#TBW – Listen To Me Girls, I Am Your Father – Oh, All The Emotions

All the conflicted emotions I have right now. I am so confused about what I feel about this anime. I was very cautious when I picked it up, fearing it would turn out to be a Bunny Drop. For you who have no idea what Bunny Drop is I’ll tell you. Bunny Drop is a very sweet anime about a man in his 30s who decides to take in his 6 y/o aunt (she is the daughter of his grandfather) when his grandfather suddenly dies. Suddenly is an exaggeration perhaps, the old man is, well, old. No one has really acknowledged the child and I guess there is certain doubts about wether or not she really is his but we will never know. He claims her to be. Anyway, as in all these anime, a fight at the funeral occurs, the mother is not present to take custody of her, and nephew steps in and takes care of the girl. It is super sweet, he tends to all her needs and a very cute friendship grows while time passes. So endearing and heart warming. Wait, you say, why were you afraid this anime would turn into a Bunny Drop then, it sounds lovely? Because, there is a continuation to this sweet anime in the manga. The anime covers the first part of the manga. The second part of the manga should never have seen the day of light. Never, ever! All is ruined. The little cute 6 y/o turns into a daddy loving (nephew loving I suppose but he raises her as her daddy) slut (no she’s not a slut but I can’t come up with something else right now) and everything just turns creepy. (I know I’m a hypocrite right now seeing as I wrote just a few days ago about how I like the trope incest but this is just destroying something cute and innocent. I don’t like it at all.) If you ever am gonna watch Bunny Drop, don’t read the continuation, I beg of you. Or, if you want to destroy the beautiful part of Bunny Drop, by all means, do.


Back to this review;  Listen To Me, Girls, I Am Your Father. I was afraid it would turn into Bunny Drop. Why you ask, one more time. Let me take it from the beginning. This is an anime about a 18 y/o boy who decides to take in three girls; Sora 14 y/o, Miu 10 y/o and Hina 3y/o after his sister and her husband dies in a plane crash. This trope with people dying in plane crashes and leaving their kids behind for relatives to take care off should be forbidden. Please, make something else up. Anyway, as with all these anime/manga discussions after the funeral goes like “I can take her, but not the other two”, “It’s a shame her mother is dead, she was a fine woman.” (That’s Sora’s mother by the way.) “Oh, we can’t leave Miu to her mother, she’s a foreigner, who doesn’t even speak Japanese, not to mention she’s a horrible person.” On and on and on… Yeah, they all have different mothers and none of the relatives want all three girls. Forward steps uncle Yuuta, himself having been through the same as a young boy when he and Yuki, his sister, lost their parents when they were kids. That time she took upon herself to raise him and now he felt how important it was for the girls to stay together. We all know it, that’s how the story goes. What about Bunny Drop?!?

Family; Sora, Yuuta, Hina and Miu

Oh yeah, the twist… Well, little, cute Sora is of course in love with Yuuta. Ugh, I hate that trope. I love the single father trope and this is the reason I picked the anime up in the first place. I wanted to see how Yuuta tackled everyday life with the girls (by the way, the name of this anime is not representative of the anime. There is never an inkling of him ever trying to raise them.) I got that, sort of, but I also got a love sick, stuttering, blushing 14 y/o who didn’t know what to do with herself whenever he happened to touch her or look at her. I got three girls who forbid him to wash his clothes with theirs. I got girls who made him go out on the balcony when they went to the bathroom. Oh yeah, the girls used to live in a huge house but instead of the relatives helping Yuuta with money they threw the kids out of the house and forced all three to live in Yuuta’s little one room apartment with a kitchenette and the worlds smallest bathroom. The girls of course complained but yeah, Yuuta is a poor student so what can he do? He can work his ass off for them. Most of the anime is actually about all the girls and him being tired for different reasons. The girls because they have to commute to school. One and a half hour one way trip and Sora are also helping around the house, on her own initiative. Because she wants to be the perfect house wife. And Yuuta is tired because he works god knows how many extra jobs and comes home in the middle of the night while he still attends colleges because that was his sisters wish and she had to drop out of school to take care of him. So, everyone is falling asleep in school like all the time. One scene, and this is just unnecessary and doesn’t really lead anywhere, shows a conversation between Sora and Miu where Sora talks about some medicine she has given Miu that is supposed to keep Miu awake. There is never a mention about it ever again so I am not sure why they even touches the subject. Anyway, they are tired.


