Whatever Happened To March?

That is the eternal question. Wait, what? No, it really isn’t. Tomorrow’s April 1 and I figure that I could sum up March. Since I never did February I might as well do something this month. I am irregular like that. So, let’s reflect a bit about March shall we. Spring decided to come. Then spring decided that “fuck this, I ain’t ready for you northern fuckers” and left again. There was snow and cold, and someone pointed out in a rather harsh way (yeah, no one really did that except in my head but still, it was harsh and I cursed a lot and well, stop talking to yourself now. Move on…) that I live in a country where there is winter like 59 months out of 12. That is so not true, I know how long a year is. But truth be told, it has been amazingly cold this month and that is perfect for watching anime and reading manga and so, here we go…

Anime I have watched then. I might miss something because it has been a very busy anime watching month strangely enough. Or, it was cold and I needed my gay boys. Yeah, like that. (not everything is gay, I do watch other stuff too…)

Natsu e no Tobira

So, I watched that yesterday. You’ll find my little review of that here. I have nothing to add really. It was tragic and not really something to warm my cold heart and body with. On the contrary, it left me with an empty void that I need to fill with other stuff, so I have drunken myself happy with a local eastern (as in not the middle eastern but the celebration eastern) drink. No, it wasn’t alcoholic but it was loaded with sugar so now I am hiiiiigh!


Gakuen Babysitters

And talking about sugar. Sweet, sweet sugar. I should have watched this after I watched the previous anime. Fail not to do that but hey, I hadn’t even planned to watch the previous one when I finished my cute babies. Anyway, this warmed my heart but maybe not so much my body. I’ve got blankets for that fortunately.


How To Keep A Mummy

Oh, boy! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I love Konny. Or is Conny? Nevermind, I love that onichild and his daddy. Well, I love the others too of course but the way he frantically bangs his little hands against Tazuki is just adorable. Those two together is adorable. Mii-kun and Sora is obviously the cutest of them all. Little Mii-kun and his tears. Always a cry baby. So is Sora. All those little creatures that very well fit their humans. Oh, I could go on and on about this anime. I really should write a proper post about how much I adore this show. I might do that in a day or so. No promises though because when I promise things rarely happens. In the meantime I will just tell you this… I adore this show. It started out slow and kind of boring (sorry, don’t kill me) but went out with a bang and fireworks and I just want more and more and more.


Sanrio Danshi

I haven’t watched the last episode yet. I can’t say I am even the slightest interested in watching it. I already have a feeling what is gonna happen. It was cute in the beginning, it dragged on for a while but I enjoyed to watch Shunsuke and his Kitty, but then Kouta just went on and on about wanting to sparkle and now I am just tired of it all. I should probably finish it but I just don’t feel like it. It sucks to be honest but what to do.


Silver Spoon

I love cows and pigs. I want to be a farmer. My friend grew up on a farm. They had cows. Not only milk cows but they also had bulls. One night her dad came running into her room where she and I were sitting in front of the computer chatting with some hot dudes. I think we were like 19 or something like that. Anyway, it was late summer, half past ten and already pitch dark outside. He shouts in his calm manner “The young bulls have escaped!” We just look at each other, half scared to death while we slowly, hesitantly stand up. “Come on, they are running into the forrest,” her mother screams from outside. Yeah, so, it is hella scary to run out into the woods, hearing leaves rustle and branches break but not see anything while you try to chase after and gather all the young bulls while you hear her dad call to you “watch out, daddy bull is on the loose too”. Daddy bull is a mean mother fucker. One of those bulls who has a ring in his nose and blows smoke when he looks at you. I was so relived I sank to the ground when her dad lead daddy bull by the nose ring (by one of these long iron sticks) into the pasture again.

So, you might be able to guess why I love Silver Spoon.


This Boy Caught a Merman

He lives in a kiddie pool in a teenagers living room. They fall in love. They are both very pretty and there is a deep message delivered in a beautiful package. Ugh, I want to say so many amazing things about this and sound poetic but I am not doing a very good job. Anyway, I watched this and most of the rest on this list because I wanted to make sure it (they) didn’t contain any of those usual bad tropes BL anime usually have.


The other anime on that list I watched was:

This Boy Is a Professional Wizard




After School In the Teacher’s Lounge


Genocidal Organ

This was a movie I didn’t have any expectations of at all. It was great. I watched it one morning when I woke up way too early. I had a plan to go to bed again but in fear of not waking up when the mailman knocked on my door to deliver some manga I had ordered, I decided to stay up and watch this instead. There never was a knock on my door but I don’t regret staying up even though I was ridiculously tired the rest of the day. That’s how good the movie was. (my manga arrived a couple of days later)


Lu Over the Wall

So, I watched this one the same day as Genocidal Organ. Yup, I was bored and needed some light and happy after the bad and horrible. Lu is cute and happy. Everybody needs a Lu in their life.


