stuff as well, you never know. I have a brain who works overtime sometimes. And other times it only sleeps all day long, demanding chocolates and ice cream. Such a bothersome organ. Well, until later then, have an ice cream.

Okey, I googled ice cream, anime and gif. Just saying…

Yeah, I have no idea what anime/hentai (presumably) this gif is from but kids, this is not how you are supposed to be fed an ice cream. Unless this is something that floats your boat. Just remember, you need to be an adult to take it any further than just being fed that phallus looking ice cream.


21 thoughts on “Whatever Will Be Of This Spring?

  1. I hope Comic Girls ends up on a streaming service, I really want to watch it! I also suggest you watch Space Battleship Tiramisu. Even if it doesn’t sound like the kind of show you might watch you see SO much of the male protagonist nude in it that it should hold your attention! 😉 Plus the episodes are only 8 mins long!

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    1. I actuallly hope Comic Girls gets a stream too because it looks like I could enjoy it despite it being an all girls anime. Maybe that’s the one that will change my view of cute girls. 😳😎 That Tiramisu anime sounds kind of awesome. Dude refuses to leave the pod and is also nude a lot. Count me in. 🤗

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  2. Well, I’ll look forward to you doing your men. LMAO!!! I’m following a couple of people doing this and it’ll be interesting to see the similarities and differences with so many to choose from!! And as for the ice cream? HA HA HA!!!!!! Reminds me of “Girl Bravo” and the “it’s a banana” scene. Look it up if you want a good laugh! It is definitely NOT the proper way to eat a banana wither…but, I don’t kink shame! Lol!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, I’m definitely gonna check out that banana. I mean I can imagine a thing or two you shouldn’t do with one. 😎🍌 I follow one other who is doing the challenge too and yes, it’s gonna be fun to see what everyone will chose.

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  3. OMG that gif haha. I too since their post have been thinking about the hot men in anime. I was trying to narrow down my list and so far I have my top three men haha. I live in a fantasy of anime men forget disney princes…. I want to watch Devil’s Line I’m not sure what platform it is on yet.

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    1. It’s so hard though, that rule with not having the guys more than once. 😬 But yeah, it’s gonna be interesting to compare. I follow someone else who is doing it too so that’s fun.

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      1. lol I know it’s a hard rules, but that what make thing interesting, the only time we will not apply that rules, it will be for the OTP day.

        Oh Talking about magicconan14? I saw their post about following it! it gonna be interesting.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh, I’m glad you say that about OTP day. It would be really hard I think. So, yay about that!

        Yes, it’s exactly them I am talking about. i am really curious about their answer. I suspect we are watching a little bit different anime so yeah. that’s gonna be interesting.


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