Poor Hina, she never really get that mommy and daddy are dead because no one really care to tell her. Not until the very end. All she does is singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. If you don’t know that song before you watch this anime I assure you know it by heart after. I get it, it is symbolic and all, the parents being in heaven, but seriously, it is too much. They sing some other children’s songs as well and the texts to those song are all related to the story in some way. It’s kind of endearing actually and adds to the sadness in some of the scenes. And here’s why I get confused. The anime is so damn sad. It deals with pretty dark themes. Three girls who are dealing with the loss of their parents. They leave a life in, maybe not luxury, but comfort to a poor life, counting every penny. A single teenager who only had to think about making it through school and getting food on the table for himself. Who had a crush on the somewhat strange girl in the club he was lured into. There is a lot of depth if you look closely.


Then the other stuff comes crashing into your brain and you just want to take a fork and stab yourself in the eye. Sora’s incurable crush on her uncle (who she later rename oniichan as if that would be better somehow). Yeah, I find it cringy as fuck, but fortunately Yuuta doesn’t encourage her. If anything he seems to be oblivious to it and gets rather flustered over all when the girls does anything girly. The president of Yuuta’s club who soon turns out to be a perverted pedophile. Why the fuck do we need that trope in an anime just because we have two little loli girls (yeah, unfortunately they do look like the archetype for a dream loli). That nasty dude even comes when he watches Hina sing. She is THREE!!! Ugh, it’s nasty.

There are some stars in this anime though, except for the main characters.

Raika. Man, I wish I was her. She is so hot. This comes from a person who isn’t that into big boobs but she, oh dear. It might be the whole package I like though, her way to be and talk and move around. At one point she is tied to a pole, all bondage style, just to lure Yuuta to save her, because the club wants to catch him. Yeah, you have to watch it to understand I suppose. She takes notes on what Yuuta likes, sexually. Just that is hilarious.


Nimura is a handsome casanova. One would think that would be all he was but he is actually there for the girls at the most crucial times. He pops up from out of nowhere when they need to ventilate. He takes Miu, who is extremely sharp for her age, on a date for a day. She knows exactly how he is, all his moves with women, and decides that he is her boyfriend for a day. And he knows exactly what she needs. That episode is all about Miu and he is the one who makes the episode move forward. Another episode he supports Sora. You can probably say that he is the perfect supporting character.


Sako, nasty, nasty Sako. President of the sightseeing club Yuuta, Raika and Nimura are a part of, and pedophile extravaganza. He only needs to listen to the voice of a little girl to know how old she is and what she looks like. He is spot on both times he hears Hina and Miu over the phone. Ugh is all I say about that.


Well, there is an uncle and an aunt to, a voice acting neighbor and a whole lot of market people who all love Hina because she is a cute, happy little girl.

What can I say about this then? Well, I am conflicted. I like the half of it that is serious and treats it like a real story. I really dislike Sora. Take her out of the equation, make Raika the girls mommy and I would be happy. Get rid of mr pedophile too, he is just so unnecessary. It isn’t even funny on any level. Or is that a trope Japanese people like? There was a pedophile in Gakuen Babysitters too (and he was totally harmless in comparison to this). I sure hope there isn’t a manga that continues with Yuuta and Sora getting married or something, that would make me really disappointed. Sure, they are not related in any way and they aren’t even that far apart in age. I just don’t like her, that’s all. I want Yuuta to hook up with Raika.

Well, watch it for the serious parts. Watch it if you like shoujo tropes like flustered girls. Watch it if you like pedophiles who gets turned on by lolis. Watch it if you like lolis. Watch it for all of the above or for just some of it or not at all. I won’t rewatch it. As I see it, the only reason I would, would be because Raika and Nimura are hot and Raika is so damn funny in her monotone way.

Finally; can someone tell me if it actually is a real thing that teenage girls doesn’t want their underwear to get washed with their dad’s underwear.


Another one down, 12 to go.

Tokyo Godfather
Natsu e no Tobira
Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e

Uchoten Kazoku
Gugure! Kokkuri-san
Level E
Young Black Jack

Mob Psycho 100
A Silent Voice
Listen To Me Girls, I Am Your Father


SPOILERS AHOY and some swear words







Fuck!! I googled. I should learn not to google. It is cancer to google. It is a fucking Bunny Drop. I am gonna sharpen all my forks and stab myself now. Why do they have to do that? Why?? Why couldn’t he go with Raika? Well, I ain’t watching the OVAs and I am not gonna read the three million light novels this anime apparently is based on. *off to stab myself*

12 thoughts on “#TBW – Listen To Me Girls, I Am Your Father – Oh, All The Emotions

  1. This has been on a list for me to watch for a long time, I never realised it was so ‘complicated’ though, I just figured it’d be some dumb, fun anime. Needless to say this is pushed higher on my list!

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    1. I didn’t realise it would be that serious either. The pv doesn’t show it and it looks rather cheery. But yeah, it has its dark, serious moments. The girls are cute too. 😉

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