Summer Wars

I have watched so many movies this month. I started off with Summer Wars that was pretty much just as good as the rest of them. I love the bunny and Love Machine is just amazing. I want to be a super villain called Love Machine. From now on you may all call me Love Machine. I am Love Machine. Love Machine…


Okey, I’m back again. My manga history this month is a bit fuzzy I have to admit. I have read a lot. I mean, I read at least one volume every night. And sometimes on my ipad, which means I don’t really remember what I have read because I just scroll without really pay attention to the title. But, I’m gonna do a serious attempt to remember.

Let Dai

Well, this is a given. I have been writing about my adventures in getting this manhwa. I finally did get it from the publisher in South Korea. It arrived in a soaking wet package. Fortunately there was only a minor water damage on one of the volumes. It’s so minor I don’t think anyone would notice it if you don’t look super close. So yeah, I have been deeply absorbed in this enchanting, dark, brutal manhwa since it arrived. One day I might write a review of it but for now you just have to take my word for it that every page of that 15 volume manhwa is just amazing.


Of The Red, The Light, And The Ayakashi

I have read four volumes of this manga by now. It’s spellbinding. You just want to keep reading and reading. I do have three more volumes, however I am dragging it out a little because I don’t want to end up having to wait for too long before I can buy the last three volumes. But, I can’t wait to keep going, it is so incredibly exciting at the moment.


Promised Neverland

Two volumes are out so far and I have read so far. It’s interesting and I can’t wait for the continuation. I really shouldn’t start up manga that isn’t completed. It is a bit frustrating to not be able to continue straight away. At least Of The Red is more or less completed (the last volume is short stories as I understand it. Volume nine is the real ending.) but this one has just started up and is still ongoing. Ah well, it is good, that’s for sure.



Boys in high school and archery. I don’t know, I have always had some sort of weakness for the high school trope and archery is just beautiful to watch. Their posture is magnificent.

Behind Story

A manhwa I thought I had read but I didn’t. It is great, a whole lot of angst and sadness, but in the end all’s well. Reading manhwa isn’t really like reading manga. The art is different and the stories are more real. It’s hard to explain really. I have gotten a thing for korean manhwa lately and I read a lot of web comics as well.

I’m just gonna make a list without comment of the rest of the manga I have read since there isn’t much to comment on these.

Ichigenme… First Class Is Civil Law

Just Around The Corner


A Love Full Of Scars (there will be a review of this eventually since this is part of my name tag)


Maria Boy (review coming on this too since this is also a part of my name tag)


Omamorishimasu, Dokomademo


Well, that would be all. I think. I might have forgotten something. I have a huge pile of manga to read waiting for me. I have more manga coming and I know some more I will buy soon so yeah, April might be more about reading rather than watching. I do have my name tag to attend so I have to watch something. I suppose I should finish Sanrio Boys at some point. I have a few episodes of Silver Spoon left too. There is a bunch of new anime coming up and I have a plan to watch at least one anime weekly this season. I am not much of a week watcher but I’m gonna try to do some episodes reviews. Wish me luck on that. Otherwise I don’t know. I haven’t really done any manga reviews, maybe I should do something in that area. I do spend a lot of time reading.

Now, I’m gonna go pray for the spring to once again come back. I am tired of this cold and snow and rain and other horror that is called winterish spring. Until next time…

I’ve been there too




8 thoughts on “Whatever Happened To March?

  1. Wow you watched a lot and read a lot. Makes me want to do a post like this honestly as a monthly round up. I love reading about why you love silver spoon. I can imagine would have been scared going into darkness after young bulls. You watched some good stuff. Some boys love manga for me to read I’ve hardly read any lol go me

    Liked by 1 person

    1. March was such a slow month, I had too much time on my hands. I can admit even I got surprised when I realised just how much anime I had watched. 😳 Oh yes, it was scary. I am just glad I didn’t have to face the old bull. He was seriously dangerous. But he was a prime example of a breeding bull. He made pretty cows and bulls. 😎


  2. So much manga and anime! I was scrolling forever! All that I read in March was some berserk and deadman wonderland and i watched some samurai champloo (which i just reviewed)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve been incredibly bored and had too much time on my hands this month. That’s what happens. Although, I do like to read so I read a lot always. The anime was a surprise though, I didn’t realise I had watched that much.


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